Voice Control Not Working on Firestick Remote? Try This

Voice Control Not Working on Firestick Remote

You want to use the voice control feature on your firestick but it is not working. You push the microphone button, then get no blue light and when you release the button, it keeps on flashing red light and stops. You try using Alexa to make commands and control your device, but it does not work.

If you are experiencing this type of problem, you are not alone and you will find answers here.

Why is My Voice Control Not Working on My Firestick?

1. Home Button Not Set to “IR and HDMI-CEC”

Your Firestick remote has the latest technology that allows it to work through HDMI-CEC and IR. These are features that will enable your remote to effectively control your devices. In addition, by the remote using HDMI-CEC, it is able to control other devices linked to it by doing certain actions like increasing the volume.

Basically, HDMI-CEC can be described as a code, used in controlling your devices. And by using this system, and enabling it, you link your Fire TV Stick to your TV, and when you press the home button, your TV will be switched on.

So, if you have not enabled this function on your Firestick remote, it could be the reason your voice control feature is not working.

Fix – Toggle the “Home Button” setting to “IR and HDMI-CEC”

The solution for this case is to enable the IR and HDMI-CEC features on your home button. Here are the simple steps you should follow.

1. Find the HDMI-CEC name on your TV. Different brands of TV will have a different names for this feature. As a result, the first thing you need to do is find out what is the name of HDMI-CEC on your Brand. You can find this by looking at your manual or researching on the internet. For many TVs however, it will be the same name.

2. Go to the settings option on your Fire TV.

3. Scroll and select the “Display and Sounds” option.

4. On the Display and Sounds option, you should see a list of options but look for the name “HDMI-CEC”. You will see whether it is disabled or enabled.

5. Now, enable the HDMI-CEC feature by toggling it to on. Make sure the IR and HDMI-CEC mode is activated.

By completing this step, you will allow your TV to respond to the voice control commands coming from your remote.

2. Poor Internet Connection

Internet connection is a must if you want our remote control to work and do voice control. The processing of the voice commands and activating them on your systems require an internet connection and a strong one for that case.

So, when you find out your remote voice control is not working and all you get is a red flash when you release the microphone button, there are high chances that your internet connection is poor.

So, one of the reasons here could be that your internet is completely disconnected, it is slow, or there are bugs within your network that prevent it from working properly. This will obviously make your firestick remote and the device itself misbehave.

Fix – Fix Internet Connection

When you fix the internet connection on your devices you will be able to address this problem. However, for you to fix the internet connection problem, you must first check its status. Here are the steps to use to troubleshoot the device.

1. Press on the “Home Button” and it will get you to exit programs.

2. Press “Home Button” again on your remote control and it will provide you with the main menu.

3. On the Main Menu, navigate and open the Settings.

4. Scroll through the settings and select the “Network and Internet” option.

5. Select “Network Status”.

6. Select “Check Connection”. Your TV will take a few seconds to load and bring the status of whether the internet connection is okay or not. Note that these steps might vary from one TV brand to another.

If you find your internet connection has a problem, you can fix it by following these steps.

1. Check whether your WiFi router is still on and working as required.

2. Also, do an internet check and see whether there is a connection or not.

3. Try restarting your router. You should do this by unplugging the power, give it a few seconds and then plug it back in.

4. Also, disconnect the internet connection on your Firestick and TV and connect it back.

5. The last option is to contact your Internet Service Provider to fix the internet connection problem.

The discussed steps should be able to fix the internet connection problem.

3. Bug with Remote or TV

The issue of bugs in technological devices is more common than some people might think. As long as you are using technological devices, especially those that need internet, they will experience the issue of bugs from time to time.

What happens is that technology devices such as your remote or your TV may accumulate certain errors with time. As a result, these errors will cause certain functions to fail.

The errors can be caused by other devices connected to them, the internet, and many other functions. Some other times, the bugs may be a result of the software systems your devices are using.

However, do not worry for in most cases bugs do not last for a long time. If they do, there is also a solution to that.

Fix – Reinstall Batteries (wait for a few minutes while batteries are out)

The first thing you need to work on is your remote. As mentioned, the bugs could be on your TV or your remote. So, start by removing the batteries on your remote, wait for a few minutes, and then re-install the batteries again. This is considered a soft reset process that should address any bugs on your remote.

Here are the steps to follow to remove the batteries.

1. First, flip your remote and look at the back. You will see an indent along the central area.

2. Now, hold your remote vertically with the top side, facing you.

3. Using your thumb, apply some pressure on that indent, and lift upwards.

4. Apply some pressure, press, and push until you get the remote’s back cove to slide out.

5. Lift off the back cover and you will see two batteries.

6. Remove the batteries, wait for a few minutes and reinstall them. Make sure that all the terminals are in their right position.

7. Now close the back cover.

Fix 2 – Restart TV

Restarting your TV is another method that will help clear out the bugs. For this method, you will be clearing the bugs on the TV in case it is the issue.

To do this,

1. Press the power button on the TV and hold.

2. The TV will turn off. Keep holding it until it turns on again. For some TVs once you press the power button and hold it, you will get a pop-up menu with a restart option, you should select it and wait for the TV to restart.

Fix 3 – Re-plug TV

This is the third fix. If you have reached this step, it means that the first step of reinstalling batteries on the remote and the second step of restarting your TV has not worked. In that case, you will have to do a soft reset on your TV.

A soft reset on your TV is done by re-plugging it. All you have to do is pull out the power cord from your TV while it is one. You will have to wait for a few seconds, then plug the power cord back again. Now check whether the error has been cleared out.

Fix 4 – Reset Remote

To reset your remote, the steps will vary from one type of remote to the other. Here are the steps to follow.

To reset 1st generation Alexa Voice Remote. The first-generation remote does not have volume and power buttons.

1. Start by unplugging your Fire TV, then wait for 60 seconds.

2. Now press the left side of the navigation button, and the Menu button and hold both for 12 seconds.

3. Let go of the buttons, then wait for 5 seconds.

4. After 5 seconds, remove the remote batteries. (check instructions discussed earlier)

5. Plug your Fire TV back and wait for 60 seconds.

6. Now put back your remote batteries.

7. You can now press the home button of your remote.

8. In case the remote has not been paired by now, then press the “Home” button and wait for 10 seconds.

To reset other Alexa voice remote generations with power and volume buttons.

1. Start by unplugging your Fire TV, then wait for 60 seconds.

2. Press the left side of the navigation button, the Menu, and Back buttons, all at once and hold for 12 seconds.

3. Let go of the buttons, then wait for 5 seconds.

4. Remove the remote batteries.

5. Plug back your Fire TV, then wait for 60 seconds.

6. Now put back your remote batteries.

7. Go on and press the remote’s home button.

Fix 5 – Reregister the Device

If the error persists, you will have to re-register your remote device. Here are the steps you should follow.

1. Go to the settings option of your Firestick.

2. Look for the “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices” and select the option.

3. Now select the “Amazon Fire TV Remotes” option.

4. On this option look for “Add New Remote” and select.

5. At this point, press the home button on your remote and wait until it is recognized.

Another step, in this case, is to re-register your firestick device.

1. Go back to the home screen.

2. Select the setting options.

3. Look for the “Account & Profile Settings” option and select it.

4. Now select “Amazon account”.

5. Select the “Deregister” option.

6. You will be required to confirm. Select the “Deregister” option again.

7. You will be provided with a page to sign in again to your Amazon user account and register the device afresh.

Fix 6 – Reset TV Using Remove

It is that time when you also have to reset your TV using a remote and clear any bugs that might be causing all the problems. To do that:

1. Press the power button on your remote and hold it for around 5 secs.

2. Keep holding the power button until the TV turns off.

3. Then, keep holding and the TV will turn on automatically within around one minute.

4. Release the button, then unplug the main TV power cord.

5. Wait for a few seconds and plug the power cord back.

Fix 7 – Contact Amazon

If you have tried the above-discussed methods of fixing bugs in your remote or TV and they have not worked, then it means they are more complex than you can handle. The next step you need to take is to contact the Amazon support team to give you directions on what to do or they will fix it.

4. Lose HDMI Connection

When it comes to the use of your Firestick, the remote, and the TV, there must be a clean and effective connection. The Firestick device is connected to your TV using HDMI. As a result, the HDMI is crucial for transmitting the commands.

In any case, if the HDMI connection does not work effectively, it means that the device, as well as the remote, will not respond effectively. So, do not rule out the HDMI connection. If the HDMI has a problem, is faulty, or has a lost connection, this will easily make the remote bring this error.

Fix 1 – Replug Cable

The first step you should check is the connection of your HDMI. Look through your HDMI cable and see whether it is well connected to both your Firestick device and the TV. In some cases, the HDMI maybe lose but still working.

However, a loose connection means that there are gaps in the amount of data transmitted and this will make your remote misbehave.

Also, try changing the HDMI port. There are many instances where the HDMI port might have a problem. Trying a different port will help deal with this type of issue.

Fix 2 – Check Whether the HDMI is Faulty

If your HDMI cable is faulty, your remote will not also work. The HDMI cable is crucial in making sure your Firestick, remote, and TV work well. Several things might spoil your HDMI cable without you knowing. If the cable is bent, broken, or corroded it will not work as expected.

If you find your HDMI cable is spoilt, then you must replace it to get the right performance.

5. Microphone/Voice Command Button is Faulty

Your Voice command or microphone button on your remote could be the reason voice control is not responding and no blue light is showing. When your microphone or voice command button is faulty, it means it cannot activate the function on your remote.

Several factors might cause this kind of problem. One of them is dirt in the button, tear and wear, or even corrosion from spillage.

It is always recommended that you keep your remote clean, and regularly clean it to avoid these types of issues. Here are some of the things you can do to try and fix this.

Fix – Press Down Harder on the Button

Press the button down and harder and see whether it responds. If the button is not responding due to some dust or wear and tear, then it means the contact cannot be made. By pressing harder, you force contact on the button components and this can work.

Fix 2 – Replace Batteries

The issue of the button not working or being faulty can also be caused by having old batteries on your remote. As a result, it is advised that you should try replacing the batteries on your remote. Then go back and check whether the voice control will work.

Fix 3 – Replace the Remote

When your remote microphone button fails completely then you have no other option but to replace the remote with a new one. Make sure that you only go for the original and quality amazon firestick remote (view on Amazon).

6. IR Interference

Your Amazon firestick remote is vulnerable to infrared interference. The remote is sensitive to any signals emitted or transmitted by other wireless devices. As a result of such interference, your remote will slow down in its operation and even perform poorly when it comes to the voice command and response.

It is mostly wireless devices that have to transmit signals that will interfere with your remote performance.

Fix – Remove Anything Blocking Remote

The most effective way to deal with any IR interference on your Amazon remote is to remove any materials blocking its transmission. That means you first need to check whether there are devices along the way and remove them. Also, check whether there are other devices emitting signals and switch them off. If there is another remote in the house, you also have to turn it off.

Fix 2 – Move Close to the TV

The distance can also be another issue that is making it difficult for your amazon firestick remote to fail to respond to voice commands. The remote should be within the recommended distance from the TV for it to transmit and receive signals as required. The recommended distance from the TV must not be more than 30 feet.

7. Fire TV Remote Out of Date

Your Fire TV remote is a smart device like any other. As a result, the device is controlled by a firmware system. This means that the system on your remote will require updating from time to time. What happens when the software is out of date? Yes, the remote will not be able to execute simple functions such as voice commands and you will get errors.

So, if you have been using your remote for a long time and you have never updated it, there is a high chance that the software is out of date. The company might also have released an update that you did not know about and it is necessary.

Fix – Update Remote

You have to update your Fire TV remote with the latest software from amazon and the functions will be back to normal. Here are the steps you should follow for this action.

1. Go to the settings option on the firestick device. For this step, you can either use your Fire TV app or the remote.

2. On the settings menu, look for the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices” option and select it.

3. Next is to select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes”.

4. You will see a list of remotes and you should select your remote.

5. You will also get an option to update and install the update from here.


When your amazon fire TV remote does not respond to voice control, no blue light is displayed, and blinks red several times and then stops, there is a solution for that. As discussed above, there are several possible causes of this problem. As a result, you have to be patient and try all the options provided.

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