What Does Undeliverable Mean on Amazon?

What Does Undeliverable Mean on Amazon?

Most of the time, there are no issues when getting your packages delivered, regardless of whether the delivery was a Prime two-day delivery or a normal delivery time.

But what happens when your package shows that it was undeliverable, and what does Amazon mean when it says this? Read the following article to figure out what undeliverable means on Amazon.

What Does Undeliverable Mean on Amazon?

An undeliverable package means that Amazon isn’t able to send the package to your home due to specific reasons that haven’t made it possible. You, Amazon or the seller will have to correct the issue before the package is delivered to your home.

Why Did Amazon Say My Package is Undeliverable?

If your recent order to Amazon says that your package was undeliverable, then you might be wondering what this means and the possible reason why your package was listed as undeliverable in the first place.

There are several reasons why your package was said to be undeliverable by Amazon, and can be caused by anything from a package that was attempted to be delivered outside of your business hours to a mistake Amazon made.

If your package was listed as undeliverable by Amazon, here are the following reasons as to why this is happening.

1. An Incorrect Address Was Used or Provided

When an incorrect address is used to deliver the package, this could cause Amazon to list your package as undeliverable. This is also the most common mistake that can cause a package to be undeliverable by Amazon.

When you have provided an incorrect address, it makes the package undeliverable since there is nowhere to deliver it.

However, in most cases, if you do end up using an incorrect address or putting the address incorrectly when it comes to where the package needs to be delivered, there is a higher chance that the package will be delivered to the wrong location instead of it becoming undeliverable.

When this happens, the issue is not that the package has become undeliverable but instead creates the issue that the package wound up at the incorrect location.

If you do get a notice that the package is undeliverable and that it was tied to an incorrect address, then this most likely means that the address you had used was outdated or no longer exists.

What we refer to when we mean that an address is out of date is that an element within the shipping address has been modified.

This element that has been changed could refer to something as simple as the zip code or street number, but it will still cause an error to occur when the address is input into any system, meaning that it will prevent the Amazon system from being able to deliver to the correct location.

When situations like these occur, the mail courier will tend to hold onto the package depending on who is doing the delivery.

After this happens, it is most likely that the package will simply be returned to the sender or the Amazon fulfillment center from which the package came out.

2. The Package is Being Delivered to An Unrecognized Address

As mentioned before, typing an incorrect address or having any issues with the address regarding any kind of Amazon package could lead to further issues with the package and its delivery.

Another reason why the package is being marked as undeliverable is that it is being attempted to be delivered to an unrecognizable address.

It is important to note that Amazon uses a computer system to locate addresses and locations where packages are being delivered.

This means that if the address that is being typed into the Amazon shipping system is not recognized by the system in the first place, then this can create problems within the system and cause problems when it comes to shipping to the correct location.

One of the most common issues arising from having an unrecognized address is that the postal code is incorrect or there are some issues with it.

As you may be aware, most postal codes are made up of a five-digit code, but there are cases in which a postal code or a full zip code can be a lot longer than the normal five-digit zip code.

In most cases, when you fill out the code for the shipping address using the automatic system that Amazon provides when placing an order, filling out the correct zip code is automatically performed for you.

But there will be times when this doesn’t happen automatically and therefore can cause issues within the system and it not being able to recognize the zip code.

As issues with zip codes are the most common issue with an unrecognized address, it is not the only reason why the computer system will not recognize an address.

Address formatting can also cause issues, and new addresses in the system are also likely to cause issues for the Amazon computer system.

3. Rejected Delivery

Another reason why a package might be labeled as undeliverable on Amazon is that when the package was attempted to be delivered, the delivery was refused.

What a refused delivery means is that even when the package ends up making it to the correct address, the recipient who is receiving the package has refused to accept the package being delivered.

You might be wondering why this would be the case if someone does order a package and ends up refusing to accept the package.

Many times in the case of any kind of rejected delivery, these instances are caused by packages that require delivery to need a signature from the receiver in order to deliver the package successfully.

All in all, if the receiver refuses to sign for the package to be delivered to their address, the package cannot be delivered. When a delivery is rejected, it has to ultimately be returned to Amazon and to the warehouse from where it came.

Depending on the courier who made the delivery, they might try to redeliver the package on a different day or time in order to be able to get that signature that is needed in order to deliver the package fully.

If, after a few attempts, the package still cannot be delivered, then this simply will mean that the courier will determine the package as one that was undeliverable, they will proceed with returning it, and the reason for this will be noted as a rejected delivery.

If you are the person that ordered the package, when this kind of scenario occurs, you should receive a notice that will let you know that the package was deemed undeliverable.

4. Failed Delivery

You might be wondering if a failed delivery and a refused delivery are essentially the same kinds of delivery scenarios, but there is a small detail in which these two kinds of situations that cause a package to be deemed undeliverable happen.

When a package is listed as undeliverable due to a failed delivery, it is because the person that was delivering the package cannot functionally deliver the package to the correct destination.

There are several examples as to why a courier might not be able to deliver the package in the first place functionally.

This happens most of the time when it comes to delivering a package in a gated community that might deny the courier entrance into the community and does not provide a sufficient delivery system for the courier to drop off the package to the receiver.

One thing that a refused delivery and a failed delivery have in common is that if a package that is being delivered also requires a signature and there is no one available to sign for it, then it can also be deemed as a failed delivery instead of a refused delivery because there was no one there to sign or even to refuse a signature for the acceptance of the package.

Similar to a refused delivery, depending on the courier, they might make more than one attempt to get the package delivered, but if the package isn’t eventually delivered successfully, then the package and its delivery will be marked as a failed delivery.

The last step, as with the previous reasons, will be that the package will simply be returned to Amazon, and you will get a notice that the package was undeliverable.

5. Restricted Address

Similar to what happens when a courier does not have access to a gated community or cannot enter, the package that is being attempted to be delivered might be deemed as undeliverable if the address is restricted and does not allow for entrance.

Restricted addresses refer to any location to which couriers do not have access to enter, ultimately resulting in a failed delivery specifying a restricted address.

Locations such as prisons, any kind of government facility, or locations of these kinds can result in restricted addresses.

The good thing that does result from a delivery to a restricted address is that in the best case scenarios, these restricted addresses will show that the address is undeliverable in the first place before you even place an order.

This can then prevent any kind of delays in receiving the packages that you placed an order for.

6. Illegible Address

As big of a role that computer systems have in making deliveries possible for Amazon, there are some instances in which illegible addresses can be the reason for a package to be deemed as an undeliverable package.

This might be a result of a printer failure or typo or an error when printing out labels that cause them to be illegible. Errors in the Amazon computer system can also create errors that lead to legibility problems.

In the rare case that a label is handwritten, this is where it becomes more obvious that a legibility issue could arise depending on the handwriting, putting a big emphasis on making sure that the label is legible and on the importance of legibility.

In the cases that a barcode does not scan or a label address cannot be read, then the package simply cannot be delivered since the courier does not want to risk delivering to an incorrect location.

Because of this, the standard procedure for them to follow is to simply return the package, cancel the order and issue a refund to the person who placed the order.

7. Damaged Goods

Surprisingly enough, when a package is damaged in any kind of way, this package can therefore be deemed as undeliverable, and it is actually one of the most common reasons for this happening.

Most delivery companies put in lots of effort in making sure that the packages they are delivering are delivered without any kind of damage, and Amazon is no exception.

Amazon puts lots of effort and money into minimizing any kind of damage that can happen to the package.

But if you are truly considering how big the scale of packages that Amazon and delivery companies deliver on a daily basis, then the amount of packages that do end up getting damaged is still pretty substantial.

When it comes to damages, if the package happens to get damaged during the transit period and it is clearly damaged, then the package will simply be marked as damaged and will then be returned to Amazon.

Once this has happened, and the package has been returned to Amazon, what happens next depends on the return policy of the store where the package was originally purchased. This might then mean the package will be replaced, or a full refund will be issued instead.

What Happens If a Package is Undeliverable?

Now that you know what the reasons are for a package from Amazon being deemed undeliverable, you might be wondering what happens next after it is deemed undeliverable.

In most cases, when a package from Amazon is deemed undeliverable, the courier from Amazon will make various attempts and try to deliver the package. Of course, this depends on the kind of situation that caused the undeliverable status in the first place.

If the case is that a package was refused, failed, or there was no one there to sign the package, then the courier will attempt another delivery.

But if the case is that the goods have been damaged or there is a restricted address that is being used, then the courier will simply not attempt the delivery. In all cases, however, the packages will almost always be returned to the Amazon warehouse where they came from.

After it has been returned to the Amazon warehouse, a refund should be issued to the person who placed the order in the first place.

It is important to note, however, that despite a refund being issued when a package is returned, there will likely be some sort of service fee charged when a package is returned due to undeliverable status.

What Should I Do If A Package is Undeliverable?

So what can you do when you are told that your package has been deemed undeliverable? There are several things that you should do in order to make sure that you can get your package delivered or at least get a refund for the returned package.

All in all, the steps that you need to take in order to make sure that your package is delivered or if your package has been deemed as undeliverable depend ultimately on what the reason was for your package to be deemed as undeliverable.

If an incorrect address was provided or is being used to make the delivery, contact Amazon Customer Support and let them know that the address that is being used to make the delivery is incorrect, and you would like to verify the address and provide the correct one.

Make sure that you have the purchase receipt or the tracking information of the package to prove that you were the one who made the purchase.

If the package is being delivered to an unrecognized address, contact Amazon Customer Support in order to verify what the error that is causing an unrecognized address is and make sure that you provide the correct address in order to ensure that there are no errors when it comes to using the address within the Amazon computer system.

If the package was deemed undeliverable because it was a rejected delivery, then you will want to make sure that there is someone there to sign the package when a delivery is attempted since this is one of the most common reasons for any kind of rejected delivery.

If the package was deemed undeliverable due to a failed delivery, make sure that the courier who is delivering the package has special instructions on what they need to do in order to be able to have access to the location where it needs to be delivered to.

Once a package is deemed undeliverable due to a restricted address such as a prison or some kind of government facility, then provide instructions in order to make sure that the courier has the needed instructions that will allow for them to be able to deliver the package.

If the package is not delivered due to an illegible address, contact Amazon Customer Support in order to correct the address and provide the correct one to Amazon in order for another delivery to be attempted to the correct address.

Lastly, if the package was deemed undeliverable because the goods within the package were damaged, then this would be the case in which you would need to contact both Amazon Customer Support and the vendor from which you purchased the goods in order to be able to get an idea of what their policy is regarding a damaged package.

Amazon Package Undeliverable But Still Delivered?

In the case that a package states that it is undeliverable but shows up as that it was still delivered, then this is the case in which you must contact Amazon Customer Service support in order to resolve the issue behind why this is happening.

There are various reasons as to why this might be happening, but in order to make sure that your package is not delivered to the incorrect address or receiver, this must be done as soon as possible when you notice that the package has been delivered but still says that it is undeliverable.

In many cases, this is a simple error within the Amazon computer system, and contacting someone at customer support will be an easy fix to get everything sorted out.

But if the case that the package was actually delivered, then there are chances that the package you ordered was actually delivered to someone who is not you and that they have the package.

All in all, it is best to simply contact Amazon Customer Support in order to get everything sorted out.

As you can see, there are various reasons why any package that is being delivered via Amazon can be deemed as undeliverable and cause for there to be delay within the time frame in which the package is delivered.

Whether the package is deemed undeliverable due to an illegible address, a refused delivery, or an incorrect address, remember that there are ways in which you can contact support and get these issues fixed easily and get the correct information to Amazon in order to make sure that the package is delivered to you correctly.

Now that you know what happens when a package is deemed undeliverable go and contact customer support to make sure you get your package.

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