The iPhone users know how important the passcode feature is. This feature enables you to protect your phone’ content from the people you don’t want to share your content with. It also comes handy in case of any mishap such as theft or stolen. Your data/content will remain safe even if your phone has gone into some unsafe hands.

You will hardly see any iPhone user who doesn’t prefer to have a passcode. At the same time, there might be some situations where you’d have to disable your passcode feature. In any case, it is good to know the procedure to turn off the passcode feature on the iPhone. Use it or not is entirely up to the user, but here are the steps:

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Locate the option Touch ID & Passcode and tap on it. If you have an old model iPhone then this option would just show Passcode.
enter your passcode

3. Now enter the Passcode for your phone. Make sure you enter it right as repeatedly putting the wrong passcode can permanently lock down your phone.
turn off passcode

4. Now locate the option Turn Passcode Off and tap on it.

tap turn off

5. Upon tapping this option, you will receive a warning sign window explaining how risky it can be if you turn your passcode off. Your phone’ data such as saved passwords, credit/debit card numbers will be exposed to any who is able to access your phone. Also, turning it off will impact your Apple ID reset procedure as well.

6. Tap Turn Off on this warning window since you are prepared to deal with the risk. You can cancel the process by tapping Cancel if you have changed your mind by now.

7. You will be once again asked to type in your passcode. The feature will turn off as soon as you provide the passcode.

This method applies to the iPhone 8 Plus and all the previous models. For iPhone X and later models, the process is marginally different. Since iPhone X recognizes Face ID, so the option Touch ID and Password is Face ID and Passcode. The rest of the procedure is similar to what you have read above.

This procedure for disabling your iPhone’s passcode is only viable if your phone is unlocked. You might have to hard reset your phone if your phone is locked and doesn’t get unlocked. Moreover, Apple Pay cards will automatically remove from the device as soon as you turn off your passcode. This is for your own protection, but still considered as a downside by many users.

As said earlier, it is highly recommended that users should always keep this passcode feature enabled on their phone. However, if you need to disable it to accommodate any other app then just do it temporarily. Enable it back as soon as the work is done. If you have forgotten your passcode then you may have to look for different options to disable it.