Unsupported Phone Number Twitter? 9 Reasons Why


This guide will provide you with all of the information that you need to understand better what unsupported phone number means on Twitter.

What Does Unsupported Phone Number Mean on Twitter?

There are some phone numbers that won’t work with Twitter and with some other companies. Usually, it’s because they are a VOIP.

Why Does Twitter Say Unsupported Phone Number

This usually happens when you are using a number that comes from a VOIP provider. This is because they aren’t considered real phone numbers even though their function just the same.

The number usually goes through a service like Google Number or Skype. You might even have the same issue with WhatsApp. But there are several other reasons it might be happening and a few ways to fix it.

1. The Phone Number is From an Unsupported Country

This can happen when you are in a different country for Twitter. You might also find this happening if you are using a phone number that is set in a different country than you live.

This can happen if you want a local number for a family that might be living in that area or if you want to conduct business in that area. You can look at the different numbers to see if there is something else you can use or if this is your best option.

Fix 1: Use A Virtual Number

This is a great idea if you are in another country and you need a number that will work with Twitter.

If your regular phone is using an unsupported number because it’s in a different county, this is probably going to be your best option. You can look at the different providers and see which ones are going to be the best fit for you.

There are a ton of options for people with different providers online. You can also talk to your home phone provider to see if they have any options you can use.

2. The Number Was Previously Blocked Due to Term Violations

If your number is new or you haven’t used it with Twitter before, you might have a number that is blocked by the company. This is because it was used in something previously that it shouldn’t have been.

You might have to go get a different number through the virtual system or talk to Twitter and see if they can help you. This is not as common as some of the other reasons your number might not be working properly.

Fix 1: Try and Get the Number Unblocked

If you find that this is the issue, then you can try to get another phone number through either your provider or a virtual phone number provider.

There are usually easy to get. If you are looking at getting your phone number unblocked, then you will need to have all your information ready.

They are going to need your name and a copy of your phone bill to prove the number is yours and how long you have had it.

They should be able to pull up the information from the other account that had the phone number attached before you. This should help you build a good case and get the phone number unblocked. If it doesn’t, you do have other options.

Fix 2: Get Another Sim

If they won’t give you the phone number for some reason, you can get another sim and use that phone number. This will change the identity of the phone and will help you use a different number.

This works best if you have another option for your sim card and phone number. If you don’t, you can use a different phone altogether.

That will get you a different number, and then you should be able to use the phone for your Twitter account, but it will be a different number. The sim card is what holds the number, so when you change it, it changes the number.

3. There’s an Issue with Your Number

There might be some issues with your number and the system. This can be because you have a number that isn’t working properly with the system. It might be a virtual number that they don’t recognize, and that won’t work with the system they have in place.

This is actually quite common, and many of the virtual phone numbers that are available today don’t work with companies like this.

You can talk to Twitter and see if they are one of these companies that don’t allow virtual numbers to be used with accounts.

This way, you can know if you need to look at getting a number that is attached to your phone through your provider or a new phone with a new number.

Fix 1: Sign Up with Your Email

Another option is to sign up for Twitter using your email instead of a phone number. This will allow you not even to get your email tied up with Twitter and will send any notifications to your email.

There is an option to use both, and that might be something you want to look into as well. When you use an email to sign up, they will ask you if you want to include a phone number.

Be careful with this step because if your phone number isn’t one they will use, then you might not be able to access your account.

Usually, they will let you know when you sign up if the phone number isn’t one they can use for their service. Then you can just leave your email on there and not your phone as well.

Fix 2: Use Another Number

As discussed before, you can use a different phone number if you need to. This will help get your account working and won’t require you to worry about not being able to access your account.

If you have a second number in the house, you might want to use that. Pick a number that you will have reasonable access to in the future, so you won’t have any issues with logging in.

If you can’t get to your phone to do the authentication, then you won’t be able to get into the account, and you won’t be able to use it.

You can use a number that is on a different phone that you have in the home. This can be any number that allows them to call or send you a text. Some landlines will even work for this if you don’t mind getting a phone call instead of getting a text.

4. You Typed the Number in Incorrectly

This is actually way more common than you might think. This is because you don’t always know your own phone number as well as you think you do. In this age of phones and information at our fingertips, we don’t memorize like we used to.

You might know your number and just accidentally put it in the wrong. This happens when you are doing it too fast or when other things are going on that you might be worried about. Take your time and put the number in slowly to make sure it’s right.

Fix 1: Make Sure to Type the Number Correctly

This might seem silly, but we don’t always type in our numbers right because we are in a hurry or because we forget one of the numbers. We have our phone numbers right there with us most of the time and refer to the phone for it.

If you are having an issue with this, try looking at your phone and making sure the number is correct. You can also just copy and paste it from the phone itself. This is very easy to do and can help you make sure you don’t get the number wrong.

There is a very small chance you added it incorrectly when you signed up. If this is the issue, then you will have to get into your account a different way and change the number.

This would only happen if you had two numbers that are close to the same because you would have to have gotten a code when you signed up with the phone number.

If you didn’t, then the phone number wouldn’t be added to your account. If you know you used that number in the past, there may be some other issue that is causing the problem.

Fix 2: Try Adding and Removing the Area Code in Front of the Number

Sometimes there is a glitch in the system where the number goes in. If you added an area code and it’s giving you grief, you can try to remove it and see if that will help you. You should also make sure you add it if you need to.

This is going to depend on the area you’re putting your number for the website, but most of the time, you will need to add the area code. This is because there are so many different combinations of numbers, but only so many without the different area codes.

It helps to identify your account and keep both you and other people safe. If it having issues picking up your number, you can close the app and relaunch it. This will take the old information off the app and allow you to do it again.

Sometimes it just gets stuck for some reason when you are adding a phone number or using it to log in. If you know you have used the number before, you can also try logging in with your number on the website and see if the area code is still not being taken there.

If it is, then you know it’s an issue with your number and the app. You can delete the app and then redownload it to see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, you will need to contact Twitter and see what is going on.

5. Twitter is Down

Sometimes it has nothing to do with you. Sometimes Twitter just goes down. This can happen when there is an issue with the server or something glitches within the system.

You can go and see if you can get to your account from a PC or other mobile device to confirm there is an issue with Twitter itself. If you find you can’t get in on anything else, then it’s probably having an issue with Twitter itself, and it might be down.

There may also be issues with only the app and not the site itself. If this is happening, then the app won’t work properly, but the website will. This can create issues for you if you use the app more than the website and don’t want to use the website.

You can take your social media items to another service while Twitter is down. This way, you can still get your business information out while you are waiting for them to come back up.

If one device will let you in but none of the others will, then you are probably having an issue with your device, and you will want to look at the options for it.

This might include getting a new device or updating the old one. It will depend greatly on what is causing it within your device.

Fix 1: Wait for Twitter to Come Back Up

The best solution, if you aren’t sure what the problem is, is to give it some time and see if it comes back up. It might be a minor issue that will take care of itself within a few days, and you will have to do nothing.

It also might be something that you can watch through Twitter’s other social media platforms. They usually will post on their pages as well as their site if they can about the status of the outage.

If they can’t get it figured out quickly, then they will let most outlets know. There are also ways you can search for service outages on the internet.

These websites usually keep you up to date on what is going on with their websites and if there are any other people having the same issues.

They may not be able to tell you exactly what is going on, but they certainly can tell you if others are having the same kinds of problems.

Then you will have a better understanding of the issue and what you might be able to do, if anything, about it. It’s always a good idea to have information at your fingertips so you can make choices that will help you and others at any given time.

6. There Is A Bug

Sometimes there is a bug in the system. This can happen is if there has been a change in the system with Twitter. Sometimes it doesn’t work correctly even though it should. These are not your fault.

They are just weird things that happen sometimes and cause a little trouble. You can do a few different things to get this resolved and be on your way. You also might want to check your device’s operating system and make sure it’s up to date.

If it’s not, then you should update it and see if that helps it to run right. If it won’t update, then you won’t have a choice but to get a new phone.

It’s also helpful to let Twitter know their system is having a bug. This way, they can research it and figure out what is going on before it affects someone else as well as you.

Fix 1: Try Signing Up for Twitter on PC or on a Browser

The best thing you can do to get this figured out is to try signing in on a different browser. Some browsers don’t work well with certain websites. These are not something that can be anticipated until it happens.

Usually, if you are using a Chrome or an Explorer browser, you won’t have any issues, but there are times that it still happens even with them. If this still doesn’t work, then you will want to look at other things that could be causing this issue.

These can be as simple as the app having a bug and causing problems with your device. You also might want to look at updating your device and making sure it’s working properly for you and your needs.

This way, you won’t be stuck with something that is going to cause bugs for you in the future.

If you can’t figure out what is going on with the site and it’s an issue with your phone, you may want to look into getting a newer device. This way, it will be up to date and work properly for you.

There are a lot of reasons you may not be able to log in with your phone number. These are just a few that are the most common and that you are more than likely to run into.

Take into consideration your phone and your operating system to have the most luck with getting your issues resolved.

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