Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps today, and chances are, nearly everyone that you know has one. On Instagram, you can add posts to your feed with images and videos that you want to share. Then, you can also add to your Story, which lasts 24 hours and gives you more flexibility. A ton of people choose to make a serious Instagram feed with a theme and aesthetic, while others treat it less seriously and just posts whatever they want.

Either way, you can have followers who view your account and you can have a “following” section composed of people whose account you like to view. If you don’t want to follow someone, then you can just remove them from your Instagram account followers.

How to Remove Someone

Removing someone is very easy on Instagram. One way you can remove them is by tapping on their name, and tapping the “Following” button at the top of their profile to unfollow. You could also go to your profile and tap on following at the Top of the screen. When you tap on following you can search for the person that you’re looking for and hit the unfollow button to the right of their profile name. You will immediately unfollow them and they’ll be removed from your list of following.

What Happens when You Remove Someone from Instagram

Luckily, following someone on Instagram is mostly a one way thing. This means that if you follow them and they accept your follow request, you can look through their profile without even accepting them as a friend. That’s one of the best things about having followers on Instagram.

After you remove someone, their ability to see your posts is dependent on what type of profile you have. If you have a private profile, that means you have to accept people as your friend for them to see your post. If you have a public profile, that means you don’t have to accept people as your friend to see your posts, and anyone who wants to is able to check them out.

If you have a public profile, then removing a follower won’t affect what they can see on your profile. This means that if you want a follower to not see your post on a public account, you’ll need to block them.

If you have a private profile, then removing a follower will revoke their access to viewing your account. The removed person will have to send you a follow request and you can decide to accept or decline them. If you choose to accept them, they can view your Instagram profile again, but if you decline or don’t make any choice, then they won’t be able to see your post.

Remember that unfollowing people on Instagram is a confrontation free thing. The person that you remove is not notified when you’ve removed them. The only way they’ll know if you removed them is if they navigate to your profile and they can’t see your posts because you have a private profile. If you have a public profile, then they could go through your followers and see if you’re following them, But, otherwise they’ll still be able to see everything and they most likely won’t notice.

If you remove them, they can still message you even if you have a private account. If you have a public account, then you’ll receive the message like normal. If you have a private account, you’ll be asked if you want to accept messages from this person and you can decline if you want. The best part is you can see the message that they sent and decide if you want to accept or decline it.

Another thing that you need to know is that you can still see their posts if you follow them and are their friends, and if they too have a public account, then things will mostly remain the same. You just won’t be a part of their follower count. Thankfully, you can request to follow them any time again so this isn’t a permanent unfollowing.

Instagram is super simple to use and unfollowing someone takes a few taps. It’s very clear what changes and you don’t worry about them being notified. So, next time you want to remove someone from your Instagram, go ahead. You’ll feel more free.