In Safari, each time you visit a website, the URL is hidden, and you can’t see the full address, only the website domain is shown. For example, you’re only shown when you visit an article on this site instead of ( the full URL.

Fortunately, there’s a setting that allows you to change the address bar so you can view the full address rather than having to click on the address bar each time you want to view the entire URL.

Show Full Website Address Safari Mac

1. Go to Safari.

2. Click on Preferences in Safari menu.


3. Click on Advanced tab.

show full website address

4. In Smart search Field, select Show full website address.

5. Close Preferences. When you visit a website, you’ll be able to see the websites full address without having to click the address bar each time.

Show Full Website Address iPhone or iPad

1. Go to Safari.

2. Visit a website in Safari.

3. Click on the URL.

copy url

4. Hold the URL > Select All > Copy.

Can’t View Full Website Address

If you can’t view the full website’s address in Safari even after changing the settings, then you’ll need to restart your Mac or iOS device in order for the settings to start working. If you still can’t view the full URL at this point, you can uncheck the setting, close preferences and enable the setting again.

After doing this, you can restart your iOS device and you’ll be able to see the full address when you visit a website.