One of the best parts of social media is how tailored you can make your experience. On Snapchat, a place where users enjoy a large amount of freedom with their feed, the experience is specially tailored so you can post your temporary content privately. Posts last 24 hours and messages disappear as soon as they’re opened. As easy as it is to have privacy in the app, it’s even easier to remove people who you don’t want to see what you post. Have you ever removed someone and wondered what happens when you do?

What Happens when you Remove Someone from Snapchat

What Did you do to Remove Them

There are two things that you can do on Snapchat that removes that person as a friend.

One of the things that you can do is remove them from your friends list. You might do this because you’re no longer friends, or you just don’t want them seeing your story. Either way, you can re- add them as a friend any time, and you can see them come up as a profile when you type in their name for easy access. They’ll also remain on your friends list for a short time if you remove them on accident, which is useful for adding them back quickly.

The other way that you can remove someone from Snapchat is by blocking them. You won’t see their name pop up if you search their profile. To re-add them to your snap, you’ll have to unblock them first.

The two different modes of removing someone from your snap changes what happens when you block them.

Removing Someone by Blocking Them

If you block someone, this is definitely a more serious action than just removing them. If you block someone, they can’t view your story, even if your account is public. They also can’t message you in any capacity, whether that be through a snap or text message. They’ll also be gone from your friend’s list and you’ll be gone from theirs. The profile that you blocked won’t be able to search for you in their search directory. Also, if they go through their quick add, you won’t appear in it, even if you have that setting turned on.

To add them back, you’ll have to unblock them first, so you’ll always control the situation. They won’t be notified that you blocked them, so you don’t have to worry about any confrontation.

Removing Someone Without Blocking Them

If you didn’t block them and only selected “remove friend” then you’ll still be able to see them if you search their name. They might appear in your friend’s list for a short amount of time. They can try to friend you again and, depending on your privacy settings, they might still be able to send you a message. Your name will still be in their friends’ list also.

This is a great thing to do if you’re cleaning up your feed or tailoring Snapchat to be more friend centered.

Both of these options change how the person can interact with you on Snapchat. Although one is much different than the other, you can still control when you want to re-add the person as a friend.