With so much personal information stored on your iOS devices, keeping them secure is a priority. Passwords and online information are constantly getting stolen and the best way to protect them is using two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication enforces the security of your online accounts by using more than just a username and password. Two-factor authentication requires you to have two pieces of information to access your account. The first factor is a username and password, and the second factor is a PIN. On your iPhone or iPad, this pin is usually sent to you when you’re trying to access your online information from your PC.

If you’ve lost your iOS device, you’ll need to login to your PC and use Find My iPhone to find your lost iOS device. The problem is when you try and find your iPhone, you’re required to enter your two-factor authentication PIN on your iPhone when you login to iCloud. If you can’t find your iPhone, you won’t be able to enter your two-factor authentication PIN to access iCloud to use Find My iPhone.

Can’t Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication?

Unfortunately, if you already use two-factor authentication, you can no longer turn it off. Certain features on your iOS devices and your MacOS device require an extra level of security and two-factor authentication is needed to protect these devices further.

If you’ve already enrolled in two-factor authentication, you can disable for only 2 weeks. To disable it, you have to go to the confirmation email that you received when you first enrolled and click the link in the email to return to your previous security settings.

If you can’t login to iCloud to access Find My iPhone because you don’t have an iPhone to enter the two-factor authentication on, you’ll need a second iOS device to get the two-factor authentication code. You can use your friends iPhone and login with your Apple ID, from here, you’ll be able to get the two-factor authentication code.

Two Factor Verification

If you’re wondering if two-step verification and two-factor authentication are the same thing, they not. Two-factor authentication is built into your iOS and macOS devices and it uses a different method to deliver and trust devices other devices that two-step verification.

To turn off two-step authentication:

1. Go to Apple ID website.

2. Enter your Apple ID and password.

3. Click Edit in the Security section.

turn off two step verification

4. Click Turn Off Two-step verification. You’ll be told the turning off two-step verification will make your account less secure.

5. Click Confirm. If you turn off two-step verification, your devices will automatically go to two factor authentication.