With the power of streaming, movies, shows, and even music are now so close to our fingertips

For one reason or another, you’ve decided to forego Apple Music for an alternative music media platform. Perhaps the music you own is split into different music platforms and you’d like to collect them under one platform.

But there’s one problem: you have an extensive musical library, one so large that the tedious nature of selecting each and every individual song for transfer is too much of a hassle. Luckily, several websites and applications offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Third-party applications like Stamp, SongShift, and Soundiiz specifically target people looking to skip the finger work and have others do the work instead.

1. Soundiiz

Soundizz provides an impressive amount of options for transferring music from one place to another. You’ll find many of the more well-known sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube Music; while also providing alternative platforms like Tidal, Deezer, Napster, 8Tracks and many others.

You’ll have to first create an account with Soundiiz before you can continue. You can sign up or sign in through Facebook, Google, and Twitter. You’ll be asked to agree to Soundiiz’s Terms and Conditions.

To transfer music from Apple music to Spotify using Soundiiz:

platform to platform

  1. Click Platform to Platform on the left-hand panel. Clicking it will prompt a window.
  2. Click Let’s Go! You’ll be asked to select the source of your music.
  3. Choose Apple Music. You’ll be asked to sign into Apple Music if you aren’t already signed in.
  4. Select Spotify as your destination. Afterwards, all your music will sync together. You’ll see a list of all your music.
  5. Select specific songs. You have the choice to do this, however, if you’d like to transfer all of your music, click the box next to each category.
  6. Click on Confirm my selection.

Soundiiz, unfortunately, limits you on how many songs you can transfer. Their premium subscription can be paid for on a monthly or yearly basis.

2. SongShift


SongShift provides similar capabilities as Soundiiz, but it’s an iOS-only application. There isn’t Android support.

  1. Select Get Started.
  2. Select Apple Music for your source.
  3. Select Spotify for your final destination. You’ll be given prompts to sign into both.
  4. Select your desired playlists.
  5. Initiate the shift.

SongShift, like Soundiiz, limits the amount of songs you can transfer before asking you to pay up.

They are generous with the number of songs transferred at first, an incentive and chance to test the application out first before continuing.

3. Stamp


Unlike SongShift, Stamp does support both Android and iOS and even desktop. However, like SongShift and Soundiiz, you’ll have to pay a fee to continue using Stamp after your free transfers are up.

The good news is Stamp only requires a one-time fee. You’ll have lifetime updates and support for as long as you have it.

Stamp works similarly to SongShift and Soundiiz regarding its music transfers.

  1. Select Apple Music. If you haven’t already, you’ll have to sign into Apple Music with your login information.
  2. Select Spotify as your final destination. Again, if you aren’t logged in, you’ll be asked to sign into Spotify. Your music will be displayed, as well as any playlists you have.
  3. Select the music or playlist you want.
  4. Stamp will transfer it.

Not everyone uses Spotify or Apple Music. The beauty of all these different music platforms is that you have dozens of choices that best fit your preference.

Luckily, the above programs listed also provide their services for other platforms as well, some more than others. Stamp, for example, provides its service to many music platforms like Amazon Music, Pandora, Google Play Music, Tidal, Youtube, Deezer, Apple Music, and Spotify.

SongShift’s list consists of Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Discogs, HypeMachine, LastFM, Napster, Pandora, Tidal, and Youtube.

Soundiiz has, by far, the largest supported list out of the three with services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Google Music, Napster, Youtube, Youtube Music, SoundCloud, Qubuz, Yandex Music, 8Tracks, Zvooq, Plex, VK, Last.Fm, YouSee Musik, Pandora, Telmore and 12 more. This makes Soundiiz your best bet in transferring music from every corner of your music library, bringing them together into one cohesive, musical symphony.

With that being said, many of these programs offer alternatives so you aren’t limited to just Apple Music and Spotify, and all even provide reverse transferring if you’d like to see your Spotify playlist on Apple Music. Find the right one that suits your needs and is good to your wallet.