Upgrade Your Like Tinder (The Full Guide)

Upgrade Your Like Tinder

Sometimes after swiping right on a user’s profile, a notification will appear prompting the user with the following message: “Upgrade Your Like! You just liked a popular profile. Send A Super Like to ‘name’ instead for a better chance to match!”.

This notification has led to some confusion among users of the Tinder application. This guide will break down exactly what this notification means and offer more information regarding “Super Likes” on the Tinder application.

It is important to fully understand what happens when you “Upgrade Your Like” on the Tinder application before committing to it. This can save you money and hassle if it turns out to not produce the desired results.

What Does Upgrade Your Like Mean On Tinder

Upgrading your like on the Tinder application refers to paying a premium cost to change your standard “like” to a “Super Like”. A “Super Like” on the Tinder application is advertised as being three times as effective at resulting in a potential romantic match with the person you have super liked.

A “Super Like” will also appear at the top of the user’s notifications after you upgrade your like to a “Super Like”. This makes the “Super Like” feature a much more efficient way to use Tinder and ultimately will give you more chances for exposure to the person you have swiped right on.

Tinder advertises the “Super Like” feature in the hopes that users will upgrade during the initial swiping period.

Once a user has swiped right on a profile, this notification will pop up asking you to consider upgrading to a “Super Like” to enhance your chances of being seen and swiped right back by the user.

Users who use “Super Likes” on Tinder are said to get more matches and have a better chance of getting into a long-term romantic relationship with someone on the application.

Tinder is typically free but you can use paid features like the “Super Like” to help raise your chances of meeting the right person on the application.

Can You Turn Off Upgrade Your Like On Tinder?

You cannot turn off the Upgrade Your Like notification on Tinder. The Upgrade Your Like notification is a built-in advertisement implemented by Tinder to help sell their “Super Like” features.

Tinder is a free-to-use application and therefore you have no obligation to purchase the “Super Likes” when they have been advertised to you.

You will not be able to remove these built-in advertisements and will likely see them frequently while using the Tinder application. You should use the guide on how to avoid the Upgrade Your Like notification on Tinder found later in this guide if you wish to see them less frequently.

Built-in advertisements are common in many social media and dating applications. They are put in place to make users aware of paid features that they might not have known about for the application that they are using.

How To Turn Off Upgrade Your Like On Tinder

Although there is currently no way to completely turn off the Upgrade Your Like notification on Tinder, there are some things that you can do to avoid it and lessen the frequency that it appears to you. It can be frustrating to encounter these types of notifications as they can become annoying to have to click out of every time you see them.

You can use the list of methods below to help you avoid this notification. All of these methods have been proven to lessen the frequency of the Upgrade Your Like notification on the Tinder app.

1. Click The No Thanks Button On The Pop-Up

The easiest way to disregard the Upgrade Your Like notification on Tinder is to simply click on the No Thanks button that accompanies the notification. By clicking the No Thanks button, you automatically opt-out of purchasing any “Super Likes” and will likely not be bothered by the notification for some time.

Once you click the No Thanks button on the Upgrade Your Like notification, it will disappear and allow you to move on with your Tinder application activity as normal. As previously mentioned, this is the easiest way to get rid of the notification.

2. Swipe Left On Users That This Pop Up Shows Up For

You can also avoid this notification by swiping left on the users that the notification displays. The Upgrade Your Like notification typically only displays when you have swiped right on a profile that is extremely popular and receives a lot of likes.

Extremely popular accounts that receive a lot of like activity will have the “Super Like” feature advertised as a way to increase your chances of receiving a match with that profile.

If you swipe left on these extremely popular accounts, eventually you will stop being shown them as frequently in your Tinder algorithm.

Tinder uses your swipe data to determine what type of profiles that you are interested in. If you swipe left on extremely popular profiles, the algorithm will determine that you are not interested in those types of profiles and will begin to show you less popular profiles instead.

This will cause you to avoid the Upgrade Your Like notification because it typically only displays when liking a profile that generates a high amount of swipes and likes. This can be a good way to completely avoid the Upgrade Your Like notification on the Tinder application.

3. Swipe Right For Them, But Don’t Super Like Them

You can also just swipe right normally without using a “Super Like” to disregard the notification. Using a regular like will not keep you from potentially matching with the user but it can lower your visibility to the user if they receive a lot of likes on their account.

A “Super Like” will be highly visible to the user and will appear at the top of their notifications. You will also receive a special icon by your username on the application so that the user knows that you have used a “Super Like” on their profile.

A normal like used when swiping right on a Tinder profile will simply add your name to the list of likes for the user and you will have to take your chances that you are acknowledged. It is ultimately up to the user to decide if it is worth it to upgrade to a “Super Like” on the Tinder application.

4. Close Then Re-Open The App

Closing and re-opening the application when you see the Upgrade Your Like notification on Tinder will cause the notification to disappear and not be displayed again until you like another extremely popular profile.

This is another good way to disregard the notification and get rid of it temporarily if you are not interested in purchasing any “Super Likes”. While this method does not remove the notification entirely, it can help you avoid it and get rid of it when it is currently being displayed to you.

To close the Tinder application, simply exit out of it on your phone and make sure that it is not running in the background of your phone. Once you are sure that the Tinder application has been completely closed, you can re-open the application and resume swiping.

Is There A Chance You’ll Actually Match With Someone If You Use A Super Like?

Using a “Super Like” to like a Tinder account will not affect the likelihood of matching with that person. All using a “Super Like” will do is increase the likelihood of your like being seen by the user. Some users receive hundreds of likes a day and by necessity cannot acknowledge all of them.

A “Super Like” will put your name at the top of their like list and also produce a special icon by your name to indicate that you have used a “Super Like” on their profile. This will not however influence whether the user finds you attractive or your profile interesting.

Ultimately, it will come down to the romantic preferences of the person you are using a “Super Like” on. If they simply are not interested in your romantically, using a “Super Like” will not be able to influence that decision nor will it have any bearing on whether or not the user matches with you by liking your profile back.

This can be frustrating, as it is easy to assume that a “Super Like” will influence your chances of matching with a profile. To get the most out of the “Super Like” system, you should only use them on profiles that are not incredibly popular or on users who are not conventionally attractive.

The “Super Like” is likely to be more well received and efficient when used with these types of profiles. Because of the hundreds of likes that more popular profiles get, it is possible that even with a “Super Like” you could wind up being ignored due to the high amount of other users who are using “Super Likes” on that profile.

A “Super Like” is much more likely to garner to intended results when used on less popular profiles where your visibility is already quite high due to a lower amount of likes per day. It is important to consider these factors before upgrading your like on Tinder.

If you are planning on using the “Super Like” feature to increase your chances of matching with extremely popular Tinder profiles, it might be better for you to taper your expectations.

This can help you from being disappointed or frustrated when the “Super Like” does not in fact get you matched with the user.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information that you need to better understand what the Upgrade Your Like notification on Tinder means and what causes it to appear. This guide can be a valuable resource when trying to weigh the benefits of upgrading your like to a “Super Like” using Tinder’s paid like feature.

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