We Ran Into A Problem Loading New People, Sorry About That Hinge

We Ran Into A Problem Loading New People, Sorry About That Hinge

If you’ve just received the following error on Hinge “We ran into a problem loading new people, sorry about that”, you may be curious as to why it’s actually showing up. In this article I’ve broke down the exact research why this error would randomly pop up.

Why Does Hinge Say ‘We Ran Into A Problem Loading New People, Sorry About That’

1. There’s A Bug/Glitch

Apps sometimes have technical issues that happen in the app making users unable to use certain features on the app. With Hinge, this issue was not being able to load new people on the app.

When you are seeing the message, “We ran into a problem loading new people, sorry about that.” There is a bug/glitch in the app itself. Something went wrong, not letting new people load on Hinge.

When this problem happens it makes Hinge almost pointless to use, you want to see new people who you match with. Now this can be a bug/glitch on Hinge’s side, meaning only they can fix it.

That does not mean you can not try to fix this issue yourself, these fixes could be just the thing that makes this bug/glitch go away.

Fix – Restart App

One of the first steps you should take when having a bug/glitch on Hinge is restarting the app. Before doing a restart to see if your Hinge app is updated to the recent version, you should also go into the app’s settings and clear the cache from Hinge.

If this does not work you can also force stop Hinge, after you force stop the app go back to your home page.

Wait a few minutes before you open Hinge back up to see if the issue is fixed. If this does not work you could try deleting and reinstalling the app, this may reset the app, fixing the bug/glitch.

Fix 2 – Wait A Few Hours

When you try restarting the app and you still can not load new people on Hinge, sometimes patience is going to be your best friend. Waiting a few hours, and letting the app support team handle the bug/glitch can be just the thing to fix this issue.

Is there something you need to get done today? Does your pet need attention? Do something to keep your mind busy and the hours will fly by. There could be all sorts of reasons why Hinge is having problems loading new people to match with.

If restarting the app did not work, there could be other issues to look for but wait a few hours and see if the problem is within the app itself.

2. Internet Issues

If your Hinge app is not loading new matches, there could be something wrong with your internet. Internet problems are common, there could be something wrong with the company’s servers or your phone is having data issues.

If it’s your internet company or your phone company there are ways to see if you are connected to a good internet. This bug/glitch on Hinge may not be an issue on your side but it does not hurt to see if there is anything you can do to fix it. 

Fix – Switch From WiFi to Data Vice Versa

With your smartphone, you have the option to use Wi-Fi or your phone’s Data. If you are connected to Wi-Fi go into your phone’s connection settings and switch from Wi-Fi to data, wait a few minutes then go back to your Wi-Fi and see if you have a good internet connection.

If you are using your phone’s data and do not have access to Wi-Fi you can still use this method. Turn your Wi-Fi on and let it search for Wi-Fi, after a few moments turn your Wi-Fi off and it will go back to your phone’s data.

This could refresh your phone’s data and help with getting you better service. Go back into the Hinge app and see if you have new people loading on the app.

Fix 2 – Turn Off VPN 

If you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) you can try turning it off and see if that is the issue you are having with Hinge. Android users, go into the phone’s settings, and under connections look for the VPN button.

Select your VPN and hit the disable toggle, this will turn off your VPN. IPhone users, get into the phones setting and tap General, look for the VPN and Device Management, and tap it. Tap the status toggle to disconnect your VPN.

Check your Hinge account and see if the issue has been fixed. If not this technical problem could be something only Hinge support can fix.

3. Hinge Servers Down

If you have tried everything from checking your internet connection and restarting the app and you are still unable to load new people on Hinge it could be the app itself having these technical issues.

Hinges services could be down, not allowing the app to function, which is why you are not seeing new matches appear on your discover page. This is why you are seeing the message “We ran into a problem loading new people, sorry about that.”

There is a problem that Hinge knows about and is currently working on fixing. The bad news is this may be an issue that can take a few hours to fix, making the app unable to use. Which only leaves one thing left to do.

Fix – Wait For Them to Resolve the Issue

When you are unable to load and see new matches on Hinge, this is a technical issue that only Hing support can fix. Leaving you with only one option, to wait it out until they have fixed the bug/glitch.

This can take a few minutes or even a few hours, leaving Hinge users unable to use the app to look for new people. Keeping your mind busy during this fix can be the best thing to do. Maybe watch a movie, or do something that is on your to-do list.

With Hing being a dating app, loading new people to match with is the main use for the app, when that is down it makes it pointless to use. Users want to see the new people that they can match with, that is why they are on this dating app. This is a technical issue that is in the Hinge servers, making it a support issue.

Waiting for support to fix the issues is the only thing you can do when this bug/glitch happens. After they have fixed the issue then you can see your new matches once more.

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