If you are a web-curious type of person and also owns an iPhone or an iPad then the question “how to view a page’ source code on your device?” would certainly have crossed your mind once. It is natural that curiosity leads towards the research and research reveals answers. So, if you are one of the users who are seeking answers to this question then you can find them below.

Finding HTML Source Codes:

1. The first step is to launch Safari on your device. You would be able to locate it on the bottom of your screen.

2. Once opened, you need to type in any web address in the search bar and hit GO.
tap share

3. Now tap on the Share button on your Safari Browser. It is the one with an Arrow in a Box icon. You can find it on the bottom of your screen.

4. Upon tapping Share, a pop-up menu bar will appear on your screen. it will provide you with various options.

5. Locate the option Add Bookmark. It is one with an opened book-like icon. Tap on it.
clear the field

6. Now tap x across the Name Field. Tapping x will clear this field. Now type Show Page Source in this field followed by a tap on the option Save located at the top right of your screen.
copy the javascript

7. Now you need to copy the JavaScript code of the webpage you are visiting. It should look like the code in the picture above. For that, you must enable JavaScript in Safari beforehand. You can do it via Safari settings.
Edit Bookmarks

8. Once copied, tap on the option Bookmarks followed by a tap on the option Edit.

9. Select the Show Page Resource Bookmark on the screen.
tap the x

10. Tap the Address Field and clear it by tapping x across it. Now, paste the JavaScript code you copied. Tap Done.
Show Page Resource

Now visit any webpage for which you want to check the source code. Once the webpage is open, tap on the Bookmarks, then tap on the Bookmark Show Page Resource. A new window will open, and it will have all the HTML codes on it.

The steps may look difficult while reading, but the application is quite easy. You wouldn’t face any issue if you go step-by-step. However, if you are unable to comprehend this method then there are quite a few apps on the App Store that can help you in cracking the source code. View Source, Source for Webpage, Source Browser, and many similar apps offer a much easier procedure than this.

Conclusively, it is entirely up to your ease which method you prefer. It is recommended that you should try the manual method instead of the apps one as third-party apps may seem a risky business to some. Additionally, third-party apps could also be the paid ones or demand a monthly fee.