Facebook is known worldwide for being the biggest social networking site. It has been connecting millions of people to family and friends around the world for the better part of two decades now. Facebook doesn’t just allow you to see friends and family’s posts, it allows you to chat directly with them in private messages.

Not everybody who is on Facebook wants to chat with people while they are enjoying all things it has to offer. Some people like to not be interrupted. Maybe you are one of those people and would rather not use the Chat feature. It is an easy process to disable Chat and stop the interruptions during your time on Facebook.

1. On Your Computer

1. Open your favorite web browser and go to Facebook.com.

  • If you aren’t already logged in, you will need to enter your login info which is your email address and password

Click the chat

2. At the bottom right corner of your screen there will be a Gear icon on the Chat Box, you need to click on this to open your Chat Settings Menu

Turn off active chat

3. Click on Turn Off Active Status, this will open a menu of different levels of disabling

  • Completely turn off chat and disable notifications entirely
  • Turn off chat for all friends except a few that you hand select to be able to still reach you
  • Turning off chat for only certain people you don’t want to reach you

Facebook makes it easy to pick how much or how little you want to limit your chatting experience.

2. Using the Chat Menu

1. Open your Facebook App on your mobile device and login if needed

2. Now, tap the More icon in the top right corner which looks like Three Horizontal Lines to open your Menu Options

3. Tap on the Chat tab

4. There will be a Gear icon in the top right of the screen now that you tap to open the Chat sub-menu

5. Finally, you Disable Chat by tapping the check mark. This will completely turn off the Facebook app chat

3. Mobile App Settings

1. Open your Facebook App on your mobile device and login if you aren’t already

2. Tap on the More icon in the top right corner of your screen which looks like Three Horizontal Lines to show all of your Menu Options

3. Here you need to scroll down and tap App Settings

4. Go to the General Settings and tap Facebook Chat, this will disable the Chat feature and uncheck the checkbox indicator

4. Mute Notifications from Your Messenger App

If you just want to silence a friend for a short time, the Messenger app has a cool feature where you can choose to Mute the notifications from each conversation individually. That means when you get tired of everyone in that group chat or you want to ignore your friend for a while you can.

1. Open your Messenger App.

Tap the conversation

2. Tap the conversation that you want to mute

3. In the top right corner tap the Info button

Tap mute notifications

4. Tap mute notifications

Select mute duration

5. Select how long you want to mute the conversation and tap OK

This will give you a few length options ranging from 15 minutes to indefinite.