Through keyboard shortcuts, you can easily accomplish various tasks in a matter of seconds. These tasks would normally take more than a few seconds, or maybe even minutes of your time, when done manually, without the use of keyboard shortcuts.

Once you learn the keyboard shortcuts below, you’ll rarely, if ever, have to reach for your Mac trackpad. This will, over time, save you a great deal of time. Below you’ll find a list of the most used keyboard shortcuts on your Mac. In order to get started and learn these shortcuts, follow along below.

Keyboard Shortcut to Take Screenshots or Record Screen

Just like how you can take screenshots on your phone, you can actually take screenshots on your Mac, as well. The process is very simple, and often proves to be very beneficial to users. You have the option to take a screenshot directly or take a screenshot of a small portion of your screen. In order to learn more, follow along below.

Take a screenshot: command + shift + 3

Ever since the release of Mac OS Mojave, Apple made it possible to see all your screenshot tools at once. Using the keyboard shortcut below, you’ll have the option to record your screen, take a screenshot of a portion of your screen, and more.

Take Portioned Screenshot or Record Screen: command + shift + 5

Force Quit an Application

Software isn’t perfect and sometimes applications can stop responding or begin to crash. This is a common occurrence, and often isn’t something to worry about. When this occurs, you’ll want to force quit the application that is giving you trouble. Instead of using your trackpad to navigate to the Force Quit window, you can easily use a keyboard shortcut in order to force quit applications.

Force Quit an App: command + option + Q

An easy way to remember this keyboard shortcut is to keep in mind that the word “quit” begins with the letter Q and this keyboard shortcut to quit applications also uses the Q key, on your keyboard.

Quickly Lock Your Mac

If you use your Mac all day long, it’s likely you get up often for bathroom and food breaks. It would be a hassle to turn off your Mac each time you get up and having to manually lock your screen through the menu bar, can get annoying as well. IF you have nosy family members or colleagues you may find the keyboard shortcut below very useful. Using the keyboard shortcut below you can instantly lock your Mac’s screen, without even touching your Mac’s trackpad.

Immediately Lock Mac Screen: command + control + Q

Quickly Switch Between Active Applications

The App Switcher is a unique tool on your Mac that allows you to easily switch between active apps on your system. Even if you have multiple apps open, you can use the keyboard shortcut below in order to navigate to and use the app of your choice.

Switch Between Apps: command + tab

Hold the command key, and tap tab, in order to switch between multiple applications, if you have plenty opened on your Mac.

Hide Applications Immediately

How many times have you been doing work on your Mac, only to have nosy family members appear out of nowhere, in order to catch a glimpse of what you’re working on? The answer is probably more often than you’d like. If you don’t live with family, how many times have you been procrastinating at work, only to have your supervisor appear out of nowhere and catch you goofing off? You may be happy to learn that there’s a way to quickly hide applications on your Mac, in an instant, using the keyboard shortcut below.

Hide Active Application: command + H

An easy way to remember this keyboard shortcut is to keep in mind that the word “hide” begins with H, and this keyboard shortcut uses the H key to hide applications. If you wish to use the application again, after hiding it, all you need to do is click on the applications icon in the Dock or through the App Switcher.

Please note that this method won’t work is you’re using two applications at once, through split screen view. If you’re using split screen view, a quick way to hide the current view is by quickly swiping three fingers across your Mac’s trackpad. Although this isn’t a keyboard shortcut, it’s a neat trick to know.