Every time you check Facebook and you see your notification bell filled with notifications, you get excited only to be immediately disappointed when you realize they’re all game notifications.

And here you thought people were responding to your witty comments left on cat memes. If you’re here, you’ve probably told yourself you’ve had enough of those pesky game notifications on Facebook. Luckily for you, there’s a way to silence the incessant need for games to leave notifications in your inbox.

Here you’ll find the easy steps it takes to turn off game notifications on Facebook for desktop, Android devices and iOS devices.

Via Desktop

1. Locate and launch your favorite web browser. Any will do. It’s highly recommended you move on with these steps while using a safe and secure network connection. Since you’re working with sensitive information (your Facebook account), using a public network connection is risky business.

2. Head over to Facebook’s home page and log into Facebook, if you aren’t already, with the account you’d like to alter game notifications on.

3. At the very top, where you Inbox and Notification Bell is, look to the right of your Notification Bell. There should be a very small triangle, next to Quick Help. Click it. It will open a drop down menu. These are your additional account options, like quick access to pages you admin on or own.

4. In the drop down menu, click Settings. It’s towards the bottom of the menu. It will redirect you to your account settings.

Apps and Websites

5. On the left hand side is a panel of settings. Look towards the bottom of the list and locate Apps and Websites. Go ahead and click it to explore further options.

Game and App Notifications

6. Under Preferences, there’s a few avenues you can take. If you’re just looking to silence game notifications, choose Game and App Notifications and click Edit. Clicking “Edit” will prompt a small window.

Altering notifications for Facebook apps and Facebook games used to be through App Requests and Activity, but that has since changed.

7. In the window that was prompted, click Turn Off.

8. You can go a step further by choosing Apps, Websites and Games. Click Edit.

turn off notifications

9. When a window is prompted, read what editing this setting does for your account. If it’s something that interests you, then click Turn Off.

By choosing to turn this option off, you’re essentially removing the ability to tie your Facebook account to any other websites. Some websites give you the opportunity to log in with a separately created account or through the use of your Facebook credentials. Turning this option off prevents you from doing so.

via Android and iOS

1. Locate and launch the Facebook app. You can find it on one of your home screens or in your App Drawer where all currently installed apps are housed. iOS doesn’t have an App Drawer. You’ll find the Facebook app on one of the home screens.

2. Log into Facebook, if you aren’t already, with the account that you’d like to turn off game notifications for.

3. At the top right corner of your screen, open the menu. Its icon is three horizontal lines. For iOS users, you’ll find the menu in the bottom right corner of your screen

4. Keep scrolling down until you locate Settings & Privacy. Go ahead and select it. It will reveal more options to choose from.

5. Under Settings & Privacy, select Settings. It’s right at the top. Choosing it will redirect you to Account Settings.

apps and websites

6. In Account Settings, scroll down to Security. Under Security, locate and select Apps and Websites.

tap No under notifications

7. In Apps and Websites, locate Games and App Notifications. You’ll have to scroll down a bit. Under it, tap No with your finger.

Select Edit

8. If you’d like to go a step further, scroll back up to Apps, Websites and Games and select Edit.

Turn off notifications

9. Read the changes that will be made if you turn this option off. If the changes provided are something you’re interested in, select Turn Off.

Choosing to turn this option off, essentially, cuts Facebook off from any app and website from using your Facebook account as login credentials. For example, websites like GOG give you the option to log in with your created account or through your Facebook account. This prevents that.