Tumblr, in and of itself, is incredibly easy to navigate with just a mouse. Simply head over to Tumblr and you’ll find that everything that Tumblr is and ever will be is all in one place, along the top of the page and a few menu options in the upper right corner. However, as easy as it is to reach much of what it offers, it can be tedious.

You can improve the speed in which you do stuff on Tumblr by using keyboard shortcuts, key combinations that perform the same tasks as clicking on an option.

Navigating Tumblr with Keyboard Shortcuts

Why bother navigating around Tumblr with your mouse when you could navigate between posts with the keyboard shortcuts below. You’ll find that many of the keyboard shortcuts are fairly similar between using Tumblr on a Mac OS or using Tumblr on a Windows PC. Of course, you’ll find a list of keyboard shortcuts that are unique to both.

If you need to… Windows Mac OS
Move forward through posts J J
Move backwards through posts K K
Move to the top . .
Like the current post J+L or K+L J+L or K+L
View current post’s notes J+N or K+N J+N or K+N
View blog of current post J+Enter or K+Enter J+Enter or K+Enter
Follow a recommended blog J+F or K+F J+F or K+F
Deny a recommended blog J+X or K+X J+X or K+X
Search Tumblr Tab Tab
Switch between blogs Z+Tab Option+Tab

Creating and Editing Posts on Tumblr

The backbone of Tumblr are blog posts. You can express your opinions, things you love and hate, but more importantly, you can then edit that text to provide emphasis and clarity. You’ll find below keyboard shortcuts that will be absolutely necessary for editing your Tumblr posts, adding pictures and videos, and, of course, publishing your Tumblr posts.

Keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and Mac OS are listed below.

If you need to… Windows Mac OS
Compose a new post Z+C Option+C
Fast reblog a post ALT+R Option+R
Add a post to queue ALT+E Option+R
Bold CTRL+B Command+B
Italic CTRL+I Command+I
Headline CTRL+Shift+2 Command+Shift+2
Link CTRL+K Command+K
Strikethrough CTRL+Shift+6 Command+Shift+6
Ordered list CTRL+Shift+7 Command+Shift+7
Unordered list CTRL+Shift+8 Command+Shift+8
Blockquote CTRL+Shift+9 Command+Shift+9
Remove formatting CTRL+Shift+0 Command+Shift+0
Preformatted text CTRL+Shift+X Command+Shift+X
Superscript CTRL+. Command+.
Subscript CTRL+, Command+,
Small CTRL+Shift+- Command+Shift+-
Insert photo CTRL+Shift+P Command+Shift+P
Insert video CTRL+Shift+M Command+Shift+M
Insert horizontal line CTRL+Shift+L Command+Shift+L
Insert read-more link CTRL+Shift+K Command+Shift+K

Now that you’re clued in on the list of keyboard shortcuts available for Tumblr, you can improve the rate in which you create posts or simply liking a Tumblr post or blog. If you’re ever without a mouse, you can, at the very least, still enjoy content on Tumblr with just a keyboard.