Ups Check Back Tomorrow for An Updated Delivery Date

Ups Check Back Tomorrow for An Updated Delivery Date

What Does Ups Check Back Tomorrow for An Updated Delivery Date Mean?

This is a notification by UPS letting you know that a specific delivery date hasn’t been set for you yet, but one might be set for you tomorrow or in the future.

Why Does It Say UPS Check Back Tomorrow for An Updated Delivery Date But

1. They’re Overwhelmed With Package Volume

 During your tour through this guide, you are going to see a phrase commonly throughout reading this. And that phrase is this; at the moment you are placing an order, there are millions of other consumers who are placing an order simultaneously.” 

What has to be understood is that UPS carriers are not robots. Although the packaging and processing can be done robotically, when it comes to delivering your packages, your packages are delivered by human beings.

And human beings who work for mail carriers, such as UPS, deal with the same struggles as every other person that has a standard job.

Workers that are in-house, as well as delivery drivers, deal with a common issue of high volumes of packages and deliveries that are due.

Whenever there is a high volume of packages and deliveries, this will affect your delivery date.

So, if you get a notification from UPS stating to check back in 24 hours for a new delivery date, the processing for all of their packages may be backed up at the moment. This means that this issue is completely out of your hands.

Typically, this is a problem that will resolve itself over a short amount of time. If there is a minor or major backup, you may not always get that notification.

So, if you took the initiative to give UPS support a phone call or chat with a live agent, the representatives of UPS might be able to provide you with that information. 

2. Your Package Wasn’t Scanned

Typically, after you have made a purchase online for any merchant or seller, your order will proceed through the process of being scanned by the warehouse that it is being shipped.

This typically takes place right before the order is placed on the UPS carrier delivery vehicle. 

Sometimes, this is a case of the carrier or the warehouse actually forgetting to scan your order through for delivery. This is a case that is considered to be typical human error. 

If the carrier or the warehouse has completely forgotten about your order, you must know that something like this is never intentional.

This is something that can be accidental. As we proceed with understanding this part of this article, one of the things to consider if something like this ever happens is to take into consideration the time frame in which you are making the purchase for that order.

In other words, please pay attention to the holidays and seasonal time frames when shopping is at its peak.

If you are making a purchase for an item during any peak season, you can expect some delays as well as a human error that may take place during the processing of your order.

What needs to be understood is that even though you have access to place an order for anything you want at the tip of your fingers, the processing of the shipment of the order is in the control of human beings.

This means that mistakes can happen. Not saying they will happen all the time. It’s just to acknowledge that mistakes do happen.

So, if you ever find yourself having an issue with your delivery date being delayed and UPS is sending you a notification there will be an update within 24 hours, it’s possible that your package wasn’t scanned prior to being put on the delivery truck to be en route to your destination. 

3. It’s During a Busy Holiday Such As Black Friday

Another aspect that can be a key factor in the shipping process being delayed is the holiday season. Shopping online for major holidays is something that is typically common year-round.

There are consumers who shop on Amazon, eBay, Shein, and many other popular online shopping sites and apps.

Some of these major purchases can range from fireworks for the 4th of July, spicy costumes for Halloween, beautiful fall decor for the Thanksgiving season, and Christmas ornaments to turn your home into a winter wonderland.

And if you or someone who has a birthday around particular holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s, you can definitely expect the volume of shoppers to be extremely high, especially if you are one of those shoppers. 

And, of course, during the exciting holiday season, there is the infamous Black Friday. With all of these year-round events, most people would prefer to shop online rather than fight the traffic just to get to a store and fight over the last flat-screen TV.

But that doesn’t mean that shopping online can be any easier. It is important to know that when you’re placing an order, there are tens of thousands of other people placing an order simultaneously.

And most likely, 50% of the tens of thousands of people placing an order at the same time as you are might be people who are purchasing the same items.

When this typically happens, some orders could be considered back-orders due to a high volume of requests for a particular order or for all orders that were generated at a specific time that is now in a backlog.

When items are in a backlog, it may take some time for everything to be caught up and for everyone to have their orders shipped in a timely manner.

With all of this being said, this is something that can have a major effect on the carrier which is supposed to be delivering your package. If there is a delay with the order being processed, this will most likely affect the delivery date of your package.

So, if you notice a notification from UPS stating that you need to check back within 24 hours for an updated delivery date, there may be a possible delay in the shipping process.

If there is a delay, don’t worry! Everything will get caught up promptly, and you will be able to receive a notification once your order has been processed and is on the truck with the UPS carrier and out for delivery.

UPS has been a trusted delivery carrier for so many years. If there is ever an issue, there will always be an update for that issue.

4. Your Order Hasn’t Been Prioritized

To set an order as a priority is simply setting the order as a number one obligation for your carrier. 

If you have not set your order as a priority through ups, you may not have the package delivered to your doorstep when you expect it to.

If you want to make your order a priority, it is best to take the necessary steps to ensure this after you have placed the order.

That way, once the order goes through the processing system, the carrier for the package will be notified immediately. And once the carrier is notified, the package will be delivered accordingly. 

5. Bad Weather Conditions Which Caused A Delay

Many factors can contribute to the shipping process being delayed. Normally, if there is a delay in the delivery date, you will receive a notification via text or email based on the delivery status of your order.

If you happen to make a purchase during certain times of the year when there are inclement weather conditions, you can expect a delay in your shipping process.

Some of these inclement weather conditions could be snowy weather, extreme rain, flooding, or lightning conditions. Hopefully, all of these don’t occur at the same time.

If you’re a consumer or buyer who lives in New York and you are expecting a delivery, you know that it would not be wise to place an order during the peak winter months when the snow is blistering and vengeful.

Also, it wouldn’t be wise to attempt to place an order during hurricane season since this is something that will also hinder the delivery date.

Typically, when there is inclement weather, you will receive a notification from the mail carrier that is delivering your package. Most likely, the notification will give you the indication that there is a delay in your delivery date due to inclement weather.

This is not something that you can argue with, considering that this is a scenario that is completely out of your hands and control.

The best course of action for you to proceed with in a situation like this one is to wait for the inclement weather to pass simply. And once the inclement weather has blown over (literally), the delivery date for your package will then update.

How Long Will It Take For Them to Give Me A Delivery Date

When you are tracking your package using the UPS carrier, it is essential to know that they’re tracking updates every two to three minutes. And this is typically when the package is traveling through a certain location or destination.

Although this pertains to the tracking of your package when it’s en route, based on your delivery date itself, it is highly advised for customers who are expecting a package to follow up every 24 hours.

However, if you have been following up on your package every 24 hours and there is no update, it is possible that the courier has not picked up the package yet or the package has not been scanned through. 

So, the new delivery date depends on the situation at hand. If you are ordering during a busy time of the year, such as holidays, you may not expect a new delivery date right away.

There is no set deadline or time frame for when you should expect one. This also goes for customers who order during times of inclement weather.

Typically, for customers who place orders with merchants and sellers during times of inclement weather, such as hurricane season, you will most likely receive an update on your delivery date around and the approximate time of the inclement weather passing over.

What to Do If Ups Keeps Saying Check Back Tomorrow for An Updated Delivery Date, But It Doesn’t Give A Delivery Date

If you have been doing all that you can to follow up on your order and delivery date and you are still experiencing some technical difficulty or not receiving an update at all, there are actually a few things that you can do in order to take matters directly into your own hands to get to the bottom of the problem.

You have the option to contact UPS directly to see what’s going on; you can wait for the dilemma to resolve itself and for a delivery date to update.

You can choose an Express method the next time you order or simply adjust the time frames in which you are making purchases, especially during busy times of the year.

Let’s check out the first alternative! 

1. Contact Them

The first method of resolution is the simplest, and that is to contact UPS support for the inquiry simply. 

If you want to contact UPS by phone, the toll-free UPS support phone number is 1-800-742-5877 for direct customer service. There are times of operation will be Sunday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. eastern time.

If you are checking on an international shipping inquiry, their hours of operation will be 24/7. You can contact international shipping inquiries via 1-800-782-7892.

Also, there is technical support available as well. So, if you are having some sort of technical difficulty when it comes to checking your delivery date on your personal device, their hours of operation are from Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

And for weekends, the time frame will be from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. eastern time. The direct contact for technical support is 1877-289-6418.

It would be essential to keep the technical support number on standby just in case the issue is not with a carrier but possibly with the device that you’re using.

After you have located the tab for emailing ups, tap on it. After a new window is open, you will see a section for sending a message to a live chat agent.

If you don’t want to hold a place in line for the next phone representative, you have the opportunity to send a message to a live chat representative instead.

From there, you will receive the same support that a phone agent will give you. You will be provided information based on your order as well as what is going on with your delivery date.

2. Wait

The next option would be to wait it out. Many people can get exhausted when they have made many phone calls for the same issue. Sometimes, when you’ve made many phone calls, you may have gotten the same advice from different faces.

Or, in other words, different voices and representatives. And other times, you may have gotten the same representative over and over again. This can be highly frustrating, for sure.

So, if you have done as much as you could to attempt to resolve the issue by reaching out and testing your theories, your best bet at this point may be to wait for UPS to update your delivery date. 

Although this is something that will make you very anxious, as it was stated earlier, UPS is a well-trusted delivery carrier that has been in circulation for many years so far.

If there is ever an internal issue, the customers will definitely be notified of what is taking place, especially when it comes to the delivery dates of hundreds of thousands of orders. 

3. Choose An Express Method Next Time

For this next alternative, it is a simple plan of action to consider as well. The next time you place an order, prior to the order being sent to a mail carrier, you can place the shipment as Express instead. 

There are many advantages of having an Express order delivered. One of those advantages is that you don’t have to wait for five to seven business days for your package to arrive.

Typically, if you have placed an order for express delivery, the minimum time frame in which you can expect the delivery to arrive is usually around one to two or two to three business days, which also includes weekends for some orders.

If your order was placed as an Express shipment, you could expect it within the time frame that is mentioned by the merchant.

There are many people who shop online that have taken advantage of using the Express option.

However, there are many other people that did not want to take advantage of it. This is most likely due to a subscription issue. For some online shopping sites, you have to pay for a higher subscription to have express shipping on your orders.

For other sites and apps, such as Amazon, you don’t need to upgrade your subscription. But however, you may have to spend a “couple” of dollars more for express shipping.

Moreover, express shipping is always available at your disposal. 

4. Don’t Order During A Busy Season

For this last and final alternative, as it was stated earlier, you may want to be mindful of the times in which you are making your purchases online. This mostly pertains to order during busy seasons. 

If you find yourself making purchases online during busy times of the year, you have to understand that carriers are ten times as busy.

Delivery services, such as UPS, are delivery services that seek to maintain rapport by satisfying customers and clientele to their fullest potential. This includes making sure that the orders of hundreds of thousands of individuals get delivered in a timely manner.

Although if there is a delay in the delivery date updating, companies such as UPS will always notify their consumers if there is an internal issue that is taking place based on their order.

With all of this being said, ordering during busy times of the year can be a scary thing. When you make one purchase, there are millions of other purchases being made at that exact moment.

Just take a brief moment in time to think about it. Imagine you are shopping during Black Friday or Cyber Monday after Thanksgiving.

If you are making a purchase for a brand new 75-inch TV, as soon as you press to proceed with checkout, proceed with payment, process payment, etc.

At the exact moment that you are pressing the button to pay for your order, millions of other consumers are doing the same exact thing simultaneously. It really blows your mind, doesn’t it? 

Final Thoughts

Many of us have encountered issues where there was a delay with a delivery date. Mostly, the issue is due to the mail carrier. Although the issue is possibly the carrier, there are factors to consider regarding what the mail carrier is experiencing based on the delay.

If you don’t get a delivery date when you’re notified by UPS to check back tomorrow or in 24 hours, there may be an overwhelming volume of packages that are prompted to be delivered.

And some actions that you can take to take matters into your own hands to attempt to resolve the delivery issue; reach out to UPS, wait for the issue to resolve, choose an Express method next time, or don’t order during a busy season.

Out of all of the alternative sources of information presented here, you may want to consider the latter advice, especially during busy times of the year.

Whatever the case appears to be, you now know what to consider when your delivery date is delayed.



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