What Does Delivery Attempted Amazon Mean?

What Does Delivery Attempted Amazon Mean?

So you have placed your order on Amazon and have monitored the status of your order as it changes from Ordered and Approved to Packed to Out for Delivery to Delivery, only for you to get a message from Amazon saying Delivery Attempted.

This is usually followed by the message, “Amazon couldn’t contact you to deliver your package. We recommend you wait as the carrier will likely attempt to deliver your package on the next working day” or something similar.

While this message seems pretty straightforward and ideally means that Amazon tried to deliver your package to you but did not succeed, the reason for this failure has been the source of confusion for many users, especially those who stated that they were reachable at all times during the period.

So what exactly does Delivery Attempted mean on Amazon? Read on to find out all the details on this order status message.

What Exactly Does Delivery Attempted Amazon Mean?

Ideally, Delivery Attempted on Amazon means that the carrier or delivery person tried to deliver the package to your designated address but was unable to because you were not reachable or available at your address.

However, we have seen many cases where users receive the Delivery Attempted message even though we were available at the address and were reachable at all times.

To understand how this works, let us explain how deliveries work at Amazon.

1. First, you place an order on the Amazon website.

2. This order may be fulfilled by Amazon if the product is from an Amazon store or by a third party if it is supplied by a third-party seller on the Amazon website.

3. Whatever the case, the other is usually first delivered to a post office or the carrier’s office close to you.

4. When it arrives at this post office, the product is scanned with a status that fits the situation. For example, if the product arrived at a time when business was closed, it will be scanned as Business Closed. For this, you should get no notification.

5. And if the product was taken to your address but did not get delivered, it is scanned as Delivery Attempted, which is the notification you will receive.

Normally, when it is scanned as Delivery Attempted, the carrier or delivery person usually leaves you a note at the address to come to the post office and pick up the order or to let the post office know when you are available for a second attempt at delivery.

But as many users have reported, they sometimes do not receive any notice to let them know that delivery was attempted at their address.

Why Was My Delivery Not Delivered?

There are four scenarios that can result in your order not being delivered. They include:

1. You weren’t there to sign

When placing an order on Amazon, you have the option to require “signature upon receipt” or “signature confirmation”.

This is a security and indemnity feature that ensures that only you can take delivery of the order and that as long as you have signed for the delivery, Amazon is no longer responsible for whatever happens to the product afterward.

But if you use the feature of signature upon receipt, it means that no one else will be able to take delivery of the product if you’re not available. It also means that the package cannot be left in a safe space at your location.

As a result, when the delivery person arrives at your address, and you are not there to sign for the delivery, the order will be returned and marked as Delivery Attempted.

2. No one was available to take delivery

If you did not use the “require a signature upon receipt” feature, then anyone at your address can take delivery of the product on your behalf.

This means that when the delivery person arrives at your address, and you are not present, anybody at the address can take delivery of the product for you after necessary authentication.

But if no one at all is available to take delivery of the order at your address, then the delivery person can return the product to the post office or warehouse and scan it as Delivery Attempted.

Before this can happen, they will usually try to call the phone number registered to your Amazon account. If you are not reachable by phone, and there is no one at the address to take delivery, then your delivery will fail for that day and be marked as Delivery Attempted.

3. There was no safe place to keep it

There are times when, even though there is no one available at your address to pick up a delivery. The delivery person could find a safe place to keep the order for you so that you can pick it up on your return.

This, of course, is as long as you did not require a signature upon receipt. When that is the case, your delivery will be kept in a safe space at your address, and you may receive a call from the delivery person letting you know that this has been done.

But if there is no safe space to drop your order according to the judgment of the delivery person, then the order will be returned to the post office or warehouse and scanned as Delivery Attempted.

4. They could not get access to your home or front door

The final possible reason why your delivery may fail is if the delivery person could not get access to your home, front door, or any other access point at your address.

The thing is before the delivery person can even knock at your door or ring the bell, they need first to get access to your front door or another access point.

But if they are unable to do this, perhaps because of some barrier at your address or a neighborhood gate, then they would not be able to knock at your door, ring the bell, leave a note for you, or drop the package for you.

When this happens, the delivery will fail, and you will receive the Delivery Attempted notification.

Why Did Amazon Say Delivery Attempt But It Wasn’t?

You are probably reading this article because you received the Delivery Attempted notification even though there was no delivery attempt for the product at your address.

You are one of many users who report that Amazon has sent the Delivery Attempted notification without actually having attempted to deliver the order to the specified address. Why does this happen? Here are some of the known reasons for this error.

1. Human Error

We explained earlier that when your order arrives at the nearest post office for final delivery, the order is scanned according to the correct status of the order. This could be Out for Delivery, Business Closed, or Delivery Attempted as the case may be.

But you need to understand that the scanning is performed by humans and is, therefore, prone to error.

So the person responsible for scanning your order may mistakenly scan the order as Delivery Attempted instead of, say, Business Closed or Out for Delivery or any other status that applies.

So when you are sure that no delivery was attempted at your address and you receive the Delivery Attempted notification, then you need to contact customer care, the freight forwarder, or the receiving post office to report the issue and look for a solution.

One way to confirm whether this is a result of human error is to go to the website of the freight forwarder instead of Amazon and check the tracking information for the order.

Many users have found that on the freight forwarder’s website, the product in question arrived at the close of business and was scanned as business closed as opposed to Amazon’s Delivery Attempted notification.

On this subject, here’s what Amazon has to say: “you may see slight differences between the tracking information listed in your account and the details on the carrier’s website.

Every carrier uses its own language to indicate shipment statuses. We simplify the updates in your account to make them easier to understand”.

While this does not in any way justify the discrepancy between Business Closed and Delivery Attempted, it goes on to show you that the notification on your Amazon account is not always accurate.

2. Intentional Misinformation from Carrier

Although this does not look good, it is a fact that you need to know about some orders that you place on Amazon.

There are times when the freight forwarder intentionally labels your delivery as Delivery Attempted even though they know that they did not attempt to deliver the order to you on that day.

This is a common situation with USPS especially, and we have found that they do this in order to avoid falling foul of the service level agreement or guaranteed delivery date that they have with Amazon.

When they find that they cannot deliver the order on the agreed date, especially if the delivery date is a weekend, then they will intentionally mark it as Delivery Attempted just so that they have no issues with Amazon.

They would then try to deliver on the next working day.

So when you receive the Delivery Attempted notification, especially on the weekend, and you are sure that you were always available for delivery, then it is likely that the notification is a hoax and you will get the package the next working day.

3. Bug on Amazon Systems

There are times when a bug on Amazon systems causes you to receive the wrong notification about the status of your order.

This usually includes the Delivery Attempted notification, where no delivery was actually attempted, and Package Delivered, where you are yet to receive the package.

Amazon acknowledges this fact and has tried to list a number of reasons why this may happen. However, the fact remains that bugs do occur in their package management system resulting in customers receiving the wrong notification status about their orders.

4. Falsehood By Deliveryperson

Amazon’s delivery people work on a schedule. This is especially the case where Amazon gives guaranteed delivery for certain orders. Because of this, Amazon’s delivery people are often under so much pressure to meet up with the schedule for deliveries.

On occasion, when they find that they are unable to meet up with some deliveries, they intentionally omit some deliveries and even drive past the delivery address to go on to the next one.

Many users have reported actually seeing the Amazon delivery truck either parked outside their address briefly and then driving away or simply driving past their address without stopping to deliver.

What the delivery people do is, when they skip your address, they mark your delivery as Delivery Attempted in order to pass the responsibility from themselves onto you. When this happens, you usually get the package delivered the next day by another person.

The problem with this error is that it is often difficult or impossible for you to tell where exactly the responsibility lies. The only thing you can do really is to contact Amazon support and let them know the problem that you are facing.

How Many Times Does Amazon Attempt Delivery?

Amazon attempts delivery for three consecutive days after the first delivery attempt. Depending on what’s available in your location, the delivery attempts may include weekends.

If weekend deliveries are unavailable in your area, then the delivery attempts will only be on working days.

This means that if the first delivery attempt was on a Friday, the next delivery attempt would be from Monday to Wednesday if weekend deliveries are not available in your location.

Amazon usually indicates if a weekend delivery is available to you on the product page or during checkout. If, after the delivery attempt, the package is still not delivered to you, one of two things will happen:

The package may be held at the local post office or carrier’s office, and you will receive a notification to come and pick up the package yourself at their location.

You should always look out for this in your emails and text messages, depending on the communication channel in use.

The other possibility after the failed delivery attempt is that you will be offered a refund for the product. Please note that for a refund, you will only be refunded for the cost of the product and not include the cost of shipping the product.

How To Avoid Delivery Attempted

As we have explained in this article, the Delivery Attempted notification could be as a result of your actual unavailability to receive the product or some error or intentional misinformation by one party or the other.

If you want to avoid having the Delivery Attempted situation with your orders, there are things you can try, which we have described below.

1. Choose a delivery date

When you place an order on Amazon, you are usually provided with the expected delivery date. If you’re not sure that you will be available on the specified date, you can change the scheduled delivery date and time by following the steps below:

1. Go to Your Orders on the Amazon website or mobile app

2. Click on Change Shipping Speed

3. Click on Select Another Date and Time

4. From the calendar, select another date and time that is convenient for you

5. Then click on confirm

However, please note that this only works before the item are shipped. If the item has already been shipped or if you did not schedule your delivery date and time during the checkout process, you will not be able to change your scheduled delivery date.

You would have to contact Amazon customer service to request a delivery date and time change.

2. Leave delivery instructions

Apart from selecting your preferred delivery date, you could also leave delivery instructions during your checkout or in Your Orders as long as the item has not been shipped.

In your instructions, you can instruct the delivery person to call you when they arrive or leave the order with any designated representative if you are not available, or place the order in a specified location at your address.

This will make it easier for the delivery to be successful on the first try.

3. Where possible, avoid requiring a signature

Requiring a signature means that you must be available to sign and pick up the delivery from the delivery person. If you are not available, the delivery person will not deliver to another person or leave the order in a safe space at your address.

This usually increases the number of Delivery Attempted notifications for users. Therefore, as much as possible, try not to use the option to require signature on delivery in order to facilitate delivery of your order on the first try.

This is especially useful when the delivery person is in a hurry and could easily mark the delivery as Attempted Delivery as soon as they realize that you are not immediately available.

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