Walmart 2 Step Verification Not Working? Do This!

Walmart 2 Step Verification Not Working

Walmart’s 2-step verification is designed to keep your account safe, but it can sometimes cause headaches for some users. You might have run into trouble when trying to log in and add extra security steps, so let’s dig to figure out what might be happening.  

Why is Walmart 2-Step Verification Not Working? 

1. Incorrect Phone Number or Email

So you’re trying to log into your Walmart account but need help getting past the two-step verification? I understand; it’s incredibly frustrating when that happens. Usually, with two-step verification, they text or email you a code to enter to access your account. A common reason it won’t work is if you have the wrong phone number or email to your account.

Here’s what’s probably happening: 

You changed your phone number or email address at some point but still need to update it in your Walmart account info. So now, when you try to log in, the code gets sent to your old number or email that you can’t access anymore. And without that code, you’re stuck outside your account. 

Fix – Verify your contact details

  1. The fix is simple – you must ensure your current phone number and email are updated in your Walmart account settings. 
  2. If you recently changed them, please log in and update that info as soon as you can.


  1. If you can’t log in to change it, you’ll have to contact Walmart customer service. They can help update your info so you can get back into your account.  
  2. It’s super important to keep your contact info current – it’s part of keeping your account secure and ensuring two-step verification can work properly.

Could you take a few minutes to double-check if your Walmart account has your latest phone and email details? It’ll save you a headache next time you need to log in!

2. Time Sync Issues

Setting the right time on your phone or computer is crucial for two-step verification with Walmart. The verification codes they text and email are based on real-time, so if your clock is off, the codes won’t match up.  

Here’s what’s happening:

Walmart’s system generates verification codes that are subject to the exact time. If the time on your device matches the time on their servers, the regulations will match up even if you enter them correctly. So when you go to log in, you enter the wrong code, you can’t get verified.

Fix – Make sure your device’s time is correct.

  1. Could you double-check that the time and date are set right on your device? Make sure it has the correct time zone and whether daylight savings time is in effect and the specific hours, minutes, day, month, and year need to be spot on.
  2. The best thing to do is to have your device automatically update the time. On most phones and computers, there’s a setting to sync the time with the network or internet time – turn that on. That way, your clock will always be accurate and match Walmart’s servers.   
  • You can locate this option on Android and iOS devices by accessing the ‘Date­ & Time’ section within the se­ttings app.
  • To find this option on both Windows and Mac computers, you can navigate­ to the ‘Date & Time’ se­ttings in your system prefere­nces.

The right time settings that automatically update will stop the two-step verification code errors. Then, you can log into your Walmart account without any problems!

3. Software or Browser Incompatibility

Software and internet browsers are constantly updating, so sometimes, the old versions need to be updated with the new ones. Contrary to this can cause problems when you try to use the two-step verification on the Walmart website.  

Here’s what’s happening:

Walmart uses new security technology to keep your information safe when you shop online. But if you have an outdated browser or software, it might not work with the progressive new security protocols that Walmart is using. As a result, when you log in and use the two-step verification, it may function differently than expected.  

The Same problem could arise if you use another software or an app to access your Walmart account. If that app isn’t current, it could have issues with the two-step verification process. 

Fix – Update your browser or internet software.

  1. First, could you update your internet browser? Chrome, Firefox, Safari – they all update automatically these days. But it doesn’t hurt to check for updates manually. Updating usually solves the issues.  
  2. If that doesn’t work, try using a different browser entirely. 
  3. Sometimes, specific browsers have little glitches that mess with the two-step process. And if you’re using another app or software for your Walmart account, update that too. Please ensure it’s the newest version and proves it supports two-step verification on Walmart’s website.  

Keeping your browser and other software current will prevent most issues with getting that extra verification to work when you sign into your Walmart account. It’s just one of those maintenance tasks you must keep up with.

4. Firewall or Security Settings

Firewall settings block things you want sometimes. Firewalls and antivirus software are supposed to keep hackers out of your computer. But sometimes, they get a little obsessive and stop legitimate processes.  

Here’s what’s happening:

Your firewall can sometimes perceive the verification code process Walmart does as sketchy. So, it’s not possible to get the code sent to your phone or finish verifying.

Fix – Ease the restrictions on your antivirus or firewall settings.

  1. You can just turn off your firewall temporarily and try to get the code again. If it works, now you know your firewall is being overly protective.  
  2. Once you confirm it’s the firewall causing issues, you need to set up an exception for Walmart. Most firewalls let you make a safelist for specific sites or apps that should be allowed.  
  3. After adding Walmart to the ‘allowed’ list, you can turn your firewall back on. Please don’t leave it off, or you will get hacked.

Keeping your firewall and antivirus on is essential so you don’t get cyber-attacked. Only turn them off briefly for testing purposes. Then, ensure Walmart gets VIP access through the firewall and turns it back on to block unwanted traffic.

5. Network Issues 

Internet problems can indeed disrupt the process when you’re trying to use two-step verification. Since those codes get sent over the internet, you need a solid connection for it all to work right.   

Here’s what’s happening:

If your internet is unstable or keeps cutting out, you might need the verification code, or it could take forever. And if the connection cuts out mid-verification, the process will fail.

Fix – Make sure your internet connection is stable.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Please ensure you have a robust and steady internet connection when setting up two-step verification.
  2. If you’re on wifi, get close to the router and make sure the signal is good.   
  3. Could you try loading up other sites to see if your internet usually works? If other sites have trouble, your connection’s probably the issue.  
  4. Restarting your modem and router can fix many internet problems – give that a shot. You’ll have to call your provider for help if it doesn’t work. 

The bottom line is to secure a stable, fast internet connection for the two-step verification; this will ensure you don’t run into network problems on Walmart’s site. A little preparation goes a long way!

My Final Thoghts

Two-step verification for Walmart can be challenging sometimes. I’ve had my fair share before with it, and it’s frustrating!

A couple of things I’ve learned that can cause this issue are; if your contact info ie; both email and phone number not correct, your device’s time is incorrect, you are using an outdated browser or internet app, your firewall security settings need adjusting, or your internet is being unstable.

Double-checking that your phone number and email on your Walmart account are correct can help avoid issues. Also, ensuring your phone, tablet, or computer’s time is right is essential for the codes to work correctly.

I’ve had to update my browser before, which fixed things when the verification page wouldn’t load. Adjusting your firewall or antivirus settings sometimes does the trick if they block essential processes. And, of course, if your wifi is spotty or slow, that’ll cause problems. 

Two-step verification gives you that extra security for your Walmart account, which is essential today. If you’re having trouble, you want it to work so your personal info stays protected.

Contacting Walmart support could help get to the bottom of it if you can’t figure it out. Online security isn’t something to take lightly.

Ensuring your two-step verification is good to go will give you peace of mind that your account is safe and secure!

David Johnson is a freelance writer with 9 years of experience writing for Techzillo and other established tech outlets like iMore. His focus and key interests are Apple and accessibility as well as consumer technology in general. Read our Editorial Guidlines and Fact Checking process.


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