How to Use Headphone Jack and Bluetooth at the Same Time Android

How to Use Headphone Jack and Bluetooth at the Same Time Android

There are many possible reasons for you to want to use headphones with a jack connection and also use your Bluetooth simultaneously.

Whether you are excited to share the music you are listening to on your headphones, or maybe you are an audiophile that sounds terrible but means you are a hi-fi enthusiast, essentially a connoisseur of high-quality audio.

Either way, here is some help with headphones with auxiliary output and Bluetooth simultaneously.

Can You Use Headphone Jack and Bluetooth at the Same Time Android

Yes, you can indeed use headphones with a jack connection or auxiliary output connection and at the same time utilize your Bluetooth on your Android device.

This sounds more complicated than it truly is; an audio jack, also known as a phone jack, of course, plugs right into your phone to receive the audio, and the phone jack relies on three critical points of contact.

These three points of contact are the sleeve, the ring, and the tip; when you plug the audio jack into your phone, there are two very tiny metal prongs that make contact with the ring portion and the other at the tip.

These prongs establish the connection and transmit the audio being played to the jack, then up through the audio wire and out the headphones.

A Bluetooth connection is not a direct connection; instead, it is transmitted through short-range radio waves picked up by the Bluetooth receiver within your phone, Bluetooth speaker, or even a smart TV.

With these two distinctively different methods of audio connection, they can coincide on the Android device.


In order to use a headphone jack connection and simultaneously use a Bluetooth connection, you will need to add a couple of items to your device’s collection, meaning that you will require at least two more components in this process to ensure that it works and that it works correctly.

One of these items is a Bluetooth transmitter, and this device is critical to transmitting the music you are listening to on your headphones to the Bluetooth-capable device, such as a speaker or smart TV.

Most Bluetooth transmitters are pretty simple to use; also, most of them derive their power from the device they are connected to (in this case, your Android phone.) If you just purchased the Bluetooth transmitter, it is good to know that with most

Bluetooth transmitters will automatically pair up with the device that you are trying to pair/sync it with.

Depending on which Bluetooth transmitter you purchase, some Bluetooth transmitters have volume options, some have on and off power switches, and others may or may not have these options and or features. It all depends on which Bluetooth transmitter you buy.

A suitable and reliable Bluetooth transmitter is the “Avantree” Audikast Plus Bluetooth transmitter; this device can be found and purchased on Amazon.

With this Bluetooth transmitter, you will be able to pair up two separate wireless headphones to it, which is one of the defining qualities of this device that sets it apart from other Bluetooth transmitters.

Not to mention, the device boasts a reach of 30M or 100FT so that you can transmit your music from an agreeable distance. It is also equipped with class 1 Bluetooth and Bluetooth v5 (Volume 5.)

The “Avantree” Bluetooth transmitter is also equipped with a Digital Opt (SPDIF/TOSLINK,) an AUX plug output port (3.5mm,) that can also do RCA connection, and of course, a USB connection port.

Also, to add to the list of features, it looks nice with a sleek design and has a handy display where you can adjust the volume by button keys, and you will always know if your connections are genuinely connected with a helpful status indicator.

As previously stated, this device is available for purchase on Amazon for a modest price of $49.99 (prices may vary.)

Also, with it being 27mm wide and 11.5mm tall, you can take it practically anywhere for your Bluetooth music-playing needs.

This device has many features: volume keys that double as track changes, mode switch, play/pause, and two audio holes; one for receiving and the other for transmitting.

It comes with a 3.5mm audio cable, USB charging cable, and of course, a manual so that you can get to know your Bluetooth transmitter better.

This handy little device could almost certainly work in this scenario of wanting to simultaneously use your headphones (by cable connection) and use your Bluetooth for sharing the sound.

Also, with the “LENDAWAY” Bluetooth transmitter and a dual auxiliary splitter, you can take your dual music playing/sharing set-up nearly anywhere, so long as you have a Bluetooth-capable speaker to share said music or sound.

This is also a great set-up if you are relaxing at home, enjoying your music through your favorite cord-connecting headphones; at the same, your spouse or friends get to enjoy the same music over the Bluetooth speaker.

You are creating good vibes for you and everyone around you. This is good for everyone, and you get to enjoy both of the excellent device features with your friends.

How to Use Headphone Jack and Bluetooth at the Same Time Android

The two other components that we spoke of in the last segment are one being an auxiliary splitter and the other being a Bluetooth transmitter.

First, let’s start with the auxiliary splitter; in this case, you will want a male-to-female dual auxiliary splitter, this device, or a set of wires with one auxiliary input and two auxiliary outputs.

The way this works is that the audio that is being played from your Android device travels through the male input auxiliary cord, then is split at the conjunction (with no audio quality loss,) and in this scenario; it will be outputted to your headphones and to the Bluetooth transmitter.

The next component of concern is the Bluetooth transmitter, and this device is quite incredible in its function.

A Bluetooth transmitter can provide Bluetooth capabilities to devices that do not have it by directly connecting to the device via an audio cable connection.

So, if you wanted to, you could connect an iPod Shuffle (that does not have Bluetooth capability) to the Bluetooth transmitter with the audio cable connection.

Then, the music being played on the iPod Shuffle can be transmitted to a Bluetooth receiving device such as a speaker for better sound quality. It is pretty simple yet, quite extraordinary with the technological feat that has been achieved with the device.

With all of that said, let’s get to set this up. Firstly, ensure you have all the components required for this to work. The components consist of your Android device, a Bluetooth transmitter, and a male-to-female dual auxiliary splitter with 3.5 mm outputs.

Once you have achieved all three of these connections and enabled the Bluetooth transmitter, then connected to the appropriate device for receiving the Bluetooth signal, you are ready to pump up the jams!

Now, you can share your music over the Bluetooth speaker and, at the same time, enjoy the music through your favorite headphones.

While on the subject, Bluetooth is an excellent tool for everyone to use, whether you are a gamer that enjoys blasting music on their Bluetooth speakers while you are conquering your foes on the battlefield.

Or if you are a busy mom trying to get a plethora of things done while simultaneously taking phone calls over your Bluetooth-connected Android phone.

With Bluetooth paving the way for wireless connective devices, it is becoming more and more enticing and practical for everyday use.

This method of using a dual auxiliary splitter and a Bluetooth transmitter is quite the clever workaround for being able to enjoy the music you are hearing on your headphones and simultaneously share it on a Bluetooth connective speaker.

While it is a relatively simple process, it is also not something that would typically come to mind. So do not be discouraged if you did not initially think of it, and that is what we are here for.

On that note, we hope you found the information found in this helpful article, and maybe, in the process, you gained some tech insight.

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