What Does Clear From Chat Feed Mean?

What Does Clear From Chat Feed Mean?

The good thing is that most of these features are actually cool and useful, like the subject of this article.

In this article, I will be discussing one feature in particular; Clearing A Conversation from the Chat Feed. You may have come across a prompt on your Snapchat app to “clear from chat feed” but do not know what exactly the message means, and if there are any unwanted consequences to performing the action.

If that’s the case, then read on to find out all you need to know about the Snapchat message that says Clear From Chat Feed.

What Does Clear From Chat Feed Mean Snapchat?

Clear from chat feed on Snapchat simply means to remove or delete a conversation from the list of conversation threads. This means that that particular chat or conversation (with a particular person) is removed from the chat feed.

Now, this does not mean that the content of that conversation is also deleted. It just isn’t visible anymore on the list of your Snap conversations.

Like I suggested at the start of this article, this is a good thing. Here’s why:

  1. It helps you to reduce clutter on your chat feed by reducing the number of conversations displayed on the list
  2. It also helps you keep some conversations private by removing them from the chat feed without deleting the content of those conversations.

So, if this appeals to you, then follow the steps below to clear a particular conversation from your chat feed:

  1. Tap the Settings (gear) icon in the Profile screen to open Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on Clear Conversations under Account Actions
  3. Tap X next to a name to clear the conversation

You can only do this for chats one after the other.

And to reassure you, this is what Snapchat have to say about clearing a conversation from Chat feed: “Clearing a conversation will not delete any saved or sent content in the chat”.

What Happens When You Clear Chat From Feed Snapchat?

When you clear a chat from chat feed, this is what will happen:

  • The chat will no longer appear on the list of Snapchat conversation. .
  • Saved and sent content with the person will not be deleted. If you are looking to actually delete the conversation for good, you would have to either set the messages with the person to disappear or delete individual messages to the person.

To open the conversation again, you can simply search for their name and tap on it to reopen the chat.

To change when chats and snaps delete:

  1. Swipe right from the Camera screen to go to the Chat Screen
  2. Press and hold on a friend’s name
  3. Tap ‘Chat Settings
  4. Tap ‘Delete Chats…
  5. Tap either ‘After Viewing’ or ‘24 Hours after Viewing

In one-on-one conversations, either you or your friend can set Snaps to delete after 24 hours for all infinite timer, loop or bounce Snaps. The Snap will appear as Chat media for the next 24 hours.

This setting can only be chosen if your Chats are also set to delete ’24 hours after Viewing’, and either you or your friend can set or remove it for future content.

If you switch from ’24 Hours after Viewing’ to ‘After Viewing’, then previously viewed Chats will disappear. Your messages won’t delete straight away if someone saves, replies or reacts to your message.

In Group chats, chats are deleted after 24 hours by default.

How to Undo Clearing Chat From Feed

Remember that clearing a conversation from chat feed does not delete the content of that conversation. So, do not worry about that.

But if you want to restore your conversation with the person to the chat feed, you simply need to send them a snap or chat or have them send one to you. Once a new message is sent from either end, the conversation gets restored to chat feed.

This is the only way you can undo clearing from chat feed. There is currently no other feature to undo deleting a conversation from chat feed. Some apps claim to have this ability, but they are all fake.

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