Uploading pictures to Facebook is one of the main functions of using the social media platform. It can provide context to an event, prove a point, express an opinion and even send a message.

Many individuals have even used Facebook as a safe place for their photos, milestones of their kids or special vacation photos.

Thankfully, because it’s such an integrated part of using social media, it’s very easy to upload a vast number of pictures to Facebook. It’s okay. Facebook can handle the hundreds of cat photos you want to share.

Below you’ll find steps on uploading pictures to Facebook with a computer and with a mobile device, both Android and iOS share steps.

with a Computer

1. Locate and open your favorite web browser and head over to Facebook’s home page.

It’s highly recommended you visit Facebook on a safe and secure network connection, considering you are handling sensitive information (your account information). Public network hotspots can be dangerous places with individuals seeking to snag any personal information they can.

2. Log into Facebook, if you aren’t already, with the Facebook account you want to upload with. Facebook will redirect you to your News Feed, which is exactly where you want to be. You’ll need to be on your News Feed if you want to upload a picture (for a status).

Facebook requires an email and password or a mobile number and password.

create a post

3. While on your News Feed, or your profile page, head to Create Post and click in the empty text box to get started.

4. Click Photo/Video. It’s near the middle, to the left of Tag Friends and under your small profile picture. Choosing it will prompt your computer to open a folder.

5. Locate the picture you want to upload and then click Open. Afterwards your picture will immediately upload, but it won’t be shared yet. You’ll see a small preview of the picture you’re uploading.

If you’d like to upload more than one picture, click and drag your mouse to highlight additional pictures and videos. But remember, the more pictures and videos you upload, the longer it takes (it varies with different network speeds).

6. Before you post, consider using the more useful tools provided by Facebook:

use some of facebooks tools

  • With: Like tagging friends, except “With” is focused on tagging friends that are in the photo.
  • Tag Friends: You can tag friends that are involved with an inside joke pertaining to the picture you’re uploading
  • Feeling/Activity: Say you see a movie and take a picture of you and a friend. You can choose an emoji, along with a feeling (like happy) and tag the specific moving you’re watching.
  • Check in: You can provide a location for the event you’re attending or the location you’re at along with context.

change privacy settings to only me

7. Before posting, consider using privacy settings. At the bottom of the post you’ll see “News Feed” and “Your Story.” If you’re posting publicly, normally you would use News Feed. To the right of that is your privacy settings. Clicking it will open a menu. You can decide who gets to see your posts.

edit the photos

8. Another option to consider before posting is the ability to edit the photo you’ve chosen. Hover your cursor over the picture and two icons will appear: Tag and Edit Photo. Click on Edit Photo. It will prompt a window.

save your image

9. In Edit Photo, you have access to a number of tools: Filters, Tag, Crop, Text, Alt Text, Stickers and even zooming. Play around with the editing tools. Afterwards, click Save.

10. After all that’s said and done, you are free to click Share and post your picture. It will go live to your friends and family.

with a Mobile Device

1. Locate and launch the Facebook app. Its icon is a white ‘F’ against a blue backdrop. If you recently installed the Facebook app, you’ll find it on one of your home screens. If not, check inside your App Drawer. Any installed apps on your phone end up in your App Drawer.

iOS devices do not have an App Drawer. The Facebook app will be on one of the home screens.

2. Log into Facebook, if you aren’t already, with the Facebook account you’d like to upload pictures with.

You need an email and password or a mobile number and password.

3. Head to your News Feed or profile page. If you just logged in, you’ll be redirected to your News Feed by default.

select photo

4. At the very top, select What’s on your mind? or Photo. Choosing Photo will immediately open your images (with permission) to choose from. You can take a picture by tapping the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.

5. Choose Photo/Video. This will open your gallery of photos to choose from. You can take a picture by tapping the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen.

6. Choose the image, or images, you want to upload and select DONE in the top right corner of the screen.

add to your post

7. Select Add to your post if you’d like to add anything further. There’s various tools Facebook provides that are at your disposal.

You can add additional photos, tag friends, add a feeling, sticker or activity or use your camera to take more pictures. Look to the above section “Upload Pictures to Facebook with a Computer” for a summary of the various tools. They’re under Step 6.

edit your picture

8. Before you decide to post your picture, or pictures, tap Edit. You can add effects, draw on your picture and even add stickers.

The mobile version of Facebook comes with additional tools that aren’t made available to the desktop version of Facebook.

tap done

9. When you’ve made any necessary changes, tap DONE.

10. Now that your picture, or pictures, is ready, tap POST and your picture will go live.

It was an excellent move to make uploading pictures to Facebook an easy task or else a portion of the social media platform would be useless. Pictures can provide a wonderful spark of conversation and reactions. It’s a powerful tool that many don’t realize.