Snapchat, as you probably know, is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Snapchat was a pioneering app because it was built on the idea that your posts shouldn’t be permanent like on all the other social networking sites or apps and that they shouldn’t be saved in an archive somewhere forever. Snapchat started the trend of posts being temporary.

The developers of Snapchat seemed to have the idea of the app being like a diary you would write in everyday, but then the next day all the pages are blank again. This was a big hit because you could send someone a picture that you don’t want to be saved somewhere.

You don’t have to worry about it being leaked to the internet or to someone you don’t want to see it, unless of course the person you sent it to screenshots it. But, you know when somebody tries to pull that trick because Snapchat will notify you that they took the screenshot. Nothing like a picture or video you posted on a crazy night with friends comes back to bite you in a job interview or meeting your future in laws.

As mentioned above, other apps followed Snapchat in this idea and have even went as far as copying the exact same features to their own app. Because of this, Snapchat has had to try and lead the way with other features like map tracking users and AR filters which has been copied since as well.

The only issue with Snapchat would really have to be that it can be difficult to figure out all the features and functions that it has if you are a new user. Even if you just haven’t been on in awhile you could get on again and things be so different you feel lost. That is how dedicated to leading the way and expanding the platform Snapchat developers are.

One of the most confusing things about Snapchat might have to be that there are different numbers everywhere throughout the app and you really don’t have any way of knowing what these mean without looking it up on an article like this one here.

What Snapchat Scores Are

When you first open your Snapchat app, it will open to the camera interface and is ready to take a photo or video. Open your profile page by tapping on the bitmoji or Snapchat avatar in the top left corner of this screen.

If you have a bitmoji account linked to your Snapchat account you will see that. If you have posted a snap to your story in the last 24 hours you will see a circle with your latest post inside it. If you don’t have a bitmoji and you haven’t poisted to your story in the last day then you will just have a gray icon that looks like a persons head and shoulders.

sent and received snapchats

After you open your profile page, you should notice that there are quite a few things happening on this page. Under your name you will see your Snapcode, which is how you contact info with ease, your Snapchat score is also below your name. Your Snapchat score is based on multiple different things, but is a total score of how you use, and how much you use your Snap account.

The crazy thing about this score is that nobody really knows exactly what goes into completely. They do make it known that sent received and posted snaps go into the score somehow and then they just say other things instead of explaining any further.

The best guess is that sending and receiving a snap is worth one point toward your score and posting to your story is worth one point as well. When you send a snap to more than one person at a time it doesn’t seem to be worth any more than sending it to one person.

Really the only reason this score exists is to give users something to talk about or even spark an interest in using the app more to get a “Higher Score” than your friends. Just a little trick to get people to use their app more. A trick that works too. If you tap on your Snapchat score there will be two other numbers that appear. These numbers stand for how many snaps you have sent first and how many snaps you have received after that.

You can check on your friends Snapchat scores too if you want. If you swipe right from the camera display page you will open your Chat screen. If the person you are looking at has a story skip to the next method. If they don’t have a story posted at the time you are looking, then tap on their bitmoji or on the profile icon. This will bring up their score for you to see.

If the user has a story posted, tap on the Chat you have with the person. Then tap on the three lined menu button in the top left corner of the screen. This will make your friends name, username, and score pop up.

Other Numbers in Snapchat

Swipe right from the camera display to open the Chat section again. There can end up being quite a few numbers in the chat interface. If you don’t know what you are looking at, you may be lost. The numbers next to your contacts names on the right are what are know as streak counts. That is a counter of how many days you have snapped a person in a row.

Recently these have been shrunk by the developers of Snapchat and some people are really mad about this. If you have a larger screen you may not have even noticed the change though. Even with that, it doesn’t seem like Snapchat cares too much that this has upset the small percentage of users that care about their stats on the app. Like those who try to create a long streak with as many users as possible for the stat.

If you tap on the search icon you will see a bunch of information like events around you, and top stories from around the world. You will also find music, sports, and fashion stuff in this area. This is called Snapchat Discovery. The only real numbers on this screen would have to be when someones’ last story was posted. Stories only last for 24 hours so if you are wanting to see all the stories in this section, you may want to keep an eye on when they were posted.

Story views

Stories also have numbers of their own. If you go to your story by tapping your profile icon or bitmoji you might want to know what all the info given means here also. There is a menu in the middle of the screen here for your story. If you tap on the gray area will open the story menu which displays everything you have posted in the last 24 hours. The number at the top of this screen is how many people saw your oldest story.

The small eye icons next to each post will show you how many people have seen each individual post to your story. If you tap the icon it will bring up every username that watched the post in the order that they saw it. the last number that needs mentioned will have to be the Screenshot number. The icon the looks like two play buttons on top of each other is the screenshot icon. The number under it is how many people have screenshotted your story.

There are a lot of numbers floating around on snapchat, but this article should help you understand what you are looking at a little better.