You send a message and beneath their name where it would say “sent” or “received,” it says pending. You decide to disregard as there is always new terminology entering the Snapchat community. As you continue sending messages to that contact, this keeps coming up and you begin to wonder why.

A common question that people have related to Snapchat is about the “pending” message that they receive following sending a message. The pending notification has a few different meanings, all of which will give you information about a specific contact on your Snapchat account.

Here’s what your pending notification may mean:

1. The contact has not added you as a friend after you recently added them. They must add you back as a friend before any of your messages will go through. If they never respond or the pending message never goes away, it’s likely that the contact doesn’t want to be friends with you on Snapchat.

If it’s someone you know personally, maybe contact them in a different form so that they know that you have requested them on Snapchat. To avoid this completely, simply ask permission before you add someone on Snapchat.

2. The contact that you sent a message to has blocked you. If you were previously having a conversation with someone and the message shows up after a while. If you can’t send them snaps and can’t use any other form of Snapchat media to contact them, then they have blocked you.

3. You don’t have an internet connection. If you have been recently communicating with someone and the pending message appear, then maybe your Snapchat just hasn’t sent yet. You may try turning your WIFI off and on or close the app and relaunch it again. You can also just keep reloading the conversation screen until the notification goes away.

4. Your contact may have deleted their account. Their name won’t disappear from your friends list yet, but you wont be able to send them messages and you will see the pending notification next to their name.

You can only be sure that they received the message when the pending message is gone and the received message is underneath their username. If issues continue to occur and you are sure none of the aforementioned issues have occurred, then you may want to try uninstalling and reinstalling your Snapchat app to fix the issue.

Of course, these features are beneficial, but keep in mind that you have access to the same information as your contact does, so be sure that you are keeping track of your interactions on Snapchat.