Activate iPhone lock

So, you’re all excited and happy that you just got your new iPhone from an old user and you’re about to use it.

Before you can fully start using this device, you need to remove the Apple ID that was connected to the previous owner and add your own.

If you’re unable to do this, you won’t be able to activate your device.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to unlock your device from the previous Apple owner so that you can start to use your new iPhone.

The Reason Your iPhone has Activation Lock

When you first go into the device you just bought from the previous owner, you’re going to have set it up as a new device.

When you set it up as a new device, you’re going to see a message pop up asking you to verify your iPhone.

Here’s what this message says “Activate iPhone / iPad

This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID. Enter the Apple ID and password that were used to set up this iPhone. (i…’.

This message is basically asking you to enter the Apple ID and password that was used to set up the device in the first place.

In iOS 7, Apple made this a feature on the iPhone in order to make it harder to use a stolen device.

Even if you reset a device, you still have to enter the users Apple ID and password.

This happens each time you try and set up a new device.

Unlock from the Previous Owner with Find my iPhone

When you see the Activate iPhone box pop up, you’ll need to tell the previous owner that the device is locked and that they need to remove the activation lock (scroll down to do this).

There must be some way you can get back to the previous owner.

You can check your previous messages, or you can go back to the platform you bought it on and contact them on there.

If you’re unable to get reach of the previous owner, there’s no other way you can get back into the device without unlocking it.

You can’t try and contact Apple asking them if they can unlock the device for you. However, they will probably think that the device is stolen.

If you can contact the owner:

Remove device from find my iphone

  1. Tell them to sign in to with their Apple ID
  2. Click on Find My iPhone
  3. Click on Find iPhone
  4. Choose the device that they sold to you
  5. Click on Remove from Account

After they’ve done this, the device would have been unlocked and there will be no more activation lock unless you add one later.

How to Unlock the device if you Forgot Apple ID & Password

Reset Apple ID

If you forgot the Apple ID and Password and you are the owner, you still need a way to get past the activation lock.

The first way you can try and get past this is by resetting your Apple ID.

When you reset your Apple ID, you’re going to have to use your secondary email to reset your password or if you use security questions, you’ll need to answer the security questions.

If you forgot your security questions, you’ll need to read this article.

Things to Remember Before Buying a Used iOS device

Check IMEI number iPhone

Many people just go online, look for a cheap device that’s hardly been used, only to find out when they’ve bought it that there’s a whole heap of things wrong with it.

If you’ve bought a used device before and nothing’s been wrong with it, you should count yourself very lucky.

When buying a used iPhone, you need to check that there isn’t an activation lock on it.

Make sure you do this before you buy the item off the seller just to make sure they didn’t steal it themselves.

To do this:

  1. Visit
  2. Go to About on the device and check the IMEI number
  3. Check if the activation lock is on
  4. If you do find that it’s on, you need to tell the seller to take it off by using the settings above.

Here’s more on what to do before buying an iPhone.

Bottom Line

That’s how you unlock your device from a previous owner.

If you were able to do this, congrats.

If you couldn’t, I can’t help you any further and the only thing you can do is to look for a way to contact the seller.

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