Watch and Download Funimation Offline

Japanese anime is very popular among teenagers now, and Funimation brings all popular Japanese anime with English subtitles dubbed in English. We will discuss how the StreamGaGa Funimation downloader can help do Funimation download as watching online is not always possible.

Assassination Classroom is coming among the top 10 Funimation series. Here is the storyline of this interesting series and other information. With Assassination Classroom, we will give the readers A to Z information on Funimation download and watch offline. Let’s go.

Assassination Classroom


Keiji Gotoh


Yusei Matsui


Noriko Ozaki


An alien came to the earth which could destroy the planet with his superpowers. For example, he shows that he blows up the Moon, making it crescent-shaped. The tentacled creature declared that he would blow up the earth in the same manner within a year, but he also gave a chance to save the world. He offers that he will teach students how to kill him by becoming a homeroom teacher, starting the Assassination Classroom.

He started teaching the regular subjects of Class 3-E of the Kunugigaoka Junior High School, and along with those subjects, he began teaching the methods of assassination. The students named their teacher “Koro-sensei”. The Japanese government promises a huge reward amount of US$100 million to any of the students who kill “Koro-sensei”.

Killing this creature proves to be an impossible task for the students because he has a number of superpowers, like visual cloning, faster regeneration, invincibility, and the skill to travel and fly at Mach 20. He is the best teacher, just like the students want, and he is best at improving students’ grades and working on their skills individually.

As time passes, the scenario becomes more challenging when other assassins also come forward to kill the creature for the prize money or other reasons. The children gradually learn the truth about him, the destruction of the Moon, and his relationship to their previous homeroom teacher, particularly why he has to be eliminated before the school year ends.

The story is narrated by one of the students, named Nagisa Shiota, who was the weakest member of Class 3-E and now, after getting teachings from the Koro-sensei, became one of the strongest members of the class.

Our Opinion:

Anime always attracts teenagers, and Assassination Classroom shows all the emotions of teenagers. You can see the teenage rivalries and school-life romance. It also combines comedy and suspense very well. Above all, this show has some positive messages for the viewers that they love to watch. So as per our opinion, Assassination Classroom will be worth watching.

Are you interested in binge-watching Assassination Classroom? Searching the possible methods of downloading and watching Funimation videos offline? Let’s find out the solution.

Supportive Devices for Funimation App

Windows, Android and Apple devices are compatible with Funimation download.

Methods of Funimation Download to Watch Offline

  • Get ready with any of the above devices and a decent internet connection to download shows or movies from Funimation.
  • The app is available free on the web. Install and open the app.
  • Login to Funimation with the Premium membership.
  • It’s time to select your favorite show for downloading and watching offline.
  • To begin downloading, click/tap the download button available beside the show’s name.
  • You will notice a color change on the download icon. Before downloading, the button will be in purple, and after the successful completion of the download, it will turn into a green check-mark.
  • Go to the main menu now to open “My Library”, and there, “On My Device”, you will get your downloads.

While furnishing the downloading technique for you, we also want to discuss some problems of Funimation download. Let’s continue.

Problems of Funimation Download

  • You can watch Funimation online from numerous devices, but downloading is possible only through Android and Apple devices.
  • Downloading the Funimation video will require the Digital Copy Code of that video for free Funimation users. For Premium Plus ($7.99 per month) or Premium Plus Ultra ($99 per year) subscribers of Funimation, you have the right to download videos from Funimation.
  • Suppose you find a purple button with the down arrow beside the video you want to download. In that case, you are allowed to download it, and no such button means you can’t download as downloading is not allowed for all the videos available in Funimation.
  • Thirteen videos at the max can download from Funimation with one click.

StreamGaGa is a downloader software that can help OTT users download any available content smoothly. If you are willing to spend some time reading through this post, you will learn more about the StreamGaGa downloader.

StreamGaGa Downloader Software, The Best Downloading Solution From OTT Platforms

If you are an OTT lover, downloading and watching offline is the topmost requirement for you as it is not possible to stay connected to the network all the time. StreamGaGa downloader can be your best assistant to download from different OTT platforms, social media and other websites. Not only download, but you can share your downloaded videos also if you download using StreamGaGa downloader. The same thing you can do if you are using StreamGaGa Funimation downloader. Using this software, you can download from Funimation, share, and watch offline.

Why Do You Require The StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader?

Funimation has 400 plus shows and over 20,000 episodes in its collection. New shows are also lined up. If you want to use your membership fullest, you need to download and watch offline as a Premium user. Watching offline is useful when you are on the wheels or don’t have a WiFi connection. Let’s get into more detailed information.

StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader Has Some Useful Features

  • You will get 720p, 1080p, 4k, or 8k video quality as StreamGaGa downloader gives you HD and UHD resolution. Due to this feature, you will get the same picture quality as you watch online.
  • Sound quality does matter, and watching offline with MP4 audio gives a soothing experience to your ears. Both sound and picture quality give you a theater-like experience at home to create the ambience.
  • StreamGaGa Funimation downloader has the batch downloading feature so that you can download all the episodes of a series together with a ten times better speed than the app. You will get the new episode also in this way.
  • While watching a Japanese cartoon, it’s mandatory to have the subtitles, at least in your preferred language. StreamGaGa Funimation downloader gives you the facility to select the language for subtitles.
  • Saving meta information is also possible through this software as .srt format.
  • StreamGaGa Funimation downloader wipes out all the commercials when downloading, and you will get ad-free video.

Cost-effective Subscription

You will get all the above features at a very cost-effective price. Please go to for more detail on this.

How To Install The StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader and Get Your Favorite Shows?

The installation and downloading process are concise and simple using the StreamGaGa Funimation downloader. After installation, downloading any movie or show is just a matter of a few minutes.

Step 1: StreamGaGa installer is available on the official site. Run from there, and after completion, launch it to begin the downloading process. Go to the “Streaming Services” to get the Funimation channel.

Step 2: Sign in with your Premium user account to Funimation. Once you are there, type your favorite movie or show name to search and download.

Step 3: You can select the language for subtitles through this app.

Step 4: In this step, you can start to download your favorite title by clicking on the “Download” button. You can download all the episodes of a TV or web series together by playing the first episode. The rest will download automatically.

Download from 1000 Plus Websites Using StreamGaGa Downloader

Yes, you can download from 1000 plus websites using the StreamGaGa downloader. All the trending channels are available to download using this software, such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

  • StreamGaGa Netflix downloader helps download anything available on Netflix if you have a Netflix membership.
  • Downloading and sharing from Disney Plus is very easy using StreamGaGa Disney Plus downloader. You need to follow the same process as discussed above.
  • StreamGaGa Hulu downloader gives the facility to download all the Hulu series, movies, web series, or documentaries.
  • StreamGaGa Amazon Prime downloader downloads all the available videos from Amazon if you are a member.

So many channels are there; you need to visit the official page to search for your favorite channel.


If you are in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico, you can watch Funimation. There will be updates in blogs and social media of Funimation about their new programs and other updates.

StreamGaGa Funimation downloader can download anything available on Funimation if you are a Premium member of this channel. So if your children love to watch anime, you can download and share Funimation videos one by one to make a limit on their watch time. They will get a rest period for their eyes in this manner.