Vizio Smart TV Date is Wrong? Try These 9 Fixes

Vizio Smart TV Date is Wrong

One of the main causes of issues while using Vizio smart TVs is a wrong date setting. Your Vizio smart TV depends on an accurate representation of time to be able to access and utilize some network features. Because of this, it is important to find the cause of your incorrect date and troubleshoot the matter accordingly.

This guide will break down many of the common reasons for a date to be wrong on your Vizio smart TV, as well as some ways to help remedy this issue. It is important to keep your date correct on your Vizio smart TV to ensure that you can access all of your TV’s functions correctly.

Why Does My Vizio Smart TV Date Need To Be Correct?

It might not seem like a big deal but the time and date being correct on your Vizio smart TV is imperative for it to function correctly.

Several network features depend on an accurate representation of time and date to function properly. Letting your time and date be out of sync too long and trying to access network features on your Vizio smart TV can lead to issues.

That being said, this guide will help walk you through many of the common reasons that your Vizio smart TV might be displaying the wrong date as well as ways to solve this issue.

Why Is Vizio Smart TV Date Wrong?

There are several reasons that your date on your Vizio Smart TV might be wrong. Most of the reasons are due to some type of user error or connection issue.

It is important to accurately identify the issue you are having so that you can use the appropriate troubleshooting method to solve it. The list below contains detailed accounts of many common reasons for the Vizio smart TV date to be wrong.

1. There Has Been A Power Surge Or A Storm

If you have experienced a power surge or a storm while using your Vizio smart TV, a sudden loss of power while using could cause your Vizio Smart TV to reset itself, clearing the date that you had previously set.

A power surge or storm can cause your Vizio smart TV to revert to factory settings. When you first purchase and set up your Vizio smart TV the date will be unset, similar to what happens during a power surge or storm.

You will usually not lose any of your saved applications or other data after a power surge, though it is possible. It is more common for the date to simply reset in response to being powered off rapidly.

You should consider using a surge protector to protect your Vizio smart TV from power surges or loss of power during a storm. This can minimize your TV’s chances of incurring serious internal damage.

Fix – Reboot TV From Settings

In the settings menu of your Vizio smart TV, you will find the option to reset your device. A quick reset from the settings menu can encourage any internal errors that might be causing your date to go out of sync to be resolved upon restart.

A reboot from the settings is more than simply turning the TV off and back on. Doing a reset from this menu will actively end any erroneous functions that could be causing errors with your date. Most times upon restart, the date issue will have been corrected automatically.

Fix 2 – Edit Time Settings

You can find your time settings in the same settings menu where you rebooted your TV. Your time settings affect the way that your TV handles dates and times, working in tandem with your Wi-Fi connection.

In the settings menu, disable the automatic time feature and then reenable it. Doing this will encourage any errors with your date and time to be resolved automatically. When you turn the automatic time feature back on, your Vizio smart TV will sync up to the time using your internet connection.

You could also edit your time zone information to help jump-start the resolution of any time and date errors that you might be experiencing. Be sure to change your time zone back to the correct one once your issue has been resolved. It is important to reset your TV after applying these troubleshooting methods for them to take effect.

Fix 3 – Change the Date and Time Manually

While the date and time are likely to fall out of sync without an internet connection, you can still set the date and time manually in the Vizio smart TV settings menu. There you can enter the correct time and date manually, without the need to sync up to the internet.

As previously stated, without a stable internet connection to connect to, over time the date will fall out of sync. You might find that you have to go and manually adjust the date and time to the correct one quite often.

Fix 4 – Consult the Internet for Help

Detailed guides like the one you are currently reading can be a valuable resource when attempting to troubleshoot any issues you might experience with your Vizio smart TV, including an incorrect date or time. This guide has provided you with many common causes and solutions for these types of problems so you can get your Vizio smart TV working as it should.

Vizio has dedicated forums where users can go to discuss issues that they are experiencing and get help from an active community of other Vizio smart TV owners. The forums are another great asset that you should consider taking advantage of when trying to troubleshoot issues with your TV.

Fix 5 – Contact Vizio

If you are having persistent problems with your Vizio smart TV and none of the above troubleshooting methods have adequately solved your issue, then you should consider contacting Vizio support and having them further investigate your issue.

You can contact Vizio Support on their website. There you can submit a detailed report on your issue, either over the phone or through a web-based form. It will then be reviewed by someone from technical support who will help walk you through any troubleshooting methods that you might have missed.

This should only be considered as a last resort after all of the above troubleshooting methods have been applied. This is because Vizio Support is likely to suggest many of the troubleshooting methods already described above. This can save you time when trying to solve your time and date issues with your Vizio smart TV.

2. There Is No Internet Connection

The internal clock on your Vizio smart TV relies on a stable internet connection to update correctly. If you have not connected your Vizio smart TV to a valid internet connection for some time, eventually the time and date on your TV will fall out of sync with the actual time and date.

When this happens it can cause functionality errors while using your Vizio smart tv. Since your TV does not currently have access to an internet connection, it will not be able to accurately update the time and date information using Wi-Fi like it is designed to.

Fix – Improve Internet Connection

As previously mentioned, your Vizio smart TV depends on a stable internet connection to access many network functions, including displaying an accurate time and date. If you are experiencing an internet outage or do not currently have internet access, then your date will likely be wrong till you can connect to the internet.

To fix your internet, you should reset your router. The process to reset a router will differ depending on the model that you are currently using. Once you have successfully restored internet access, your Vizio smart TV will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi and update to the correct date and time.

If you are experiencing persistent internet issues or a long-term outage, then you could consider contacting your ISP for more details about the outage.

3. There Is A Bug

Your Vizio smart TV depends on software to handle all of the key functions that it has to execute. Like any software, your Vizio smart TV is prone to bugs and glitches. These types of errors could cause your date to be set incorrectly on startup, or temporarily fall out of sync due to some erroneous internal function.

Bugs and glitches will typically resolve themselves after a short amount of time, with no action needed from the user. You will not encounter bugs or glitches very often, as they are periodically patched out in updates that you will receive for your Vizio smart TV.

Fix – Cold Restart TV

You can cold restart your Vizio smart TV by unplugging it from the power outlet for a few minutes. This will give the hardware a chance to resolve any run-time errors or erroneous functions that could have been causing your date to display incorrectly.

This is different than rebooting from the settings menu and simply turning your TV off and on. You will need to remove your Vizio smart TV from the power source for the effects of the cold restart to be applied.

Fix 2 – Reset Your Vizio Smart TV

You can reset your Vizio smart TV to the factory setting to try and resolve issues surrounding the date and time. Keep in mind that you will lose all of your saved applications, user settings, and accounts that you have associated with your Vizio smart TV after doing a factory reset.

To reset your Vizio smart TV, you must first press the Menu button on your remote. Once you are in the settings menu, click on the System page. The system page links to another page called Reset and Admin. Click on this page and select the option to Reset TV to Factory Defaults.

You will be prompted for a password, which will be 0000 unless you have changed it previously. Once you have entered this code, confirm the reset. The TV will power down and then back on. Once power has been restored, your Vizio smart TV will be restored to factory settings, prompting you to set the correct date and time.

4. Your TV is New So You Have Not Set It Up

If you have recently purchased your TV and have not set it up all the way yet, your date will most likely be set wrong by default. The date will have to manually be set the first time that you use your Vizio smart TV. If you do not set the date upon setup, you risk running into functionality errors down the road.

It can be easy to overlook setting the date when you first set up your Vizio smart TV, as most users are excited to discover all of the features that their new TV has to offer. Keep in mind that the date is important to many network features that your TV includes, so it should be kept as accurate as possible.

4. Smartcast is Down

Smartcast allows your Vizio smart TV to communicate with various other devices like phones, tablets, and PCs. This service syncs up your device to your Smart TV allowing users to send media back on forth from the devices.

If you are currently using Smartcast on your Vizio smart TV, a Smartcast outage could cause your TV’s date to come out of sync. Smartcast outages can be caused by server overloads or routine server maintenance.

Whatever the reason for the outage, you are likely to experience issues with your date coming out of sync, as well as other issues when trying to use your Vizio smart TV with Smartcast during an outage.

5. Vizio TV Out of Date

Your Vizio smart TV depends on period software updates to function optimally. If you have fallen behind on updates, you may notice that your data is no longer correct among other various errors in functionality and performance.

These types of errors are commonly caused by bugs and glitches. If you have not updated your Vizio smart TV in a while, you will experience these bugs and errors more frequently.

Updates provide patches and performance optimization, so you must stay adamant about keeping your TV up-to-date.

Fix – Update Your Vizio Smart TV

Period updates are very important to your Vizio smart TV. Without them, you risk running into more frequent errors, including an incorrect date being displayed.

To update your Vizio smart TV, you have two choices. The easiest is to utilize the automatic updates feature for your TV. Your Vizio smart TV must have a stable, constant connection to the internet for this method to be viable.

With automatic updates, your Vizio smart TV will automatically search the internet for updates periodically and download and apply them when they are available. You will be notified of any updates that have been installed when you power your TV back on after one has been applied.

You can also manually apply updates to your Vizio smart TV. To do this, press the V key on your remote control. Navigate to the system menu and there you will find the option to Check for Updates.

You must have a stable internet connection for the check to be completed. If your Vizio smart TV detects an update, it will notify you and prompt you for permission to download and apply the update.

6. You Butt Dialed Your Remote And Accidentally Changed The Date

We have all sat on the remote and changed the channel or volume on our TV. Sometimes when this happens you could accidentally edit the date settings, causing your date to be incorrect.

This is an easy mistake to make and is one of the most common reasons for an incorrect date on a Vizio smart TV.

Final Thoughts

This detailed guide has broken down many of the common reasons that users experience time and date issues while using their Vizio smart TVs. The time and date being accurate are important for many of your TV’s main functions, so it is important to address any issues that you might be experiencing.

Using the knowledge provided for you here, you now have everything you need to identify and solve any potential issues that you might be experiencing with your Vizio smart TV’s time and date settings.

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