Typing on your Android device can be a frustrating task. Autocorrect is already enabled on every Android device and this can leave the sentences that you’re writing a bundle of confusion.

Sometimes, it is useful for correcting misspelled words. Other times, it corrects words that are unfamiliar to its system, which can leave you to delete what it corrected and try to type what you actually meant to type. To save time, you can turn this feature off.

To turn off spelling corrections or autocorrect:

1. Open the Settings on your device. You can do this by swiping your finger from the top of your screen to the bottom of your screen. It is usually shaped like a gear on the right side of the screen in the top corner or midway down.

If you do not see the gear, you can also swipe upwards on the screen to access all the apps on your phone. After this, use the search bar at the top of your screen and search the word “settings” there. This will allow the app to pop up on your screen. Tap it when it pops up.

general management

2. For this next step, on some devices you can scroll down to the “Personal” section and tap that. If you have a Samsung Galaxy device, then you have to scroll down until you see “General Management” and tap that section.

Language and input

3. For any device, you will have to tap “Language and input” which is the first choice under the “General Management” section.

4. If you have a Galaxy device, skip this step. If you do not have a Samsung Galaxy device, you will be able to scroll until you see “Keyboard and input methods” and tap that section, which will likely say “Android keyboard.”

Spelling corrections

5. If you do not have a Galaxy device, then you will need to tap “Text correction” which may be in the middle of the menu that popped up. If you do have a Galaxy device, then you can scroll until you see a choice that says, “Spelling Correction.” Tap that.

turn off spelling corrections

6. For non- Galaxy device users, you will be able to tap the switch next to “Auto-correction” until it is off and grey. If there is not a switch, then there may be a box to uncheck. For Galaxy devices, after tapping “Spelling Correction” you will see a switch that you need to switch off.

Press the home button and open an app where you frequently message people. Test out the keyboard without the spelling correction feature on. Turn it back on if you prefer to have it on after testing it out.

There are other ways to alter your keyboard experience without turning off the autocorrect feature. You also can change the spell checker from your device’s spell check system to a Google spell check system.

The Google Spell check system is correct more often and you should try it out if you need a spell checker better than the one that came on your device. This choice will be located after tapping “Spelling correction” section or in the “keyboard and input methods” section.

You can also download the Gboard app and use that keyboard. The autocorrect on that keyboard is more streamlined, and after a short period of time, the words that you say often will become known.

It also has an amazing multilingual typing setting for anyone who communicates in multiple languages. There are many ways that as a device user you can change your keyboard to fit your needs.

After making these changes, if you download an update, you may need to redo these steps.