What Does Rejected Call Mean?

What Does Call Rejected Mean?

There are many elements that can cause the rejected call message. Some factors range from a weak signal or simply human error. Let’s check out some methods to see how to resolve this agitating issue.

What Does Rejected Call Mean on Samsung 

Rejected call means that the call was declined by them. They chose not to answer the call by clicking the red button. Whenever that happens, it’ll say rejected call.

Why Does It Say Rejected Call on Samsung

Whenever your call is rejected on your device, some people have a tendency to get overworked and overwhelmed and would want to toss their device to the wind, especially if it’s an ongoing issue.

Most Samsung users May jump to conclusions and even consider the fact that someone has hung up on them. Before diving into that final judgment, it is essential to consider other factors that could play a part in why your calls are rejected.

Sometimes, it’s not always because someone has hung up on you. It could be a weak signal, your phone has died, or simply, you’re the one who accidentally hung up on them. Android users who jump to conclusions may consider this to be far-fetched.

However, this is beneficial information for you to consider. It is essential to take heed of this information to decipher between technical difficulty and simple human error.

In other words, this article of information will allow you to make a better judgment to know if there is a faulty technicality with your device or a slip of your finger on your power button or end button.

Now, let’s get ready to jump right into some possible occurrences and resolutions for you to be the judge to know if you are the cause of the problem or not.

1. They Ended the Call

If you are experiencing your calls being rejected on your Samsung, the first case scenario is that the person calling you ended the call from their end. 

A phone call ending as it’s coming in is something that happens unexpectedly. There is no warning, there is no set time frame, and there is no heads up.

If you receive a phone call from someone and you notice the call immediately drops or is rejected, it’s possible they have ended the call from their end.

There is a possibility that a person may have called you by accident, and to avoid any awkwardness, they decided to go ahead and hang up the phone immediately.

Or, if they accidentally made a butt dial to you and noticed the butt dial before the phone was answered, there’s a chance they ended the call due to that situation. 

Whatever the case is considered to be, if you notice the call was rejected and you have impressed a button on your device, you may want to consider the fact that the person calling you is the one that ended the phone call. 

2. Weak Signal

Having a weak signal is something that is typical when you are operating any form of technology. When we talk about the signal, we aren’t just talking about your internet connection, such as your Wi-Fi and data connection.

We are also discussing the functionality of your service based on your area and location.

When we are sending and receiving phone calls, it is essential to be aware of the type of location that we are in when we are sending or receiving phone calls.

If you are in an area that is considered to be urban, you have a greater chance of having a stronger signal when using your Samsung.

However, if you are in an area that is considered to be rural, you may want to wait until City and street lights are visible before making or receiving any phone calls.

Rural areas are defined as locations that are mostly farmland, wooded areas, and far from the vicinity of any service towers for cell phone operation. A prime example is if you drive on the outskirts of a city and take a detour on a back-country road.

And while you are on that detour, you notice that you have no cell phone signal. Well, you don’t have any signal based on the area you are traveling through.

If you are in an area that has a lot of trees, you have less of a chance of getting a perfect signal due to the service signal being blocked. 

Now, if you don’t live or reside in a rural area and you live in an urban location, and you are experiencing this issue, you may want to consider running a software update on your device.

If you see an update is available for your Samsung device, go ahead and tap the update to begin the installation and downloading process. 

After the update has been completed and the issue still persists, you may want to contact your service provider. However, before resorting to contacting your service provider for further inquiry, let’s take a look at the next alternative to see if that will resolve your issue.

3. You Ended It By Accident, or They Did

We all have had instances where we have accidentally ended a call that came in and didn’t realize it. Sometimes, the phone could be in your pocket, and as you are walking, your leg accidentally bumps the end button by accident.

Or, if you are in another room and you hear your phone ring, and you run to your device to quickly answer it, out of anxiousness, you may accidentally press the end button instead of the button to answer. The same goes for the person on the other end of the phone.

If there is a call coming in from someone who is contacting you, it’s possible their finger may have accidentally slid across the end button non-purposely. 

The incredible thing about accidents is that they can always be resolved. The only way to resolve this type of issue is to simply contact the person back to see what happened and vice versa.

4. Their Phone Died

The next alternative to consider is based on the battery life of your device as well as the other person’s device.

If your calls are being rejected, there is a common possibility that your phone has died. 

This is a situation that doesn’t just happen for Samsung devices. This can occur for any device that you use.

However, specifically for Samsung, the battery life for a Samsung device has a high expectancy.

The minimum battery power a Samsung can run off of is 6 hours (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip) with a maximum of 12 hours (Samsung Galaxy A52).

Depending on what device you’re using from Samsung, although the battery life expectancy is long, there are moments when consumers can forget to charge their devices.

If you notice yourself in a situation where the other person’s call is rejected on your device, you may want to send them a quick text message to ensure they have a dependable phone charger on standby.

5. You Clicked the Power Button, or They Did

One thing we have to understand about being human beings with an incredible source of technology is that accidents are prone to happen. People tend to forget that human error does exist.

In the same way, developers can make small accidents based on features that are created for an app or features for your Samsung, and we can also make mistakes with using those features.

And sometimes, one of those features that we can manipulate by accident is the power button.

On your Android device, when a call is coming in, if you don’t want to answer the call but silence the call, you can press the power button to end the call immediately. This is a way for you to reject the incoming call from the other person.

Also, if you are making a phone call, the other person may accidentally do the same exact thing. 

Speaking of human error, let’s take a look at the next accidental technicality. 

6. You Clicked the End Button on Your Headphones, or They Did By Accident

When you are using your Samsung device, you may want to go hands-free. One of the hands-free extensions that are still in circulation to this very day or headphones. 

Some of the headphones that people still use to this very day or headphones that have buttons on the wires for you to perform actions for accepting a call, adjusting the volume, and ending a call.

If you are someone who uses headphones that have adjustable buttons, it is possible that you may have tapped the end button on your headphones.

Or, if you were making a phone call to someone and the call was rejected, there is a possibility they may have done the same. 

Although these types of extensions are not Bluetooth-connected, there is still a way for you to utilize them without accidentally hitting the end button.

One way for you to prevent hitting the end button on your headphones is to hide the cord underneath your shirt so that only your earbuds are visible. This will only work if the wire stretches long enough from your device.

Now, if you are using a Bluetooth headset that has an end button on them, if you normally answer your Samsung by pressing your Bluetooth button on your headphones, stop answering the call that way.

When your calls come in, to avoid hitting the end button, it would be best for you to answer the phone by swiping on your Samsung screen instead. 

7. You Double Tapped Your AirPods By Accident

Airpods are not only available for iOS devices but are also compatible with Samsung. If you are experiencing a difficulty where your calls are being rejected on your Samsung device, it could be possible that you may have double-tapped your Airpods by accident. 

If you are someone who uses Airpods with your Samsung device, when you prepare to answer your phone calls, it is best to take your time. It is essential to understand the placement of your hands when you are tapping your Airpods to answer your phone. 

However, if you are still experiencing this issue after realizing you have double-tapped your airpods (which resulted in your calls being rejected), check your device for updates if you haven’t already.

An update (if one is available) will assist with the operation of your calling features as well as the Airpods that are connected to your device.

If the issue still occurs and you are using the pods, you may want to stop using the Airpods and use another form of Bluetooth connection for answering your calls hands-free. 

How to Know If Someone is Rejecting Your Call on Samsung

We all have been in situations where we have called someone, and the call immediately ended before it was answered.

Well, the great thing about the Samsung device is that you have access to see if the call was rejected, or you can utilize common sense based on what to look for when a call has been rejected.

Let’s take a peek at a couple of those occurrences right now, and I will allow you to be the judge based on your call being rejected.

1. The Calls Rings Then Ends Abruptly 

The obvious instance is that the call will ring and then ends immediately. When you make a phone call there is a standard tone that rings when you are making a phone call. That tone is to signify that your phone call is in progress.

The tone will end based on two actions; either the color will pick up the phone and answer the call, or the person you are calling will reject the phone call.

This is similar to your call being blocked. The only contradiction is that the call is being blocked manually. In other words, when your call is coming in, after a few rings, you will hear the tone end suddenly.

There are some things you can do to get to the root of this issue. The first plan of action you can proceed with is to send the person a text message after the call has ended.

You don’t have to be uncouth or rude, but more so, send them a message to notify them that you have attempted to call them. There may possibly be a few reasonable explanations for why the call was rejected.

If you don’t feel like sending them a text message after the call has ended abruptly, you can attempt to call the person back at a later time.

2. When You Look At the Call History, It Says Rejected Call

The last and final way for you to know if your call has been rejected is by simply looking at your call history.

When you check the call history on most Android devices, you may only see the basics of that call history. Some of those basics include the name of the caller, the time the call was made, and the duration of the call.

You are even able to see if the call was answered. And if the call has ended between both parties, you will see a notification showing when the call is ended.

However, for the Samsung device, you are also able to see if the call was rejected if you have attempted a call and it ended abruptly. 

After you have attempted a phone call and it ended after only a few rings, the best thing for you to do is to go into the call history of your device to see if the call was rejected by the person you were calling.

When you do this, you will automatically see a notification showing that the call was rejected and not answered by the other party.

As was stated earlier, there may be a possible reason why the call was rejected. So, before you go off on a limb and overwhelm yourself with unwanted emotions about your call being rejected, you may want to reach out to that person for an explanation first.

What Happens When a Call is Rejected?

When a call is rejected, whether you are the one rejecting the call or your call was rejected by someone, nothing really happens. There is no special notification or flag that is sent to you if a call is rejected. 

Typically, after a call is rejected, the only information that would be available is the phone call that was attempted in your call history.

Now, although there isn’t any special feature that would notify you if a call was rejected, if you were the one attempting a call that was rejected, you will be able to see that indication in your call history. 

Final Thoughts

With any issue such as this one, there are always essential and beneficial solutions to utilize to resolve the issue. But, before the issue is resolved, it is essential to understand what is CAUSING the issue.

This problem could be happening because the call has ended, there is a weak signal, you accidentally ended the call, or they had accidentally ended the call.

Or your phone battery has died, you pressed the power button, or the caller has accidentally pressed the power button, you may have accidentally pressed the end button on your headphones, or they did, or you double-tapped your Airpods by accident. 

And if you have questions on how to know if someone is rejecting your call on Samsung, there are a couple of useful tips that you can utilize to investigate this scenario.

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