When it’s time to swap phones, there are a lot of things that transfer over so long as you’re moving from an Android to another Android device. Most of your settings, apps, and content can be moved effortlessly with the help of Google.

That’s because a lot of that information is backed up to Google’s servers via your Google account.

Unfortunately, what doesn’t transfer over, however, are your SMS and text messages unless you use something like Google Hangouts where the messages are stored server-side.

Luckily, it is possible to transfer your messages from phone to phone, with a little effort.

How to Transfer SMS Texts from Android to Android Phone

To do this, you’ll be using an SMS backup app available on Google Play. There are several available, so feel free to chose another if you don’t like the one listed. Just be aware the instructions may not be the same if you do.

Also, there are some things to be aware of when doing this:

  • Any messages on the new Android device, which you are moving the old messages to, will be overwritten. Therefore, it’s best to do this when the phone is brand new and has not been used to send any messages yet.
  • This is only applicable to Android phones. It is not a way to transfer iPhone or iOS messages to Android and vice versa.
  • The guide details backing up your messages via Gmail or a Google Account. However, you can also backup the files using Onedrive, Dropbox, or a local file.
  1. Download and install SMS Backup+ on both Android devices. You can also use SMS Backup & Restore or SMS & Call Log Backup.

click Connect to sign in

  1. Open the SMS backup app on the old phone and sign in. The first thing you will be asked to do is connect your Gmail account, as your messages will be backed up via your Google account. In SMS Backup+ this is done by tapping the toggle next to Connect in the main menu.

You will be prompted to sign-in, just make sure you use the same Gmail account across devices within this particular app (it doesn’t matter if you use a different Gmail account for the Android system). You cannot proceed without connecting your Gmail account.

backup sms android

  1. Choose Backup from the 2 options. Alternatively, at the top of the main window, you should see two large buttons: Backup and Restore. It’s self-explanatory, but select the Backup button to begin storing your messages.

Your phone will begin backing up your data. It’s important to note here that if you have a lot of messages this will take some time, so it might be a good idea to go grab a sandwich or some snacks and come back in a bit.

  1. Open SMS+ Backup on your new Android Phone. When your old phone has finished backing up your messages, it’s time to swap over to the new phone you want to transfer the data to. 

Skip the backup on your new Android phone

  1. Choose the Skip option when prompted. Sign-in to your Gmail account by tapping the toggle next to connect, just like you did on your old phone. This time, when the prompt appears asking if you want to Skip or Backup for the first time, choose the Skip option.

restore the old backup on the new phone

  1. Tap the Restore button in the top right. A warning message will appear letting you know that you need to set SMS Backup+ as the default messaging app while the operation is being carried out. This also means that any new SMS messages sent to your phone during that time will register and show, however, they will not receive a notification. When you’re ready, click the OK button.

change sms app

  1. In the prompt, (Change SMS App) choose Yes. The status bar at the top will change to Working, and then Restoring as it begins to restore your data. It will also show the completion status of the restore process.change sms app
  2. Choose Yes when Change SMS App appears again. This time it’s asking if you want to set the default SMS back to what it was so select Yes.

If you’re using a third party messaging app, you’ll need to go in and manually enable that afterward — the SMS Backup+ app will not do it for you.

Your messages should be backed up to your new Android phone.

If you want to transfer messages from phone to phone — regardless of whether one is new or old — you can simply follow the same instructions.

Bottom Line

All in all, with the help of SMS Backup+ the process for swapping your messages from phone to phone, is relatively straightforward.

Once you’re done with the restore process you should see all of your old messages on the new device.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help.