Websites to Watch TV Shows Free (29+, They All Work)

Websites to watch TV shows for free online

Finding websites to watch TV shows online for free is now very easy because of the internet – the days of having a television and cable package to watch TV are over.

There are now a collection of websites online which will allow you to watch TV series and due to the number of TV shows out there, it’s pretty much impossible not to find something to watch.

Finding a site that allows you to watch your favorite movie online can be a nightmare.

Some sites will scam you by asking you to register and complete a survey where you may have to pay some money, and once you’ve done this, it’s likely that you still won’t be able to stream the movies and TV shows.

If you’re not careful, some sites will force your computer to download files that contain malicious malware which can infect your PC with a virus.

Lucky, I’ve done some research to find the best streaming websites that will allow you to stream TV series and show for free without any spam.

1. Soap2Day

Soap2Day - Movie & TV Show Streaming Site

Soap2Day is a popular website that allows you to stream tv shows for free without having to register for a new account. It has a wide range of movies that’ll allow you to find pretty much anything you’re looking for and the best part is that they always have it.

The downside for Soap2Day is that they have a ton of pop ups so each time you go to stream a tv show or move, you’ll spend a few seconds removing the pops before you can actually play the movie.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker to watch TV shows

Putlocker is the best streaming website to watch pretty much any TV show and movie you want without pop-ups or registering.

It has a broad index which means that you’re very likely to find the TV show or movie that you want to watch.

To watch a TV series in Putlocker, search for the movie or series name in the search bar, hover over the result and click Watch movie, and it will start to play in a new tab.

Unlike other streaming websites, you don’t need to download the TV show or create an account to watch it.

If you want more things to watch in Putlocker, you can browse based on the genre, country, TV series, IMDb, A-Z list, and news.

3. Zmovies

Zmovies watch TV shows

Zmovies is another credible online source to stream TV shows without any bullshit.

It’s a very similar Putlocker because of its large index of shows which means that it’s not hard to find the TV series or movie you want to watch.

To watch a show with Zmovies, you need to go to the website and search for the show you want to watch at the top, from here, click on Watch in HD, then create a free account to gain access.

Although you have to register for an account to watch the movie, it’s not a scam like other online streaming platforms – you get to watch the TV show.

With Zmovies, you get some information on the series you’re about to watch.

It provides you with the cast, director, genre, country, and runtime – this also means that you can browse shows and movies based on country, genre and year.

4. 123Movies

In this era where there are so many TV shows to watch, and people no longer want to use hardcopy materials to watch content, then 123movies is one of the best platforms to use.

123Movies is a streaming platform that has set itself very well to fill the huge and ever-growing demand for TV shows and movie streaming services.

It is a platform that has not been in the industry for a long time but its content is well organized and worth watching. 123Movies has a wide variety of movies and TV shows that will get anyone wanting more. The best thing about this platform is that it is easy to use and they constantly update its content hence you will get something new to enjoy every time you visit the website.

It is also a fast-responding website. It is not one of those websites you have to wait for long for them to respond.

As for the movies, you are able to filter them through 25 different genres depending on your interest and likes. You can also filter the movies by country and year, in cinemas, featured, top-rated, or even recently added. All is for free.

5. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is yet another TV shows a streaming platform that will leave you with shock. The first thing you need to know about this platform is that there are no popups or ads to keep on bothering you as you enjoy the shows. As a result, one can enjoy the content they are watching all through without the need to cancel ads.

Another thing is that MoviesJoy they have filled its website with high-quality TV shows and movies. The high-quality content is what has gotten this platform to gain a high number of streamers within a very short time. Every TV show you will find in MoviesJoy is in full HD quality.

The collection of shows they have is another thing worth talking about. The platform has a huge collection of TV shows from a variety of genres, countries, and times. As a result, you are able to filter the shows even by quality, country, year of release, genre, and recently added.  When you need to use the platform, you do not have to sign up.

It is also an easy-to-use website. One will find it easy to maneuver. You will also find some of the oldest TV shows on this platform.

6. Yesmovies

Yesmovies is a TV show streaming website you should check if you want to experience a variety of TV series that cut across various categories and even time. The website is stocked with both the oldest TV series as well as the latest giving viewers enough room to explore. The TV series you will find in, are also from different countries and cultures. is a free TV series streaming platform that comes with a user-friendly website, and the thumbnails are quite clear making it easy for someone to quickly find what they are looking for. All the TV series available on this platform are of high quality and that makes the experience amazing.

When using, you will find there are very few banners and ads. This is to allow people using the shows to enjoy with limited disturbance. For this website, you will find the shows categorized in a very easy manner for your search. There are more than 30 genres you can choose from. You can also filter by different countries.

7. MWatchSeries

MWatchSeries is quite an interesting platform that any TV shows lover will want to visit. When you use Mwatchseries TV series streaming platform, you get to enjoy the streaming experience without the need to sign up. So, all you need to do is to visit the website, look for a series of your choice, play, and enjoy.

Mwatchseries has ensured that while streaming there is no ad interference. With the website’s interface being well designed, and a fast response rate, it makes it possible for users to go through the website and look for series they enjoy.

The website has a collection of thousands and thousands of series. As a result, any person will find something interesting or of their liking on the platform. Since the library is updated regularly, you can easily find the latest series you have been following from Mwatchseries.

The shows are well categorized and you can find them in various genres such as documentary, history, war, music, crime, short, fantasy, action, and much more.

The thumbnails are designed also to give you as many details as possible even before opening the series. So, if you do not know exactly what you would like to watch, ratings such as IMDB on the thumbnails will give you a clear idea.

8. Noxx

For starters, Noxx is one of the most beautifully designed TV shows streaming website. As much as you want to watch shows, you also want to access them through a beautiful and easy-to-use website.

This is exactly what you get when you visit Noxx. The features of the website make the whole process of accessing the shows and checking easy and interesting.

All the shows available on Noxx are in HD, making sure you do not lose at all on the quality. Just from the homepage, the website provides a lot of information that makes it easy for visitors to know about the latest releases, the best-featured TV shows, timeline among other interesting details.

It is a free streaming website that does not require anyone to sign up. In addition, the design of the website is minimalistic without any excess materials. All the shows are well arranged and categorized making it easy to find the right content.

Noxx also updates its series regularly. So, if you have a series you have been following up on, it will be easy to get hold of the latest episodes.

9. Vumoo

Vumoo is a quite interesting free TV shows streaming platform whose user interface is quite minimalist. When you visit this website, you will quickly realize that everything provided there is direct to the point and that is streaming.

There are very few buttons and pages, allowing the user to get the content they are looking for without wasting time.

Since the Vumoo website is free for all, you do not have to sign up. All you have to do is open the website, look for a movie or series you want, and watch it. It has a search function that makes it easy for viewers to search for the exact movies or series they are looking for.

Vumoo‘s website gives visitors a chance to open a TV series or movie page. Then on that specific page, you will find several categories to choose from. The search box and function provided on this website is quite responsive and fast.

As a result, as you type a keyword, it is able to provide you with suggestions making it possible for someone to remember a title they had forgotten. A slideshow preview function on the main banner allows users also to see what is available and the latest on the website.

10. Project Free TV

Project Free TV is a streaming website that has been there for a long time. As a result, the platform has built a good collection of shows that many people will enjoy. One thing about this website is that it is for free and the collection of shows is huge starting from the oldest to the latest.

Project Free TV’s website is quite interesting to use. The moment you open the homepage, you are welcomed by a beautiful design with several pages at the top that allow you to go straight into movies, TV series, Genre, Year, Added Today, or Episodes. As a result of this smart way of categorizing materials, viewers find what they want to watch within a very short time.

All the TV series on this platform are of the high picture and sound quality. You can also filter the shows by year. With the platform providing an option to look at the latest uploaded episodes, it makes it easy for viewers to follow up on updates on their best series.

11. TV Muse

For someone who is after a simple platform where you can just open the website, look for the show you want, and start watching, then TV Muse is the right place. TV Muse is a streaming website that has been there for some time and it has gained popularity due to its services.

The platform offers both TV series and movies. The content available on this website is of high quality and they update their library quite often making it possible for someone to get the latest releases. If you are looking for the best-viewed TV shows, then you will get them from this website.

TV Muse is a website that has also been designed with the TV streaming experience in mind. So, the navigation and process of searching for the right show are quite easy. The content is arranged in several categories that make the work easy.

This means that you can look for shows to watch by their year of release, latest, country, and genre among other methods of filtering.

The platform also allows visitors to make requests of the kind of content they want streaming on the website. For maximum entertainment experience, you will not find any annoying ads and banners on TV Muse. The thumbnails for the TV shows are very clear and well organized.

12. Yidio

Yidio is surely a unique platform from all the rest. One thing that stands out about Yidio as a streaming platform and a factor that has made the platform gain popularity over time is how content is packaged.

The platform is designed to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. And for that to happen, access to the content is very easy as it is all from one source.

Yidio is a free platform hence no sign-up or registration is required. All one needs to do is open the website and start enjoying the content. The platform already has an app that allows its millions of users to access the TV series even fast from their devices.

Although not all content from this platform is for free, there is a lot of it that is free and you will enjoy watching. A unique factor about the platform is how the content is categorized and labeled.

The platform allows its users to access content from some of the best TV shows in the world. So, it is even possible to narrow down the content in terms of channels such as HBO, Disney Channel, and NBC. The website is also very easy to use and has many filtering options available.

13. Primewire

Primewire is a streaming site with thousands of amazing TV shows. The TV shows you find on Primewire are of the highest quality. However, users also have a chance to choose the quality of the content they are streaming. This all depends on the quality of your internet.

When using Primewire, you also get a chance to download your content offline and watch it later. This is a feature that allows users to watch and enjoy TV shows from the platform even when they are offline.

For many shows available on Primewire, you will find them with subtitles making it easy to enjoy shows and even those that are not in a language you understand.

When it comes to looking for a show to watch, there are many ways you can do it. First, Primewire has a really effective search function that will allow you to look for an exact show you have in mind.

The second feature is the categories. With the website having many categories including genres, rankings, and even the latest uploads, it is easy to go through the collection within a few seconds and get the right show to watch.

14. Flixtor

Flixtor is designed as both a video streaming website and a search engine. As a result, when you want to stream a tv show from this platform, it will be easy to search. The search engine on the platform is quite efficient such that you will get what you are looking for within just a few seconds of typing the keyword of the show you are looking for.

However, what if you do not have a specific tv show in mind? Do not worry. You do not have to know a specific TV show to enjoy streaming from Flixtor. The moment you open the website you will find a large collection of TV shows that are well organized and categorized.

The most popular, most-watched, and latest TV shows of course will be at the top. However, you can still browse through a huge collection of shows until you come across one that you would like to watch. All the shows are put in different categories and subcategories for easy access

The play system on Flixtor is so easy to work with and smooth that it makes you feel like you playing directly from a storage device. It is easy to play back among other functionalities.

15. Gostream

Streaming TV shows through Gostream is quite an exciting experience for the platform is not like all others.

For starters, it is a simple website with a clear design meaning there are not many pages and buttons to work with. All the moves you need to make to get your content are straightforward.

When you visit the Gostream website, you do not have to sign up for streaming for free. The website is loaded with a wide variety of TV series covering more than 8 genres that include Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Fantasy, War, Science Fiction, and Thriller.

In addition, the movies and series you get on this platform are sourced from different parts of the world. As a result, there is a big pool to choose from. All the content is available in HD but you can choose any other picture quality depending on the strength of your internet.

Gostream is quite simple to use and all materials load very fast. The thumbnail is visible with additional details to make it easy for the visitor to know more about a film even before streaming it.

16. Hulu

Hulu is a free streaming platform by Walt Disney Company and Comcast. So, you can be assured that this is a platform with one of the largest collections of TV Shows. The platform is very efficient in the way content is presented and how people get to interact with it.

However, you have to understand that Hulu is not 100% free. The service provides users with a free trial of 30 days after which you will have to pay.

Nevertheless, the most amazing part is the kind of content you are able to get within that 30 day of free trial. The collection is made up of the best TV shows in the world. It is a very fast website that allows users to open and watch the shows without much struggle or many ads.

Something interesting about streaming TV shows on Hulu is that you get to download content on devices such as laptops, tablets, or phones. All the shows available on this platform are in high-quality HD format.

Depending on the strength of your network, however, you can choose any other quality level for a good experience. Hulu provides regular updates of the latest shows and released episodes.

17. Fmovies

Fmovies is a quite popular platform. All the shows on FMovies are streamed for free. So, all you need to do is just visit the website and there will be no sign-up required. It is a streaming website that has done a good job to keep away popups and ads. Although you will get a few, they are no excess or annoying.

You can also choose to use an adblocker and still enjoy your best shows without any ads.

Fmovies boast of offering the best shows in the industry with some of them being the likes of Game of Thrones, Blindspot, The Flash, The walking dead, and more. So, with the platform having thousands of TV shows, there is real entertainment.

The platform’s update process is quite impressive. Once a TV show or episodes of a tv show are released, they will be available on Fmovies within a very short time.

Searching or filtering shows on the website is also very quick ad has been made convenient for the users. By just opening the website’s homepage, you are able to see a long list of the latest, recently uploaded, the best, and more categories of TV shows.

18. Bmovies

If you are looking for a very unique type of streaming platform then you should definitely try Bmovies. Bmovies is a streaming site that is designed to function quite differently from the rest. The platform has a collection of TV shows from different countries and film industries.

When you visit the Bmovies website, you will find out that the website is designed beautifully and in a simple manner that makes it easy for users to find out what they are looking for. The moment you visit the website, you are able to see the most trending tv shows in the industry at the time.

You can choose to register or not when using Bmovies. The website provides a lot of information related to each show to enable you to know more even before you watch it. Some of the information you get include a clear thumbnail, tag line, genre, IMDB rating, and even the country. All these are relevant details that will be useful to streamers.

It is easy to search or even filter shows on Bmovies. The response rate of the website is also quite fast and the mobile version is easy to use. You can stream Bmovies shows even using your mobile phone.

19. StreamM4U

StreamM4U is a free streaming platform with a very impressive collection. The platform’s collection of TV shows is quite huge and they are updated on a regular basis. What this means is that you can always count on StreamM4U to provide updates on your tv shows as soon as they are released.

Another thing to note about the platform is the quality of shows they provide. The platform makes use of several servers to enable streaming of HD quality without any buffering issues. The website is also very fast and smooth making the process of browsing through various pages easy.

As StreamM4U is free, users are not required to sign up or register before watching. All you have to do is open the website, select a show to watch, and start streaming.

StreamM4U has a beautiful play media that makes streaming easy with several controls such as pausing, forward, playback, and even volume adjustment.

If you are following up on a series, you will easily find out any time there are new episodes as they will be updated on the platform. Available content to stream also includes movies.

20. LookMovie

When you visit LookMovie you will realize that it is a very impressive website, especially in the way the content is presented.

First, the website is quite attractive and there are just a few relevant pages to deal with. You can easily look view the latest shows released on Lookmovie by just opening that page.

The shows on LookMovie are also well categorized allowing people to select a category that most pleases them. As for the genre, the shows available on this free streaming platform cut across all areas. LookMovie is a streaming platform that provides both TV shows and movies.

As for the website, the homepage is designed to provide the top shows. On the main banner, there is a slideshow feature with all the top shows as suggestions for you. The website provides a good preview of all the shows.

This means that even before opening the show you are able to see the year, IMDB ratings, genre, and even the duration of the movie.

Although the TV shows available on LookMovie are all in HD picture quality, users have room to choose the level of quality they want. The platform has a multiple filter option where you can select several filtering parameters at once such as genre, year, rating, and release period.

21. Cmovies

Cmovies has one of the most beautiful websites you will come across on this list. First, when you visit Cmovies websites, you can find several pages at the top that include genre, country, TV series, and even Top IMDB.

This means you can easily open each of these pages and see how the shows are categorized.

The Cmovies platform is free for all users and you do not have to create an account there to stream the TV shows. In addition, the platform allows visitors to send requests for the TV shows they would like to get on the website.

The website is packed with a collection of both movies and TV series hence users have a chance to choose what they want to watch. It provides an easy-to-use and very effective search function that works very fast to provide suggestions as you type and accurate search results.

Cmovies allows users to also use it on their mobile phones since it features a very clear and fast mobile interface. When streaming using this platform, you can also choose different qualities of movies all the way to HD.

22. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a free TV show streaming site that is designed to provide a very unique type of experience to its visitors.

The platform receives a high load of traffic every day due to its huge collection of TV shows. If you would like to stream a TV show that has been released recently, then there is no better platform to look for.

Another good thing about Pluto TV is that it has a system that works like a cable Tv. What this means is that it provides users with a good way to keep track of all the TV shows on different TV channels. This means you do not have to keep waiting for a specific TV show to be released completely.

If you are looking for a free streaming platform with an easy-to-use and fast website, then Pluto TV will give you exactly that. The site provides much convenience when following a show since there are regular updates on new episodes.

When using Pluto Tv, there are very few ads hence giving people a smooth experience and uninterrupted when using it. The website is available on various devices as well as browsing platforms.

23. 5movies

Have you been looking for a simple yet efficient TV show streaming platform? Do you want to get a very fast streaming platform that is easy to use and processes requests fast enough? Then you should consider 5movies.

5movies is one of those platforms where you will find new updates every day. The platform provides a huge collection of TV shows from a variety of genres and different countries. If you are looking for a way to access old TV shows, this platform will also provide you with a great experience.

When you visit the website, you will find animation, drama, war, crime, horror, and documentary, among other types of TV shows. The website is very unique and interesting to use. As for the thumbnails, they all come with additional information that allows you to clearly know what you are about to watch.

5movies also provides you with a section for the recent shows. This is where you are able to check and play the latest. You can also search for a series using their search function. The search function is very smooth and fast allowing you to get accurate results by just tapping on the search button. When using 5movies, the ads are also minimal.

24. Tvplayer

Tvplayer to watch British TV shows

Tvplayer is another excellent option to watch free TV shows online especially if you’re in the UK.

Tvplayer provides you with a range of channels in the UK and you can watch the TV channels live, or you can watch them on demand.

To watch a channel, you have to create a Tvplayer account, from here, you can click a station, and it’ll start playing.

If you live in the UK, you can have access to channels such as BBC 1, ITV, ITV2, Channel 4, Five, and Entertainment.

If you don’t live in the UK, you won’t have access to these channels, but you can use a VPN and spoof your location to access the website.

25. Channel 4 Films

Channel 4 is another free commercial broadcaster that will allow you to watch tv shows online in the uk. Not only that, but since they back films from their production company film 4, it gives you a plethora of files that film 4 products. This means that you have a bunch of series as well as films at your fingertips.

If you’re in the UK, you’ll have Channel 4available live on Freeview, but you can also have it on demand using the All4 services.

All 4 is free and you can gain access to free movies by register for a free account, from there you can watch it on your browser or via the app. One downside you’ll need to look out for is the advert breaks.

In terms of variety, All4’s Film category always has an update in the films they have, whether that be thrillers, comedy, romance, thrillers, anything you’re craving, don’t worry, they have it.

25. Crackle

Crackle watch free TV shows

You can watch free TV shows and movies with Crackle without any spam and pop-ups.

It has a feature which creates a list of all the shows you’ve been streaming so you can keep track of what you’re watching and resume – most streaming websites don’t allow you to return to the point you stopped watching.

To stream TV series and movies with Crackle, all you need to do is create a free account, (so your streaming data can be tracked), search for the TV show you want to watch, then click the title and enjoy.

If you can’t think of what you want to watch, you can browse TV shows based on the genre, what’s coming soon, clips, and full episode.

You can also download the Crackle app on your mobile, so you can watch TV shows without the hassle of going on the website each time.

27. Tubi TV

Tubi TV watch free TV series

Tubi TV is another great website to watch TV online because it operates through licensing deals meaning that TV shows are streamed legally, so the site is clean.

To watch a TV show on Tubi, you can search for the title and click on the thumbnail to see the show. There’s no need to create an account or to download the show just to watch it.

Because of its legality, it means that you can browse through a lot of shows without thinking there’s nothing else to watch.

There’s also an iOS and Android version of the app so that you can access TV shows at the click of a button.

28. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another website that has a great selection of shows and movies that you can stream online for free. It’s user interface allows you to watch tv shows and movies without ease as soon as you visit the website.

The TV shows and movies are divided into various subcategories containing shows and movies of different genres, including documentaries, comedy, romance, drama, horror, and action.

The site has a quick loading speed and as well as watching movies from your browser, you can also watch them from your mobile device. If you’re looking for new tv shows or movies to stream for free, then Popcornflix isn’t the one since it lacks new content. Another downside to Popcornflix is the number of ads that you’ll be bombarded with.

29. YouTube

YouTube to watch TV shows free

You may not have known, but YouTube is a great platform to find TV shows and movies – It’s a favourite place to stream shows even though no one talks about it.

All you have to do is to search for the series you’re looking for, and it should provide with the TV show within the first few results.

There are some TV shows that you’ll need to pay for when you do a search if you want to watch something more premium.

However, you should find most videos that you’re looking for on YouTube.

For example, if you type in something as premium as Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll have to pay to get access to all the series.

However, if you type in something not so premium such as America’s Got Talent, you’ll be provided with a vast list of results.

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