We Were Unable to Create Your Promotion? Try These 7 Fixes

We Were Unable to Create Your Promotion

Through having a Facebook business account, you can even use Instagram to share ads and promote your business. Instagram goes through a review process when you are trying to post an ad for said business.

During this review, all of the content including text, images, captions, positioning, targeting, and functionality.

If there are any problems with what are are trying to post, whether is be a picture you do not have the rights to or a link you included in not working, you can receive a message saying “We Were Unable to Create Your Promotion” or “This Promotion Can’t be Created Because the Link has been Blocked by our Security System”.

When you are met with these messages, there are a lot of reasons your ad will not process. It may be due to your actions, or Instagram may just be experiencing a bug.

The cause aside, these messages just mean that your ad will not be posted or you are trying to link a website that does not exist or shares content that goes against the guidelines of the app.

What Does ‘We Were Unable to Create Your Promotion’ Mean

When going through their review process, you can be met with those messages and your ad will not be posted. However, there are a lot of different reasons as to why you are facing these struggles.

The cause might be on your, or the fault may lie with Instagram itself and they are just having some shortcomings in the systems that review your promotions.

No matter the cause, the problem is still the same and can be very annoying when you are trying to promote your business.

Figuring out the cause as fast as possible can help you get to your solution quicker and gain access to any help you may be needing.

Why Does Instagram Say We Were Unable to Create Your Promotion

1. Instagram Has Mistakenly Disapproved the Ad

Instagram may just have mistaken your ad for containing material that does not ft their requirements for posting a promotion.

Whether that be because they thought you did not have the correct page, you made false claims, or maybe you were just simply breaking the guidelines that Instagram has in place for promotions, mistakes do happen.

If you are positive that every step has been followed that is required to create an ad and publish it onto Instagram, then your promotion was most likely just mistakenly disapproved.

This could also be the result of a bug in the system which is causing Instagram to make said mistakes, or the Instagram server may be having some functional issues which would also create some issues for you if you are trying to post an ad.

2. You’re Not A Page Admin to Your Businesses Facebook Page

You also need to make sure that you are using the right type of account and are an admin to say account. In order to run an ad through Instagram, you must have a Facebook business page.

On top of that, you must also be an admin to that page in order to be able to actually post a promotion. If your ad is being disapproved by Instagram, double check that you do have a Facebook business page and that you are an admin of the page as well so you can see if this is causing your problems with posting an ad.

3. Ad Doesn’t Adhere to Guidelines

There are a variety of guidelines that must be followed in order for an ad to be approved and posted onto Instagram.

If your ad includes any impersonation, posting private information of another, violating the apps policies, spreading false information, selling your account, making guarantees, interfering with the apps services, trying to collect information in unauthorized way, or anything related to these actions, your promotion will be rejected by Instagram because you are not adhering to the guildiness necessary to post on ad.

Instagram does not approve of any ads that include such content for the safety and wellbeing of its users.

People of all ages have access to your ads and they do not want you to accidentally, or maybe purposefully, taking advantage of at-risk users.

4. Impersonating Others or Providing Inaccurate Information

If you are pretending to promote a business you are not actually associated with or providing any information that is not accurate, your ad will not be allowed to be posted.

This is because competing businesses will sometimes try and sabotage their foes. To do so, someone may pretend to be a part of the competitor and post an ad that would harm their reputation and revenue.

Because of these past behaviors, Instagram will not let you post a promotion that is not directly correlated to you and your business, nor allow you to share any information that is not completely accurate.

5. Unlawful, Misleading, or Fraudulent Activity

You might also be trying to publish a promotion that includes unlawful, misleading, or fraudulent activity. Maybe you own a company that edits and distributes videos of funny videos featuring people getting hurt or breaking the law.

If you are trying to post an ad that tells people to submit videos featuring that sort of material, Instagram will not allow you to post your ad because it does encourage unlawful, misleading, and fraudulent activity.

There are a ton of reasons as to why you want to promote these types of activity, that could be good or bad, but regardless of your intentions, Instagram does not allow these activities to be published for the safety of others.

6. Violation Of Policies

Instagram itself also has various policies for the app that are in addition to any specifc rules given to promotions.

There are a set of rules you agreed to when you frst created your Instagram account. These rules are just the app’s way of ensuring that everyone’s content is safe to be seen by most of their users and keep everyone out of harm’s way.

If you are trying to post material that breaks these set guidelines and your ads will keep failing to pass the review requirements that are in place.

Instagram does not want you to share any promotions that can cause the harm of others nor create ads that are not suitable for a younger audience, so the app will prohibit you from sharing your promotion.

7. Making False Claims

Another reason Instagram may be holding you back from sharing your promotion is because the information you have included is actually false.

This is done by many companies to try and better sell their product, but Instagram has stopped spreading the wrong information.

Various companies in the past have been known to lie about the health benefts of their food, wrongly advertise a product’s ingredients, avoid hidden fees, misuse the word free, improperly compare products, or maybe pretend something a little cheaper is sold out so customers have to buy a more expensive version.

These false claims are very common in advertisements to boost sales, but companies are often caught and outed. If you are trying to do something similar with your ad, Instagram will not allow it to be published because they do not want their users to be lied to.

This helps keep users happy and wanting to see more ads on their timelines as they actually understand the product they are purchasing.

8. Posting Confdential Info Without Consent

Posting any sort of confdential information without the consent of whom that material is related to will also cause Instagram to reject your promotion.

This can be something as simple as someone’s name to much more extreme circumstances, like attempting to sell goods that you have stolen from a company.

Not only is this morally wrong, but it is also illegal, so Instagram can not legally allow you to publish ads containing this type of material.

You might also be trying to advertise any type of medical treatment and be using a past user’s experience with said treatment to show how impactful or benefcial your services are.

Without the consent of that user, you can not be publishing their story in an attempt to gain customers and income.

9. Interference with or Impersonating the Intended Operation of the Service

If you are trying to promote something that would encourage or require anyone to interfere with the intended operation of Instagram, your ad will not pass through their review.

This means, if what you are attempting to publish encourages any other users to go against the guidelines of Instagram, you will not be able to publish.

Whether that be telling people to make spam accounts so your business can gain more followers to promoting the bullying of a specifc user, all of these actions and any others that go against the rules of Instagram will be met with a block.

Additionally, if you include a link that takes people who click on it to website or page that is inappropriate or further encourages any rule breaking, your ad will also fail to be published in these instances.

10. Making Guarantees

Are you trying to promote your used car business and are guaranteeing that you will offer the lowest price in town?

Instagram will boot your ad because you are making guarantees which are, actually, not guaranteed. Through using

Instagram to post your ad, they have now just become involved with your business. If you guarantee something but fail to actually follow through with said guarantee, which happens more than you would think, Instagram can be considered at fault as well as you.

Additionally, it is essentially lying to their users, so they do not want to promote ads that contain such information.

How to Get Your Promoted Post Approved and Created

1. Publish The Ad Again

As mentioned, one of the reasons your ad might be getting blocked by Instagram is because the app itself made a mistake in thinking you were doing something wrong.

If you are positive you are an admin to the page, have met all of the guidelines required, and not gone against any of the rules Instagram has in place, your solution could be to just try and publish the ad again.

If Instagram mistakenly rejected it, or maybe your internet connection was not fully working, try again. This time Instagram may approve your ad because they were in the wrong or maybe your internet connection is now properly working so you can publish your ad and promote your business.

Try quite a few times to post your ad. Some little tweaks may need just a couple moments to resolve. Waiting for said tweaks to fnalize may allow you to upload your ad.

2. Make Sure It Sticks to Guidelines

If you are not following the guidelines that Instagram has in place for its ad’s, you need to make sure you are and change any information or content that is causing your promotion to get rejected by the app.

This could be any part of the ad including the graphics, pictures, information, or literally anything else associated with the promotion you are attempting to post.

Go through and remove anything that could go against the guidelines for ads as well as the guidelines for posting onto Instagram itself.

If anything you have included spread hate, encourages violence, involves nudity, attacks someone for their identities, impersonates someone, makes false claims, includes content without contest, makes guarantees, interferes with Instagrams services, is unlawful or misleading, or anything else similar to these rules, you need to remove it from your ad or it will not be published as it is violating Instagram’s guidelines.

3. Make Yourself The Admin of The Business Facebook Page

In order to post ads on Instagram, you have to be an admin through the Facebook business page. To become an admin on your business page, you need to:

1. Go to the business on Facebook.

2. Once there, double check you are logged into Facebook so you can make the changes necessary.

3. Now, on the business page, there will be a Settings button on the top right part of the screen.

4. You will be brought to a dashboard and there will be an option for Page Roles on the left side of the screen.

5. Choose that and then click on Existing Page Roles. Scroll through this page until you can find yourself.

6. Change the role from whatever it originally was to Admin.

7. If you were not already a part of the page, instead of selecting Existing Page Roles, you will instead go to Assign a New Page Role.

8. Now, add yourself and it will by default be set to Editor. Just select the toggle for Admin and your role will be changed.

This will allow for you to officially be an Admin and have the ability to upload a promotion onto Instagram.

4. Change the Caption Of The Add

If you have triple checked that all of the information and content loaded into your promotion follows every single guideline Instagram requires for posting, your caption may be the thing holding you back.

As well as your ad, the caption you are posting along with it needs to meet the guidelines as well. Thankfully, captions are a lot easier to adjust and tweak than an ad you put a lot of effort into creating.

A quick edit will only take minutes. All you have to do is remove the information in the caption that is causing you to violate the guidelines, and you may have solved your issues and now you can try posting your ad.

5. Try and Promote Another Post

If you have multiple ad’s you are trying to post and have been failing over and over again with just one of them, trying to share another one you have already created.

The current one you are trying to post may just be having some technical issue, or you might still be breaking the guidelines and you just do not know where.

If you can upload another promotion, this will confrm with yourself that everything else is functioning properly, like your internet connection, the Instagram reviewers, and your content in appropriate.

This then means there is something wrong with the ad itself since other ones are uploading through your account.

6. Log Out Then In

A very quick and possible fx is to simply log out of Instagram and then log right back in. This can help let the app refresh and regroup, potentially allowing you to beat your problems and promote your ad.

To log out, you just click on your profle in the lower right corner, click on the three lines in the upper right corner, select settings, and then scroll down to press log out.

Will you then just need to log back in and this will hopefully solve your uploading problems. If you do not remember your password, do not fear.

Once you log out, you can easily send a password reset link to the email associated with your account and gain access right back in.

7. Contact Instagram

You can also contact Instagram after you have made sure you are an Admin on the Facebook business page, removed any information that goes against the guidelines, and have tried everything else within your power.

Once you are in contact with them, they can either go about helping you post your promotion, or maybe even explain to you that your content still is not appropriate for the site. Regardless, getting in contact with Instagram is very simple.

1. When you open up the app, click on your profle in the bottom right corner.

2. Now, select the three lines in the upper right corner.

3. Tap on settings and then go to Help.

4. You can now select Report A Problem.

5. A message will pop up saying Go Back and Shake Phone.

6. Ignore that and tap on Report Problem without Shaking.

You can now type in your issue of Instagram now allowing you to upload your ad and they will be in contact with you shortly to help resolve the issue.


Instagram is a great platform to utilize to help promote your business and share your content with people across the world.

It can be very annoying and frustrating when you encounter any problems with technology, but especially when you are trying to post for your work.

Their ad feature is heavily used and good things come out of being able to further promote your business, so we understand how quickly you may turn to anger when encountering these problems.

Whether Instagram is accidentally blocking your ad or you just have to make yourself an admin so you can have the access to upload said ad’s, the cause does not matter.

The only thing that does is understanding what is going wrong and fguring out a potential solution.

Thankfully, there are a variety of different solutions that can be done very quickly and hopefully allow you to fnally share your ad. With that, anytime you encounter another problem moving forward when trying to publish promotions, remember these quick fxes that can help you out.

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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