YouTube has a library full of videos, music and movies that one could use YouTube exclusively and have plenty to watch, probably for the rest of their life. And with the ease of access to YouTube through mobile devices, consoles and computers, you can watch YouTube on almost any platform, even with your Chromecast device.

Watching YouTube videos with your Chromecast device is rather simple and there’s more than one option; there’s two, in fact. You have the option of casting YouTube with your mobile device or a Google Chrome tab using YouTube from your computer. If you want to go a step further, you can cast your entire computer screen or your entire mobile device’s screen.

Before you go about casting your devices, make sure every device involved is up-to-date, including Google Chrome, if you decide to use it. Also, casting requires that every device involved in the process use the same network connection.

Casting YouTube Mobile App to Chromecast

1. Locate and launch your YouTube app (or another app that has YouTube integrated). You can find the YouTube app somewhere on one of your home screens. If it isn’t there, it’s inside your App Drawer. All currently installed apps are in your App Drawer.

2. In the YouTube app–if your Chromecast device is properly working, updated and connected to the same network–you’ll see the Cast icon at the top of the screen, indicated by a screen and Wi-Fi signal. Select it. Doing so will prompt a window.

3. Select the Chromecast device. You should now see YouTube shared on your television, provided its input source is set to the same as your Chromecast device.

Casting Mobile Device Screen to Chromecast

Casting to Chromecast doesn’t stop at just YouTube; you can cast your entire screen. If you have the Google Home app, you have the ability to cast the entirety of your screen and use your TV as one big screen.

1. Download and install the Google Home app.

Launch the Google Home app

2. Launch the Google Home app and then select Account. It’s the “head and shoulders” icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Head down the menu to Mirror device. Select it.


4. Next, select CAST SCREEN / AUDIO. It will search for a compatible device.

5. Choose your Chromecast device. You are now casting to your television, provided you’re on the same input source as Chromecast.

Casting PC Screen to Chromecast

1. Locate and launch the Google Chrome web browser. If you recently installed it, Google Chrome should be up-to-date, but it’s still wise to double-check anyways.

2. In the top right corner of the browser, click Customize and control Google Chrome, indicated by the three vertical dots. Doing so will open a drop down menu.

click cast

3. In the drop down menu, near the middle of the column, you’ll find Cast…, go ahead and click it. Clicking it will prompt Google Chrome to start looking for a source to cast to.

4. With your Chromecast device properly working, updated and connected to the same network, it should show up in the search results. Before you start casting, you need to decide on how much of your screen you want to share. Do you want to cast your entire screen or just your tab? Click Cast to.

Platforms like YouTube are “Chromecast-enabled,” meaning, they play well with Chromecast. If you have any issues casting a websites, try casting your entire screen.

5. Now click the source, in this case, your Chromecast device. You are now casting your PC screen to do your Chromecast, provided your television is set to the same input as your Chromecast device.