Vudu Not Working on Chromecast? Try These 12 Fixes

Vudu Not Working on Chromecast

Why is Vudu Not Working on My Chromecast?

1. Vudu is Down

A lot of apps and streaming service apps have to use servers in order to store the data, then transfer this data over a network to you, the customer.

While these feats are indeed incredible edgenuity, even if it is commonplace now; these technologies are not perfect and can have errors and problems occur.

When attempting to Chromecast a streaming service such as Vudu the server can encounter issues, in turn disrupting your streaming experience. However, these issues can be resolved, especially if you know where to look for these problems. With that said, let’s try and fix this issue.

Fix – Wait For Server Issues to Resolve

When a server (especially if it is a cloud hosted or hybrid cloud server) encounters one or multiple of these problems it can go into what is known as “server downtime” this will render the server offline, and also tracks how long the server is down or offline.

There is a number of reasons why a server may go into “downtime” such as connectivity issues (internet connection is not connected or is weak), system crashes or even the server downtime can be planned in order for maintenance to be performed by the IT department.

So, when you are experiencing these “server down” issues, the best you can really do is simply wait for it to be resolved.

This can certainly foil with your plans for that presentation that the Chromecast can provide. With some patience the server should eventually come back up and in turn; letting you get back to streaming and Chromecasting to your heart’s content.

2. Network Issue

In this world and time of constant connection, it can be easily forgotten that internet connection plays a critical part in ensuring that all of your online activities go through properly.

When you are experiencing problems with any network based activities (anything done on an internet connection) it is important you ask yourself “am I fully connected?” as this plays an absolute key part to not only streaming but also Chromecasting.

The Chromecast must have an internet connection in order to provide it’s abilities, it also requires this connection in order to sync up with other devices. This is a good thing to remember when using your Chromecast.

Fix – Fix Internet Connection

When you are attempting to stream Vudu and Chromecast it, it is very important that you have a internet connection, now this may seem blatantly obvious to some however, this usually is not considered enough as many people are used to being constantly connected.

Now, if you are running these processes off of your phone’s network data, be sure that you are indeed receiving service as this can go down for multiple reasons.

Such as maintenance being performed on a cellular tower or even on something as simple as a power converter, this can temporarily lessen your service connection or even take it down completely however, this should not take long and will be back up shortly.

If you are attempting to stream Vudu and Chromecast it while using your WiFi, be sure that your router and modem are working properly as your modem is what connects your home network to the wider internet and your router ensuring that all of your wired and wireless devices can connect to said internet connection.

If you believe it is a problem with your modem, you can attempt a reset of the equipment; you can achieve this by unplugging the power and Ethernet cables from the modem then give the modem about two to three minutes to fully power down.

After that, reconnect the power and Ethernet cables to the modem, then wait until you see the internet indicator light to turn solid, at this point you can check and see if your connection has been restored.

If all of these issues do not seem to restore your internet connection, you can contact your internet service provider and check with them if you may have either missed a payment or if they are experiencing problems with their service.

This can prove to be quite helpful as you are going to the “roots” of your internet connection and are asking those who have a lot of experience in this department.

3. Bug with App

When trying to Chromecast, remember that is using an app therefore there could be a “bug” in the app’s software, which this can cause many problems from small minor issues to fully shutting down the app.

These can definitely effect the performance of the app, so do consider this possible issue when you are having trouble utilizing both the Vudu app and The Google Home app as they are susceptible. Now, let’s list some possible fixes to this issue for you.

Fix – Log Out Then Log Back In

One of the viable options you can explore in order to correct this “bug” issue is to log out and then log back in. If you are not aware of how to go about this action, let us help you out. Start by going to the site: [Link]

After, go ahead and enter your information to sign in then you should see Google Home speaker, once you do; you will want to tap on the three dot icon and this will provide the sign out option which you will select. This will of course sign you out, then on the menu it should take you to after signing out; you should be able to log back in.

If you are on your iPhone or Android you can sign out by going to the app, open the app. Then you should find your personal account icon at the lower right corner, you can sign out from this menu.

Also be sure that the current account listed is the same as the account linked to the Google Home; if it is not you can select the arrow button beside the account name, then select the account that is linked to the Google Home. Sign the appropriate account in and hopefully this will resolve the Chromecasting issue.

Fix 2 – Clear Cache

When encountering issues with your apps including your Google Home app it is always a good practice to make sure to clear the app’s cache.

A cache is small amounts of information that your apps and your browser use in order to essentially speed up performance however, this where the irony lies as this also can cause performance issues with your apps.

In order to clear the Google Home’s cache you will to start by going to your phone’s settings, then go to “apps” or “other apps” and find the Google Home app and tap on it to open the options menu; there you will find the “clear cache” option, go ahead and tap on it.

This will clear the app’s cache and improve the performance of the app and its services. So on that note, do not let these cache’s build up and cause problems; clear them out regularly and your app’s efficiency will thank you for it.

Fix 3 – Update App

Another good practice to keep up on your phone is to be sure to update your apps, this can help with the apps performance, keep the software up to date and can also offer new features for the app.

This is certainly an avenue worth exploring when having problems with your Chromecast, as the Chromecast is derived from the Google Home app.

How you are going to update your Google Home app is by going to the Google Play Store app, open it and tap on your account icon at the top right corner, it will bring up your account menu then you will want to select the “Manage Apps and Device” option; after that, find the Google Home app and select the “update” option beside it. Wait the appropriate amount of time and this will update the app.

Remember this a good and “healthy” habit to form for all of your apps as it does what the name says, it keeps the apps up to date with and sometimes can offer new features; so, keep up on your app updates.

Fix 4 – Contact Vudu

As we have said before in this article it can be best sometimes, to contact the professionals or rather the ones providing the service, in this case that would be Vudu.

Vudu does indeed have customer support, there is multiple ways to contact them; one of them being that you can go into on their forums where you can look through similar questions and complaints have been filed.

Where you will be provided with a chat option to ask questions about their service and get answers to problems you are having with their service. Another option is to contact them by phone call which you reach them at: +1-888-554-8838

Which will provide you with help for any of the problems you are having with their app and or service. This sometimes can be your best option for troubleshooting as they know their software and what you can and

can’t do with it. So, do not hesitate give them a call or visit their site and or forum, they are there to help you the customer.

4. VPN Is On

If you do not know what a VPN is, it is a very useful tool to have in your metaphorical toolbox of technology.

First off, a VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network, what this does is extends a private network across a public network and allows users to send and receive data across public or shared networks, as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

This helps keep you safe when navigating the web, providing security from hackers, spyware and more.

So if you have a VPN and it is turned on when you are attempting to Chromecast it may not work as you need to find the right VPN that will work well with your router and is good for streaming movies and shows with.

If you don’t want to find another VPN for Chromecasting you can simply turn off your VPN and this will resolve the issue.

5. You’re Trying to Cast Titles Downloaded to Your Device

You may have noticed while you are streaming your favorite movies or shows, that there is a “download” option provided and this is because you can indeed download the movie or the shows episode(s) and then be able to watch them as many times as you like.

Also when they are downloaded you can watch them offline as well, which can be highly useful for some.

However, this can present a problem when attempting to Chromecast downloaded content from the Vudu app or any other downloaded content as sadly, Chromecast does support downloaded content. This can really be a fork in the road but there are other options and fixes for this. So let’s see what we can do.

Fix – Chromecast only supports streaming content

While the download option is absolutely awesome, it can however be a problem for Chromecasting as Chromecast will only support streaming. Consider this when you are having problems Chromecasting anything from the Vudu app.

While it is a bummer, it is not the only option as stated before; you can stream movies or shows on Vudu and Chromecast them.

You can even stream games as well offering a incredible gaming experience and over a hundred games, theres even options for avid Nintendo players. Remember this fix and enjoy the casted show.

6. You’re Trying to Cast 3D Titles

If you are casting with a Chromecast you may remember the days when it would cast 3D titles, sadly those days are gone along with the days when you could get a TV capable of 3D.

Moving into next gen devices, a lot of companies have dropped 3D features or options. 3D TV’s and other 3D providing devices were discontinued due to a lack of public appetite, meaning that not enough homes and people bought into the whole 3D hype, in order for it to carry on being sold in stores, online ect.

It is a bummer to find out that Chromecast doesn’t support 3D titles at all, it simply won’t play it for any apps, however there is a rumor going around that you can indeed play 3D content if it is through YouTube. Now this cannot be confirmed by us but you can give it a go and find out.

Fix – Cast Normal Titles Only

While sadly the Chromecast will not cast 3D titles, you can still enjoy regular format movies and shows through the Vudu app amongst other apps as well.

Now also do not lose hope in your Chromecast as it still has pretty awesome features such as one of their newest is that you can now watch Amazon Prime video through it and if you have not tested out the ‘ambient’ mode; give it a go as it is worth it.

Honestly, it is not that bad missing out on 3D titles as there really are much less of them anymore with practically none in production either.

So do not despair, for you still have a Chromecast which is great fun and offers many incredible features to explore, so sit back and enjoy.

7. You’re Trying to Cast From Vudu-to-go

Now if you are attempting to cast from Vudu-to-go, this will unfortunately not work as the content has not been converted to cast.

You may think “well it’s still Vudu and it’s not downloaded” however it simply will not cast it, as there is no Chromecast support on Chrome OS/Linux computing devices.

While this can be frustrating it is fixable as you must be on a casting enabled app in order to fulfill this action.

Fix – You Can Only Cast From

When Chromecasting your Vudu content, unfortunately you can only cast from not from Vudu-to-go as you must be on your Vudu app in order to cast properly. While this is a let down, you can still stream almost any other content and enjoy many great titles on your Chromecast.

If you are on your PC or MAC, all you have to do is go to on your browser and if you are already signed in, simply click the “cast” button and select your Chromecast device.

8. On Your Phone, You’re Trying to Cast From Web Browser

If you are having issues casting from your phone it may be because you are attempting to cast from the wrong web browser. The Chromecast will only cast with cast enabled streaming apps such as Vudu, Netflix or YouTube.

It can also cast things like your home videos such as the ones on your camera roll gallery, binge watch your favorite shows without even having to move with it’s voice command feature and enjoy that spectacular ‘ambient’ mode.

With all of these great features, unfortunately you cannot cast from any other web browser other than Chrome on your PC or MAC. Also maybe in the near future you will be able to, technology is advancing everyday.

9. On Your PC or Mac, You’re Using Another Web Browser Other Than Chrome

When attempting to cast on your Chromecast with your PC or MAC it is important to remember that you unfortunately cannot cast from just any browser.

Something to keep in mind when trying to cast is be sure that you do indeed have your phone or computer connected to same WiFi as the Chromecast as the Chromecast will not cast it the devices are not connected to the same network.

This makes sense as the network essentially serves as a bridge for information and data between the two devices.

Fix – Use Chrome

If you are attempting casting on your browser while using your MAC or PC and while streaming from the Vudu site (; you are going to want to use the Chrome browser as any other browser will unfortunately not work.

So be sure you are indeed using your Chrome browser when trying to cast your Vudu stream as it is partner to the Chromecast, it’s all in the name (Chrome)cast being part of the “Chrome” software and hardware “family” in a sense of the word.

The Chromecast is a great and useful device boasting good vibe features for entertainment purposes, so while there are actions it cannot accomplish there is arguably more that it can accomplish.

When enjoying your favorite show series or your favorite movies on your phone, remember you can cast it up (wireless might I add) onto a much larger, usually better screen to enjoy your show or movie.

Not to mention this little super-portable, super useful device also features a “guest mode”, when you have friends and or family over, also assuming you have this “guest mode” enabled; anyone with a Google Cast Ready App and if they have the option available on their device, they can indeed cast to a screen that is within 25 feet of there Chromecast device.

This way they can also share any of their favorite music, show and or movie. There are many ways to enjoy your Chromecast but above all, just make sure you do enjoy it.

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