While you can use your Apple Watch to easily send text messages and even receive phone calls, browsing through Facebook seems impossible. Keyword: seems. Even though the Apple Watch doesn’t have an official Facebook application or a web-surfing application such as Safari, you can still access and browse Facebook thanks to something known as WebKit.

WebKit is an engine for the Safari web browser, which allows you to access web pages without use of the Safari application. WebKit will be available on your Apple Watch if you have installed the watchOS 5 update, or onwards. Since you’ll be accessing Facebook indirectly, you’ll have to carry out some initial setup.

The WebKit engine works by allowing full webpages to display when links are accessed from emails or text messages. It’s important to note that though webpages will open, they won’t be as lucrative as they are on your desktop computer. Some functionalities of the webpage, such as watching YouTube videos, won’t work.

Nonetheless, Facebook will work quite well on your Apple Watch, even automatically formatting to the watch’s screen size, which will make consuming content and reading updates a breeze. In order to start using Facebook on your Apple Watch, follow the steps below,

1. Using the email address that you have set up on your Apple Watch, send yourself an email message. Make sure the email message has the link https://www.facebook.com within its body.

2. On your Apple Watch, open the Mail application. Open the Inbox of the mail client you addressed in your email

3. Once the Inbox is open, swipe down on the screen so that new messages may download.

4. Once you see the email you sent yourself, open the email, and tap on the Facebook link.

5. Upon loading, Facebook will request your login credentials. Note: After your first login, your Apple Watch will save your credentials and you won’t have to login in again. If your family or friends tend to play around with your Apple Watch, be careful, unless you want unwarranted status updates about how much you love them.

You are now able to use Facebook on your Apple Watch. While you could’ve sent a text messages instead of an email, it’s best to use email so that you may Flag the email message, thereby, making future access to it, simple. If you receive text messages often, your text will likely become lost beneath a long list. When you flag a message, it will be moved to a different folder, and you will be able to easily access it. In order to Flag the message, follow the instructions below,

1. Press down your finger on the display of your Apple Watch, while the email you sent yourself is open.

2. A pop-up menu will appear. Tap Flag.

3. The email has now shifted to your Flagged inbox.

The next time you need to open Facebook, simply go into your Flagged folder instead of tapping Inbox. Your email will be at the top of the list. Keep this method in mind for future references, if you have an important email that you need to access often.

Even though the Apple Watch doesn’t have a Facebook application, it does have a Messenger application. If you’ve already downloaded Messenger on your phone, it should be on your Apple Watch as well. However, if you don’t see the application on your Apple Watch, follow the steps below,

1. Navigate to the Watch application on your iPhone. Press My Watch, and scroll down until you see the Installed On Apple Watch heading.

2. Check to see if Messenger is listed under the heading. If it isn’t listed, type Messenger in the search bar at the bottom of the screen, and download the application. If Messenger is listed, tap on it.

3. Ensure that Show App On Apple Watch is enabled.

You should now be able to see the Messenger application on your Apple Watch. You have now found ways to not only browse Facebook but also use Messenger on your Apple Watch. At this point, is there any point of using your handheld? The wonders of having a computer on your wrist are magical.