Spotify has become synonymous with streaming music, what with its service providing music to millions of active users every month. Its service has been home to millions of songs, from artists to bands, on devices from handhelds to computers. And that’s all well and good, but what font is Spotify using? It’s a question you and many others are curious about.

If you take a look at Spotify’s different incarnations, you’ll notice that more than one font is being used. It’s logo, for example, is a different font from the various menu options on-screen. Just take a look and compare the Y’s and you’ll notice it right away.

So, what kind of font does Spotify use?

Fonts Used in Spotify

Lineto Circular
The Lineto Circular family of fonts in action on Spotify

There’s some confusion as to what kind of font Spotify uses; some believe it’s one kind, while others think it’s something else. Let’s set the record straight now: Spotify uses the Lineto Circular family of fonts and Proxima Nova.

Everything you see, from menu options to text, is using one of a family of four:

  • Lineto Circular Pro Bold
  • Lineto Circular Pro Book
  • Lineto Circular Black
  • Lineto Circular Pro Medium
Proxima Nova
Proxima Nova: bubbly, yet professional

But what was that about Proxima Nova? If you take a look at Spotify’s logo, especially when comparing the Y’s, you’ll notice it doesn’t match with the rest of the website or app platform. That’s because the logo is–you guessed it–using Proxima Nova.

How To Find Fonts

There’s a number of wonderful tools out there that can help you identify fonts. Sure, you could drop questions on various message boards, but often times it’s up to you to do some research. Luckily for you, half the work is already done for you.

Firing up your favorite search engine and searching for “font identifier” will provide results that can easily give you answers. However, few are as good as WhatTheFont! and yes, that’s the name of the website.

It’s as easy as dragging an image over to WhatTheFont or uploading one

WhatTheFont! has the magical ability to read fonts you hand to it. All you have to do is present it with an image that has the font in question labeled on it. Do note that it only accepts images ending with a .PNG or .JPG extension.

WhatTheFont! also doubles as a platform for nabbing fonts like the sophisticated looking Legatum font (designed by Dmitry Arakelov) or Sunday Morning, a cursive-style font that’s stylish and fun (designed by Giuseppe Salerno and Paco Gonzalez).

Bottom Line

The reason confusion ran amok was due to Spotify changing their fonts. And that confusion then led to different camps expressing their opinion on the matter. With all that said and done, Spotify is currently using Lineto Circular for its text and Proxima Nova for its logo. It will stay that way until Spotify feels it’s ready for some change.