NFC, or Near Field Communication, allows for wireless communications between two close electronic devices. One device must transmit information while another must receive that information. NFC can be categorized into categories known as Passive NFC and Active NFC.

Passive NFCs include NFC tags NFC tags and small transmitters, and they are considered passive because they do not need a power source to work. Active NFC can send and receive data, and one well-known example of an active NFC is a smartphone.

All Android devices are able to support NFC without an app; however, if you have an Apple smartphone, you are only able to use NFC without an app with iOS 11. The newer models, such as the XR, XS, and XS Max do not need an app.

The following are 12 of the best ways to use NFC tags in your every day life to make your day to day tasks a little easier.

1. Enable Your Hotspot

If you use your phone’s hotspot a lot, this one will be useful for you. If there are certain places that you use your hotspot frequently, you can place the tag there. When you come close to the tag, your hotspot will turn on.

You could place one in your car and not have to fumble with all the buttons to turn on your hotspot before loading navigation. You could also place one at the bottom of your laptop if you are frequently on the go.

This function will stop you from attempting to load a page that you need and suddenly realizing that you never turned your hotspot on.

2. Setting an Alarm

Use an NFC tag to wake you up in the morning or after a quick nap. If you are someone who never gets out of bed on time or is in the habit of snoozing your alarm until the last possible minute, this one is for you.

Stick your tag somewhere far away from your bed. This can be your usual first morning stop or in the kitchen to make yourself a quick cup of coffee.

The alarm will only be disabled when you bring your phone close to this tag. It may seem torturous, but it will surely cause you to get up on time!

3. Business Cards

If you do not like to carry business cards, then this is a great solution. You will never have to carry a bulky stack of cards or worry about storing them again. You can use an NFC tag to share your business information.

You can share your contact information, your website, your business address, and other things all on your smart business cards. You can use services like MOO to create a card that you can use over and over again.

You can share this card as many times as you’d like. Editing your card is also a lot easier since you do not have to waste paper and money by discarding your cards and ordering more whenever the slightest updates are needed.

4. Notes

You can use a tag to have access to your notes faster. You can link a specific note to the tag using whichever online notes app you use. When your phone comes in contact with the tag, it will automatically launch the note that is attached to it on your phone.

It makes shopping, doing errands, or even just pulling up the notes to update your thoughts so much easier. If you are a writer, an avid notetaker, or someone who just loves being organized, then this might be just what you need.

5. Advertising

Posters and flyers are a great way to bring attention to your business. However, simply putting the address on a poster is not going to make your potential customers likely to come to an establishment that they are unsure of location- wise.

If you place an NFC tag on your poster that you can link with directions, customers will be able to load directions the minute that they become interested in your business. This would be a great way to convenience your customers in a way that may increase the likelihood of them attending your event or visiting your business.

Because this may require a lot of NFC tags, you might want to put them with the poster or flyers in the heavily trafficked areas only.

6. Directions

You may find that you go to work, school, or a far away friend’s house very often. To save time, you can link the directions to these places to an NFC tag in your car. Or, if you use a navigation app to go everywhere, simply link that app to the NFC tag and it will launch as soon as you tap it.

This makes getting ready to hit the road a lot easier. If you are always pressed for time or simply just forget that you need directions, this would make your life a lot easier.

7. Sharing WIFI

If you are someone who can never remember your WIFI password, then this one is for you. You can store your password on a tag. When it connects to a device that is compatible with NFC, then that device will automatically connect to your NFC tag.

This saves you the time of repeating and searching for your password and it saves your guests the embarrassment of asking for your WIFI password.

8. Smartlock

If you have a smartlock that is compatible with NFC, then this method will work for you. If you have an Android with NFC enabled and a smartlock, then you can place the tag on the door.

You can use this tag to send a command to your smartlock to unlock it. This is useful if you come home when it is dark or if you are carrying a lot of bags in your hands and would have to put them all down to unlock your door.

9. Lights

It is rather expensive and technology extensive to do this. You are able to turn your lights off with the wave of your phone. You need to buy lights that are compatible with NFC, like a Phillips Hue or any other Smart Bulb kit.

Sticking a tag somewhere you walk in that is linked to these bulbs will trigger them turning on or off. Placing the tags in doorways or at the beginning or hallways would be beneficial for this method. Even though this is expensive, you might want to consider it if you already have a smart house.

10. Computer

You will be able to turn on your laptop or computer anywhere that you have WIFI with a series of steps. These steps include connecting your home router to dynamic DNS service and your forward points 7 and 9 to your laptop or computer address.

You would also need to download a remote desktop app that works for you. If your computer takes a long time to turn on, then this may be the best use of NFC tags for you.

11. Make a Shortcut for your Common Phone Functions

If you open a particular app, call a family member or a friend, or launch your camera often, you can use NFC to use these functions in the blink of an eye. Apps like Dimple are ways to put physical buttons on your device near the NFC chip and, when you press them, they will automatically launch that function. You will never miss a great photo opportunity again with this use!

12. Using a Timer

Are there appliances in your house that you always use a timer for? Do you forget to set a timer sometimes? To fix this issue you can place an NFC tag on the appliance and your phone will always launch a timer as soon as it approaches the NFC tag.