Vizio TV Stuck on Logo? Try These 15 Fixes

vizio tv stuck on logo

One issue Vizio TV users are having is the TV getting stuck on the logo. This is a case that mostly happens when you are turning on your Vizio TV. When this happens, then it becomes quite challenging to get rid of.

If you have never encountered this type of problem, it will be tricky to address the situation. One thing to note about this problem is that it can be caused by several factors. As a result, the process of fixing it involves addressing each of these factors and when that does not work, you go to the next one.

Why is My Vizio TV Stuck on the Vizio Logo?

If your Vizio TV is stuck on the Vizio logo, note several factors may be causing this problem. Below you will find each problem, and an explanation of how it can cause the tv to be stuck on the Vizio logo, as well as several ways to fix the problem.

1. Bug or Software Malfunction

Bugs in your Vizio TV is one of the leading cause of this problem whereby your Vizio TV gets stuck on the logo. Bugs will cause several problems within the System of the TV that will hinder progress to other functions or cause the Vizio logo to freeze on the screen

A bug is just a technical malfunction or error in the hardware or software of your device. Bugs are not caused by factors you can easily point to. In most cases, bugs happen out of nowhere, and it is impossible to identify exactly why.

Software malfunction is directly related to a bug. This is where there is a negative change in how your TV operates at that specific time. In some cases, the software malfunction or a bug can be a temporary problem that will go away on its own after some time. However, in other cases, they are issues that must be addressed.

Below you will find a number of steps or actions you should take, to clear any malfunctioning or bugs in your TV causing this issue.

Fix – Unplug the TV and hold Power Button for 30 Seconds

Once you realize that your Vizio TV is stuck on the logo section, follow this process to solve the issue by clearing any bug in the System.

1. While the TV is still on, unplug the power cable.

2. Now, press the power button on the TV, and hold it for a period of 30 seconds.

3. Release the button, and let the TV rest for 10 minutes.

4. Now plug the TV power cord back in.

5. Press the TV’s power button and hold it until it turns on. The issue should be resolved.

Fix 2 – Unplug and Plug TV In After 60 Seconds

If you realize that the TV is still getting stuck on the logo, then it means that the first method did not work and you have to try this second one.

1. Ensure that your Vizio TV is still on.

2. Now, unplug the TV power cord.

3. Wait for a period of 60 seconds.

4. Now, plug back the TV power cord.

5. Turn on the TV and check whether the logo issue is resolved.

Fix 3 – Restart TV with Remote

Restarting your Vizio TV using the remote is another good way of addressing the issue. With this method, you have to use your remote to restart the TV. Follow these steps.

1. First, ensure that the remove and your Vizio TV are close to each other. Ensure no obstacles.

2. Now, press the “power button” on your remote and wait for the TV to go off.

3. Now wait a few seconds and press the remote’s power button to turn on the TV.

Fix 4 – Wait for Problem to Go Away

As mentioned earlier, most of the bugs you may experience with your Vizio TV are temporary. Bugs do not last a long time. Most of them are temporary and they will go away on their own. So, this is yet another method you can use to deal with the problem of your Vizio TV getting stuck on the logo.

However, you have to do this when you are in no hurry. Remember, you do not know the exact time it will take for the issue to go away. It can take a few minutes or even hours. All you have to do is wait and keep the TV on and it will handle the issue internally.

Fix 5 – Plug TV Into A Different Outlet

The power supply on your TV is more important than many people might think. With modern TV using complex software, and highly advanced components, they are designed to require a very specific current flow and behavior in how they receive power.

As a result, any changes in the way power is delivered will affect your TV performance and can easily cause problems such as getting stuck on the logo.

So, if there is an issue with the current flowing through the power outlet in your house, it might be the cause of the error. Try changing the outlet and check how your TV behaves. If your outlet has an issue and you go to a different one, the problem should disappear.

Fix 6 – Reset TV with Remote

Once you reach this point, it means that all the above methods have not worked in resolving the problem. The next step you need to take is to reset your Vizio TV. By resetting the TV, you will clear all the data available and settings.

The first method is using a remote.

1. Press the “Menu button” on your Vizio TV remote.

2. Now, use the navigation arrows, go to System and select.

3. Scroll to “Reset & Admin” then press OK.

4. Now go to the “Reset TV to Factory Defaults” and press the OK option to confirm.

5. You will be required to provide a password. Automatically this should be (0000).

6. Select “Reset” and confirm with OK,

7. You should then wait for the TV to turn off and after a few seconds, it will turn back on.

Fix 7 – Reset TV Without Remote

1. Make sure your Vizio TV is still on.

2. Now, press the “Volume Down and Input” buttons at the same time. You should find the buttons at the back of your TV.

3. Keep holding on to the buttons and wait for 10 to 15 seconds.

4. A prompt message will be displayed on the screen. Select “Reset TV” by pressing the “input button”.

5. Wait for the TV to turn off; after some seconds, it will restart automatically.

6. All data will be deleted. You should now check whether the issue of the stuck logo is gone.

There is also a second method you can use to restart your Vizio TV without a remote in a bid to fix the problem of a stuck logo. For the second method, you have to use the SmartCast app. Here are the steps to follow.

1. Start by downloading a Smartcast app to your smartphone. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. The next process is installing the app and launching it on your phone.

3. Now, go ahead and open your SmartCast app, then use your Vizio details to sign in to the app.

4. You will find an option to search nearby devices. Tap on it and initiate the search process.

5. You will see your Vizio TV on the list of nearby devices. Select it.

6. Once you have selected your TV, a code will be displayed on your TV’s screen.

7. Enter the displayed cord in the app on your phone.

8. By doing that, your TV will now be connected to our SmartCast app. This allows you to control it.

9. Now, using your app, go to the settings.

10. Select the System.

11. Select the “Reset and Admin” option.

12. Select the “Reset TV to Factory Default” option.

13. Enter the four-digit code which by default is (0000).

14. Wait for the TV to turn off. And it will turn on automatically.

2. Main Board Issue

Here is the second reason why your Vizio TV is getting stuck on the logo. The main board of your TV also refers to the electronic board or motherboard. It is the main operating board that houses several crucial components of your TV and facilitates and coordinates all the operations.

The motherboard is just like the brain, and if it has an issue, then it means your TV can easily experience some errors such as getting stuck on the logo.

However, it is crucial to note that it is not common for TV boards to have problems. This is almost the last cause of the issue. By reaching this point, it means you have tried fixing all the issues of bugs and malfunctions and they do not work. Below are some of the ways you can use to address this situation.

Fix – Repair Main Board

The first and most immediate action you can take to fix issues with your Main board is to repair it. However, first, you have to check whether your warranty is still active.

Issues are complex that should not happen easily on TVs. As a result, the first thing is to check whether your warranty is still active.

If your warranty is still active, it is important you first try contacting Vizio company to get them to replace your TV with another one.

If you cannot claim your warranty, then you can go ahead with repair plans.

TV motherboards are pretty sensitive, and you have to make sure that you get a qualified technician to handle the problem.

Fix 2 – Replace Main Board

What is the worst that can happen to your Vizio TV main board? It is possible that the repair won’t solve the issue you have. It is also possible that the problem with your TV’s main board cannot be solved by repairing it.

In most cases, replacing the main board is always a better option to take instead of repairing it. This is because repairs do not necessarily guarantee 100% fix but when you replace the main board, you are assured of 100% good quality parts.

Fix 3 – Replace TV 

Replacing your Vizio TV is also a good move to take. The process of doing repairs and replacing the main board can sound and be hectic for most people. So, if you have been experiencing issues with your main board, and you need to act, it is okay to replace the TV and avoid the rest of the hassle.

However, when it comes to replacing your Vizio TV (view on Amazon), you have to make sure that you get good quality and a genuine one.

For you to get the right TV, one that will serve you for a long time and without issues, you have to get a genuine one. You also need to get value for your money.

Fix 4 – Contact Vizio

Vizio company are the manufacturers of your TV and will have more answers to the problem. So, it is also okay to contact Vizio and seek help from their team. Here is a link you should use.

3. Loose Connection

Connections on your Vizio TV could be another issue that is causing the TV to be stuck on the logo. That means any type of connection you have. You may not have checked the connections on your TV for a long time and they may have issues.

One of them is loose connection and it is the most popular one. It can happen for people who have gone a long time without checking the connection on their TVs, or people who have young kids, and they may play around with the TV and pull some cables. If you have several activities around your TV, you may also have caused a loose connection without even knowing.

Fix – Check Connections at The Back and Make Sure They’re Secure

The first action to take when troubleshooting the issue of a loose connection is to do a thorough inspection of the back of your TV. Make sure that you thoroughly look at all the cables going into your TV and ensure they are well connected and firm. This includes the power cables and any HDMI cables you are using.

Another thing to do is to make sure that the cables are in a good physical state. Poor physical states such as bent cables can easily cause a loose connection which will in turn lead to the issue of a stuck logo. Ensure you also align the cables to prevent future issues. Secure your cables properly to avoid them hanging loose. This will reduce the chances of experiencing a loose connection in the future.

Fix 2 – Reinstall HDMI Cable

Your Vizio HMDI cable is one of the sensitive ones. The HDMI cable is used to transmit heavy data; whenever there is an issue, it can cause errors on your TV. In other cases, the cable might be loose and you will not know it.

This is because the HDMI cable travels a long way into your TV ports, and even when it is halfway through you may not know it.

So, the best way to fix this is by reinstalling the HDMI cable. This means that you have to unplug it completely and then plug it back in. When performing this action, you do not have to turn off your TV. You can do it while the TV is still on. It is a method that will also deal with any bugs in the HDMI cable.

4. TV-Out of Date

The modern TV is now just like laptops and phones. They also use firmware that enables them to function. As a result, as time passes, manufacturers of these TV will keep on updating the systems.

So, when you have a smart TV, from time to time it will require an update on its firmware to be able to match the evolving technology and the new things in the market. Updates enable the TV to perform better, carry out more functions and connect better with other networks.

As a result of this, if your TV has stayed for a long time without being updated, it is possible that the current firmware is out of date and it can lead to certain operational errors such as getting stuck on the logo.

Fix – Update Firmware

The issue of a TV that is out of date can only be addressed by updating it. In this case, you only need is to update your Vizio TV with the latest released firmware update which it will resolve the issues the TV might be experiencing. Before you carry out the update process, make sure that the TV is connected to a strong Wi-Fi network. Below are the steps to follow.

1. Start by pressing the “Menu button” found on your Vizio TV remote.

2. Now scroll and select on “System option”.

3. The next step is to look for an option called “Updates Option”.

4. Select the “Updates” option.

5. Wait for the TV to download and install the updates. The process should not take a long time.

6. Once the process is over, the TV will be able to handle the issue of a stuck logo. You should check again.

5. Interrupted Firmware Update

An Interrupted firmware update refers to a situation whereby, the update process is going on, and for some reason, it does not finish and ends midway. This is an issue that can be caused by several factors. In most cases, you may not know it happened but it is possible to check.

One of the factors that can cause an interrupted firmware update is when there is power loss when you are updating your Vizio TV firmware. In this case the process will not be complete. Another factor is if there is a loss of internet connection during the process.

When a firmware update is interrupted, the TV will have already lost some data including from the previous firmware. This will happen because the new firmware and software are installed on the TV, only when the process if complete. When this happens, automatically your TV fails to complete several operations.

Fix – Wait For Update to Finish

The only way to fix this issue is to wait for the firmware update process to finish. You can also choose to restart the process and wait until it is over. All you have to do is visit the TV settings and continue with the update until it is installed on your TV.

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