Adobe Flash Player is great for displaying media through your browser. Many websites only support flash to stream videos and such. Flash is safe for your Mac if you download it directly from Adobe. The Adobe website provides a list of versions to be used depending upon the device you use. Yet, there have been problems with flash in regards to fake popups, security vulnerabilities, and bugs.

Fake installers have been an ongoing problem that threatens your Mac’s security and performance. In the midsts of all of this, Adobe has announced an end to support for Adobe Flash in 2020! If this is the deal breaker for you, learn how to safely remove flash from your Mac. This tutorial will show you how.

Uninstall Flash in mac OS

1. Close all apps running on your computer. Then, make sure that flash is installed on your computer. Go to Apple > System Preferences, and search for the ‘Flash Player’ option at the bottom of the window.

2. If you see the flash icon, proceed to the install.

3. Go to the ‘Uninstall Flash Player’ website provided by Adobe. Select the blue link for the version that matches the macOS that you are using. If you using a newer model of mac OS, you will probably need the ‘Mac OS X version 10.6 and later’ link.

4. Download the file for your Mac. When the download is complete, you should be able to find it in your ‘Downloads’ folder. Locate the file and double-click on the disk image to open it. Inside, you should find the ‘Adobe Flash Player’. Select this to open the uninstaller:

uninstall flash

5. When the uninstaller is up and running, select ‘Uninstall’ and enter your administrative credentials. If you are prompted, confirm the uninstall.

The utility should begin to uninstall flash from your Mac. If you have more than one version of flash, the installer will uninstall each of them. If you have not closed all of your apps prior to the uninstall, you will get a warning to close those apps that use Adobe Flash. The uninstall may take a bit a time to complete. If your Mac is running slow, expect the uninstall to take longer. Once the uninstall is complete, select ‘Done’.

Make sure flash was completely removed from your Mac by going to Apple > System Preferences and confirming that the flash icon is gone.

If you find that flash was an important part of using your Mac for different applications, you can always reinstall it. Make sure to use the official Adobe installer to avoid virus or malware.

Remove Flash Malware ‘Crossrider’ from Mac

‘Crossrider’ is a malware for Mac that comes disguised as a flash installer. During the install, the malware installs ‘Advanced Mac Cleaner’ with Siri. The Safari homepage is locked to a Crossrider domain. Safari and Chrome are forced to open ‘‘. These configurations are difficult to change.

To remove this malware from your Mac, go to Terminal and type this commands:

sudo profiles -L

or, for macOS 10.13, type

sudo profile list

Search for an unfamiliar profile, such as com.myshopcoupon.www. If you are using mac OS 10.12 or before, type:

sudo profiles -R -p com.myshopcoupon.www

For mac OS 10.13, use:

sudo profiles remove -identifier com.myshopcoupon.www

These commands should remove the malware and prevent damage to your computer. There are many fake Adobe Flash installers on the Web. Make sure that any downloads that you use for Adobe Flash Player are from the Adobe website only.

Get Help from Apple Support

If you were not able to uninstall flash successfully using these steps, contact Apple Support.