What Does Viber Last Seen a Moment Ago Mean?

What Does Viber Last Seen a Moment Ago Mean?

Viber is a communications app that helps make calls and send texts to anyone in the world. Being connected is as easy as turning your phone on. As you use the app you notice that some of your contacts say, “Last Seen a Moment Ago.” What does this mean?

What Does Last Seen A Moment Ago Mean?

Last Seen a Moment is a status descriptor that Viber uses to let your friends and family know you recently used the app. This works as a way to ensure people that you are able and willing to respond to messages you receive on the app.

No one likes to send messages if people appear to have used the app 2 days ago. This is due to the fact that, most likely, that person will not even open your message.

Having a feature that ensures others that you have been using the communication method they are trying to reach you in is crucial to establishing good communication between both parties.

Don’t worry though, this does not mean that you will get a tsunami of messages from other users of the app, but it will make it easier for them to try and reach out to you. Audio calls are another feature that draws people into the app.

Since audio calls are also registered as a log into the app, answering calls might show the Last Seen a Moment Ago status to others.

Viber Last Seen Wrong? Here’s Why

The status indicator is not perfect by any means and problems may arise with it. You might be seeing a status indicator that is not updated to the latest information available.

This means that even if you were currently active on the platform, it would not show as such in your profile. There is also the possibility that there is a bug that is causing a problem.

A bug is an error that comes from updates made to the code of any given platform. Or maybe Viber’s servers are down.

There are many reasons why the status description is not correct, so make sure to go through every explanation to make sure that you reach the root of the problem.

1. There’s A Delay

It might be the case that there is a delay on Viber, and none of the information in it is being updated in real-time. A delay may be caused by an update that is being done to the servers or an error with the times of updating.

A delay might also cause the messages you send not to be delivered to their recipients. A delayed status update might also be caused by slow internet speeds.

If you have noticed that when using sites that require constant internet connection, there are problems with loading, you might be suffering from slow internet speeds.

Fix – Wait For Time to Adjust to Active Now

If there is a delay on your status, the only thing that you will be able to do is to wait until your status adjusts to act now. If you are having problems with people being unable to see your current status, just wait to see if your status updates.

This normally does not take longer than a couple of minutes, so just be patient. If the problem you are having is with the status description of other users, there is also something that you can do in this case.

Send a message to a user you believe to have inaccurate information. Wait until you receive a response and compare the time you obtained a response to them to their activity status.

If you receive a response and the status update does not happen immediately, there is a delay in the platform.

2. There’s A Bug

It might also be the case that a bug is causing the activity status to act erroneously. If you have currently updated Viber, there is the possibility that new bugs will come from the update.

Updates are meant to help apps work more smoothly and faster, but since updates change the code of the app, this can introduce errors. Even when no update has been made currently, there might be a bug that has arisen on the app since the last time you used it.

A bug might sound like a problem that has no solution, but actually, all of the solutions for the problem are quite easy to follow.

Fix – Clear Your Cache to Get Rid of Viber Bugs

Since bugs are errors in the code of an app, the more information that is stored in the app, the more likely it becomes that a problem might occur.

Clearing your cache will eliminate information stored on your device that is not necessary for the device or app to function properly. To clear your cache on Viber, head onto the settings on the app, and under privacy, choose to delete your data.

You might be wondering what kind of data you would be erased. This data is just data that is stored about the usage and performance of the app to give the user a better experience. Deleting this information will not give you a bad experience.

Deleting this information might actually cause the app to operate faster and better than it was. If you are having problems with any other app, clearing the cache might get rid of the problems you are experiencing.

Fix 2 – Update Viber to Get Rid Of Bugs

As previously stated, all updates are added onto platforms to make sure that their app is running as efficiently as possible. Updates most of the time bring with them fixes to known problems.

Keeping your apps updated means that all of your apps will be as secure as possible, as fast as possible, and as enhanced as possible. One thing that you might want to do before you update Viber is to check the description of the update before you install it.

Most of the time, all of the fixes will be found at the top of the description, and all new additions at the bottom.

Check to see if problems with activity status are mentioned anywhere in the description. If the exact problem of the “Last Seen a Moment Ago” status indicator is mentioned in the update, then the app developers focused their attention on said problem.

Even if the problem you are having is not mentioned directly in the description, this does not mean that no fix was done. Sometimes the number of changes that are made on an update is so vast that adding all of them in the description is just not plausible.

3. Viber Is Down

You have read all the other explanations and tried all of the solutions, so what is going on? Well, it just might be that Viber is currently down. When a platform is down, none of the operations that are done on the platform will be processed.

If there is currently an update of the servers or if there was a peak of app users that the servers could not handle can cause the servers to go down.

Since Viber is not a company that has the resources like Facebook or Twitter, it is more likely to have problems with its servers.

Fix – Wait For Viber To Go Back Up

If the server is down the only thing you can do now is wait until the site goes back up. Having your site down is the worst since you will not be able to do anything on the site. How can you be absolutely sure that the servers for Viber are down?

The first thing you will want to try is to use any other Viber feature to see if your app is working. You might try to make a call to a friend and see if the call goes through. If your call does not go through try to send a message or even update your profile picture.

If you are not able to do any of these actions then the servers are most probably down. Another thing that you can do to see if the servers for Viber are actually down is to search for “Viber server status“ on the browser of your choice.

Odds are that you will find a page that is targeted specifically to logging problems that users are having with the app all around the world. With this type of page most of the time there will be an app found somewhere on the page that tracks and registers all reported errors in the world.

If you see that there have been many reported errors, especially in your area, then most likely the Viber app is down. If you do find a site that tracks server errors for Viber keep in mind that the site requires on others reporting a problem for the site to work.

Based on this we might conclude that the information that is found on said pages is not always accurate.

If you believe that the information you are getting is not accurate the next thing you will want to try is get onto any other social network you have and look for Viber on your search bar.

Especially in networks such as Twitter when people are having a problem with a service they tend to post about it.

This helps to let others know that there is a problem going on with the app and a general sense of how bad the problem is. Whichever way of research you use, the only thing that is left to do is wait until Viber’s servers go back up.

How Accurate is Viber Last Seen?

No social network has a perfect status indicator. Viber is no stranger to the features that most social media networks use to help the users stay connected at all times. Last seen or last connection is a feature that many social network platforms have.

The feature helps others see when was the last time that a user used the site. This works by changing the connectivity status of their users as soon as they log back into the app. But just how accurate Viber’s last seen feature actually is?

As with any social network’s status indicator, it is not perfect. The first thing to consider is that the inaccuracy might come from the users. It is far too common that people open social platform apps on their phone and leave them open while they are not in use.

Even though the person is not technically using the app, Viber will register it as such. It is also possible that the error is caused by Viber. The most likely scenario is that there is a delay on their system or they are not registering the activity of their users correctly.

With Viber specifically there have been a vast amount of complaints regarding the connectivity status. Many users state that the time stamps used by Viber are not accurate and customer support does not help to fix the problem.

Since Viber is not a company with the same resources as social network giants their accuracy will not be the same as their competitors. Even when you see that one of your friends is active on Viber, don’t rely only on the information given by the app.

Viber is an app that is focused on keeping people connected all around the world. It is an app that features a messaging and calling service for all of their users.

As many other social media networks do, Viber is interested in keeping people as connected as possible. One of the ways that the platform achieves this is by logging and informing others about the last connections for all users.

The feature to see last connectivity connections is nothing new, and in Viber this feature does not seem to be as accurate as with other social media networks.

If you are having problems with your status indicator don’t worry, odds are that your problem will be solved by Viber in a matter of minutes.

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