So, you want to disable your Facebook account because you don’t have time to consume rubbish content for a while. However, you’re having doubts because you think that you’re going to lose your message once you deactivate your Facebook.

There’s a lot of confusion around what happens when an account is deactivated but it’s pretty simple when you think about it using some principles. Your account is still removed from the Facebook database so people are unable to find your account anymore. Once your account is reactivated, it comes back to the database and everything is back like normal.

How To Deactivate Facebook

If you no longer want to use the Facebook platform, you can simply deactivate your account and you’ll be able to go off the radar without losing your messages with others etc. Nothing is deleted when you deactivate your Facebook account which is why it’s called temporarily disable – everything is gone temporarily but it still reappears when you log back in.

1. Log in to This must be done using a web browser because you’re unable to deactivate your account when you’re on a mobile. Going to will take you to the home page.

2. Tap on your profile icon and select Profile to access your profile page.

3. Select Edit Profile

4. Scroll down, then tap or click Temporarily disable my account in the bottom right.

5. You’ll need to give a reason why you’re disabling your account, then you’ll need to enter your password to confirm your identity and decision.

6. Select Temporarily Disable Account to confirm your decision.

What Happens When You Deactivate Facebook?

As soon as you deactivate your Facebook account, people that you were friends with you will lose a friend count of 1. And, people that you followed or were friends with will lose a follower or friend count of 1.

When you come back again, people who followed or were friends with you will gain a following or friend count of 1. And, people who you followed or were friends with will gain a follower or friend count of 1.

It’s a very useful thing to deactivate your account if you’re not going to be activated on Facebook. This is because people can’t do anything with your account while you’re gone as you can’t do theirs.

What Do Others See When You Deactivate Facebook?

When you deactivate your Facebook account, Facebook will let others know that the This content isn’t available at the moment when they try to visit your profile. Once someone deactivates their Facebook account, it’s taken off Facebook’s database which means that the profile is no longer existing. If someone has an open message with you, or they can still access your profile via tagged photos, they’re going to see the This content isn’t available at the moment on your profile.

This is an indication to let them know that you’ve deactivated your Facebook account. Another thing that they’re seeing is your profile picture. Sometimes, soon after you’ve deactivated your Facebook account, your profile pictures might still show to others.

Does Deactivating Facebook Delete Messages?

When you disable your Facebook account, everyone who had a message from you is going to see your messages as Message unavailable. So, your messages to others won’t be deleted, but instead, the contents of them will be removed and changed to message unavailable.

The account that they see will show no profile picture and the messages that you’ve sent to them will be changed to Message unavailable. When they try and go on your profile, you’re going to see This content isn’t available at the moment when they try to visit your profile.

When you deactivate your Facebook account, your messages don’t get deleted. Facebook keeps all of your messages on their server so whenever you want to activate your account again, all of your messages are there. Facebook doesn’t get rid of any data when your account is disabled, everything stays there until it’s time for you to come back.

Can You Message A Deactivated Facebook Account?

You can message a deactivated Facebook account if you already had a message open with them. The person will be able to see the message once they activate their account again and check their messages. If you haven’t got a message open with them, then you won’t be able to message them when their accounts are deactivated.

When someone’s account gets deactivated, if you already had a conversation with them on Messenger, then you won’t be able to see your conversations with them because all of the messages they’ve sent to you will turn into Message Unavailable. If you open this conversation, then you’ll be able to see all of the message threads but without the actual messages.

Does Facebook Retag When You Reactivate

Facebook removes your names from photos people have tagged you in so if they do decide to look at tagged people in the photo, your username won’t show up for them to click it. When you reactivate your Facebook account again, Facebook retags you back to people’s tagged photos so people are able to find your account again.

If your name is tagged in the caption of someone’s Facebook picture, Facebook won’t be able to remove it so your name will still be in the caption for people to access. So Facebook will retag you back onto people’s tag photos when you decide to come back – your tag isn’t gone forever.

If I Deactivate My Facebook, Will I Lose Followers or Friends?

The simple answer is NO. You won’t lose any followers or friends on Facebook if you disable your Facebook account. No one can see your account when you disable it, therefore, no one can unfriend you and you can’t unfriend them.

When you deactivate your account, all of the data Facebook has stored about your account is temporarily deleted. When you reactivate your account again, all the data that was deleted is then restored.

This means that all of the data will come back onto Facebook. This means that your name will disappear from people’s friend’s list. So, they can’t access your account while it’s deactivated.

This also means that you can’t do anything with your account, for example, unfriend people while your account is deactivated.