7 Best Websites to Watch Live Football Online Free

Football is a highly celebrated sport with millions of fans and followers all over the globe. Popular teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid FC, and FC Barcelona will be in the headlines once again when FIFA World Cup is held in 2022.

With the power of the internet, we can watch it live and in real time. You may be anywhere in the world but if you’re up during the right time, and possess a stable network connection, you can instantly be part of all the action. You only need to find the right website that shows you the matches and games, live and in real-time.

There are a lot of websites on the Internet that you can use to watch your favorite football matches. If you’re just about to catch a game, it can be hard to find the best football streaming site and it will take a lot of your time to go and do a search. Before you know it, you’ve already missed half the game.

Here are 7 best websites to Watch Free Live Football Online:

1. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV tells you which match is being broadcasted on television. It will show you information about football in just one place like match news, TV schedules, standing and many more. You don’t need to sign in and it has a mobile app version for Android and iOS. It has a simple user interface so it’s easy to navigate. Live Soccer TV is a good place to find live and on-demand football matches.

The site is mobile-optimized so you can watch matches on the go. You can use it on my phone and it works flawlessly – no buffering and lags but this can be entirely dependent on your mobile network provider. Best to watch using a 4G/LTE connection.

While browsing this site, you can go to the live scores page and click “Watch Live” just next to it. This will take you to the most recent match available.

2. Live Sports

Live Sports

Livesports.ws will let you watch High Definition live streams of football events, games, and friendly matches. The scores and results get updated right after the end of every game. The site also offers other things like news, reviews, statistics and detailed information about players, teams, and games.

The selection is quite comprehensive so if there are matches that are running simultaneously, you can select any and have them all stream at the same time. Just mute the other ones so you can focus on the one that you’re actually watching.

You can watch Live Sports for free and there isn’t any registration or sign up required.

3. Watch Live Daily

Watch Live Daily

Watch Live Daily shows you the major matches of every major league, matches played in the World Cup, and friendly International Club matches. Before you watch, it’ll give you a complete preview of the games so you’re up to speed with what’s happening. This place is a great site if you are only after the major league matches. On top of that, you don’t need to sign up to watch or stream.

It’s easy to find the live streaming channel you want to watch. There is no pop-up ads or any redirect so you stay on the site until you actually make the decision to leave.

The video quality is in High Definition so if it slows up a bit, consider a conversation with your service provider.

4. Mrsoccers


MrSoccers is another football streaming site. The site will let you choose where you’d like to go. You can select live to go straight to the games, select schedule to see the next matches that’s coming up, and match results for the ones that you missed.

The site is simple and looks really clean. There aren’t any pesky pop-ups for redirects which is good. If there isn’t a live match, you can click on schedules to see the next one so you can already anticipate the coming games.

5. Cricfree


Cricfree.sc lets you watch live streaming games immediately. There’s a chat room by the right-hand side of the page so you can share the joy or the grievance with the refs.

They have other matches and sports as well as Tennis, Cricket, Baseball, and more. The video quality is good so you can stick with this match unless HD is very important to you. When you click on a match, it’ll show you all the available stream sources so it’s normal to see three to four links for potential streaming.

One of the drawbacks is that when you click a link, one or two pop up windows or tabs will open but you can close that right away.

6. First Row Sports

First Row Sports

Another simple site that goes from zero to streaming in an instant is First Row Sports. The site loads quickly because of its clean interface and you can notice that there are very few ads on the page.

Although there are pop-ups just before you start watching. When you click on a match, it’ll show you three to four available links to choose from for streaming so if one doesn’t work, head on to the next.

First Row Sports also offers to stream other different sports like boxing, tennis, basketball, and more.

7. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is another good source of live football matches. The quality is good and there are a tolerable amount of ads which you can close immediately. The site is not entirely football but that’s definitely okay for a sports fan like me. I’d like to go to sites that have a lot of everything. Although they may miss on certain matches since the focus isn’t entirely on football or any of the other sports that it host streams of.

The site also has chat box features embedded so you can share the joys of your team making a goal.

Stream2Watch won’t require you to register or sign up so its straight to watching for you. 

Bottom Line

You may be following the World Cup, the friendly international matches, or the Olympics but it will all boil down to the teams you watch and support. The feeling is intense and when the action really gets going, you know you wouldn’t want to miss anything.

Pro tip: My pro suggestion is for you to save the link I’ve provided or bookmark them, or better yet, add this guide to your saved pages. You never know when you’ll need to quickly access the streaming links I’ve listed above.

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