When you were in school, you heard a mantra from your teachers, “Only highlight what is important.” Well, that still applies to today’s standards. Amazon solidified that notion when the Among Kindle was given the ability to highlight, however, you can highlight all you want all hours of the day.

You can highlight important passages; you can highlight your favorite sentence. And when you’re done, you can check out your Kindle highlights online.

Highlighting Text on your Kindle

If someone asked you, “How easy is it to highlight on your Amazon Kindle?” You could say it’s as easy as highlighting with a physical marker, minus the unpleasant sound a highlighter makes against paper. All it takes is a single finger to start highlighting, opening a new world of editing for your Amazon Kindle.

1. Open up a book or document that’s saved on your Amazon Kindle. As long as you can open the file on your Amazon Kindle, and it involves text, you can highlight.

2. Find a passage you want to focus on, something that you really like or you would like to come back to later.

drag your finger over the passage

3. Take your finger and hover over where the passage starts. Now, drag your finger over the passage until you come to the end of what you want to highlight. You’ve just made a highlight and your Amazon Kindle will let you know you’ve made a highlight.

When you highlight text, you’ll see a toolbar appear. If at any point you want to delete a highlight or fix an existing one, select Undo or Delete, located on the toolbar.

And that’s it. That’s all it takes to highlight text on your Amazon Kindle. The simple act of highlighting wraps a nice bow on the Amazon Kindle. Not only is it great for keeping track of your place in the book, but an excellent tool to master if you review books. You can highlight specific passages and use those as jumping off point for your book review. But that’s not all your Amazon Kindle has to offer.

Make Some Notes with your Kindle

What’s the best partner a highlighted passage could ask for? Notes. A week down the road when you fire up a book on your Amazon Kindle and see highlights, you may have forgotten why you highlighted them in the first place. Leave behind a note for your future self.

1. Open up a book again, or a document, that’s saved on your Amazon Kindle.

2. Locate a passage you want to make note of for later and highlight it with your finger like you would with a physical highlighter.

a toolbar will appear

3. After you highlight a passage, a toolbar will appear. On that toolbar, you’re going to want to find Note.

select Save

4. When the virtual keyboard appears, go ahead and type up a note for yourself. If you want to keep the note, select Save located in the bottom right of the note card.

To delete a note, you’ll see a number at the end of a highlighted passage. Tap the number and make any necessary changes.

Viewing Your Highlights and Notes

Believe it or not, any highlights and notes you make in your book or document actually make their way into your account. From Amazon’s platform, you can read the highlights you made as well as any notes you left behind. Again, just the simple act of highlighting and making notes makes these two tools invaluable to anyone looking to review a book.

Here’s what you do:

1. Find and launch your preferred web browser, preferably with a safe and secure network. You will be logging into your Amazon account.

2. Head on over to Amazon’s Kindle homepage.

3. Log in with your Amazon account, specifically the one linked to your Amazon Kindle, if you aren’t already logged in.

you should see a list of every highlight

4. Now you should see a list of every highlight you’ve made as well as any notes you wrote. On the left hand side, you’ll find a list of the books you’ve highlighted in and made notes for. So, if you want to look for a specific passage in a specific book, you can find it on the left. Scroll down if you need to.