You keep posting ads on Craigslist and, unfortunately, they keep getting flagged. What are you doing wrong? You must be doing everything you’re supposed to do, right? Well, Craigslist is a fickle beast and its flagging system can be tricky to deal with. However, through the use of a number of Craiglists posting software, you can bypass Craiglist’s checkpoints with ease. And hey, you’ll even learn how to keep your ads living longer.

The Cost of Doing Business

When it comes to your ads on Craigslist, there’s a full library of reasons why one or all of them get flagged or worse, deleted completely. It can seem like a daunting task to avoid the game of cat-and-mouse but there are a variety of tips to take advantage of that can, at the very least, reduce the number of times your ads get flagged. What you won’t find in this section are methods that stop your ads from getting flagged 100% of the time; there doesn’t exist a method on Earth that can.

However, there is something you should keep in mind: it’s more than possible to avoid the flagging of your videos, but what these solutions can’t do is stop those pesky competitors looking to do the same. You know, the ones that catch your ads and flag them just to make way for their own ads. Craigslist is a very competitive scene, considering the kind of traffic it gets, so you need to come to terms with that before you make the leap. In other words, if Craigslist doesn’t catch you, someone else will and it’ll always be a competitor looking to take your spot.

Speaking of which, there’s a good rule of thumb to go by when your ad does make it to Craigslist that can reveal whether it was Craigslist who shot down your ad or a person flagged your work. You see, Craigslist is rather slow with the flagging of ads; your ad could be awaiting death row in the first two hours of its life. But that’s where your competitors come in. If your ad’s life span reaches at least 2 hours, then it made its way past Craigslist watching eye. But if it doesn’t, then a competitor caught your ad and flagged it.

How does one flag an ad? Well, they certainly don’t sit on Craigslist waiting for one to show up. Instead, you’ll find plenty of programs that flag ads as much as programs are available to create them. Keep that in mind because it may help you. On Craigslist, the only way to get your ads moving and generating traffic is if you’re just as ruthless as your competitors.

Arm Yourself with a Craigslist Posting Software

They are dozens and dozens of Craigslist posting software that you can thumb through, quite frankly, too many to list every single one. However, there are a handful of them that have made a name for themselves, like CL AD Blaster.

But what are they? The function you’ll find most of them equipped with is the ability to post ads for you or, at the very least, make the job more easier than before. You can install ones that schedule ads to post at certain times, handle multiple accounts and even pass verification windows, like captcha.

1. CL AD Blaster

CL AD Blaster can be your friend when it comes to auto posting ads on Craigslist. It has a fairly easy interface, with the ability of posting up to 150 ads a day. When your ads go down, CL AD Blaster can have them back up and renewed after the posting window is open, as well as re-post any ads that have expired.

And, as a bonus, CL AD Blaster has a helpful tutorial video on their website. If you aren’t sure how to use it, give it 20 mins of your time.

2. Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility 3.4

Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility 3.4

Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility is a strange beast taking a note from Microsoft Excel’s interface. The focus here, however, is with the use of HTML. If you have experience with HTML and you’re looking for a way to create ads and post them, then Craigslist Classified Ad Posting Utility is for you.

3. Craigslist Auto Poster

Craigslist Auto Poster

With the use of the Craigslist Auto Poster, one can multi-post your ads as well as manage your ads and make the process super easy. It has a really simple UI that anyone can pick up with a bit of practice, especially with its step-by-step ad process.

On top of that, if you have multiple Craigslist accounts, it can handle several email addresses for ad posting. If you were looking for something straightforward, use Craigslist Auto Poster.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take a VPN

Utilizing Craigslist posting software isn’t going to be enough for your ads to live for; they need something to help them, something to bolster their strength. What your ads need is the help of a VPN or a proxy provider that offers the same features as a VPN to protect your IP address.

Let’s say you have a few ads to post on Craigslist. You decide to forget the VPN and just go with a Craigslist posting software. Unfortunately, Craigslist is going to see that all those ads share the same IP address–your IP address–and that is going to throw a serious red flag in Craigslist’s system as well as a wicked monkey wrench into your plans. It’s going to see that IP address and if the ad doesn’t match the local area it was posted to, say goodbye to your ad. And that’s just Craigslist first checkpoint. The second checkpoint comes in the form of account verification. It’ll check your account, your phone number and the local city you’re verified for.

So, how is a VPN going to help you there? By switching your IP to something other than your own, a mask, an illusion. A VPN, or “Virtual Private Network,” is aimed at giving you security and privacy. The power of a VPN wasn’t created for Craigslist, but it sure does help.

By adding a VPN into the scenario listed before–posting a few ads with a Craigslist posting software–now when Craigslist gives the ads the stink eye, it won’t see identical IP addresses, it’ll see different IP addresses matching the local towns they’re posted to.

New Number, Who Dis?

One checkpoint that deserves its own section is the use of phone numbers. One of Craigslist’s checkpoints involves the scanning of your phone number and if the phone number on your account doesn’t matter the area in which the ad was posted, Craigslist will flag your ad.

It isn’t always clear when Craigslist will verify a phone number, but it happens and you run the risk of a flag if the necessary precautions are taken; don’t skip the phone numbers. For example, if your account is based in New York, then it best be a New York number. Craigslist will see that and knock that ad out of your hand.

So, to be extra clear, for every local town you post to, you need an account for that town and a number that matches along with all the necessary protection in place via proxy allocation.

Don’t Cram Together Your Ads

You are allotted one ad per city, every 48 hours. Any less than that and Craigslist will be knocking on your virtual door with a big flag. In fact, don’t even rely on the 48 hour rule because it doesn’t always work. You’ll have to play cat-and-mouse with the flagging system and gauge when it is you get flagged. One town might flag at 40 hours and another might flag at 50 hours; it all depends on the ad’s local area.

To help keep your ads rolling out, try using a schedule. Many Craigslist posting software comes with a scheduler that can roll out your ads are specific times. You’ll just have to do the legwork on how often they can be posted and then schedule them accordingly.

Write Ads Like You’re a Nobel Prize Winner

If you want to get your ad out there, then you need to write. But before that, you need to be familiar with Craigslist’s Terms of Use. There’s a bunch of words Craigslists looks down on and using any one of them in your work can get you a nice pile of flags. And worse, it’s always getting updated. Keep yourself up-to-date.

With that being said, this part is busy work. You’ll understand after you’ve written five or six ads, all with pictures, and can’t come with ways of re-wording a certain message. What you’re aiming for is the ability for each ad to stand apart from the other ads, but still keep your ad’s message clear. Every category is different so add or delete what is and isn’t necessary for a category; one ad might be terrible for one category but work incredibly well in another.

As a closing on this section, never, ever add URLs to your ads. If you’re looking to get your ads flagged on Craigslist, then you are welcome to include a URL.