A common complaint amongst Apple enthusiasts is that often when they purchase a new phone, their music from their old phone doesn’t transfer, accordingly. However, the music is on their Mac computer, and they’re now wondering if there’s any way to transfer the music from their Mac to their new iPhone.

If you’re one of these people, then you don’t need to worry, as you can easily transfer music from your Mac to your iPhone, in a matter of moments. The process is very easy to carry out, and will only take a few moments of your time. As you probably guessed, the process to transfer music from your Mac to your new iPhone will involve use of the one and only iTunes.

The method below is for users that don’t use iCloud, in order to sync their data. You’ll need a USB cable in order to transfer music from your Mac to your new iPhone. In order to get started and learn how you can use iTunes to transfer music from your Mac to your new iPhone, follow the simple instructions below.

Use iTunes to Transfer Music from Mac to Your New iPhone

Before you get started, you should ensure that your Mac and new iPhone both use the same Apple ID. Once you’ve ensured this, and have your USB cable ready, follow the simple instructions below in order to transfer music from your Mac to your new iPhone.

1. Launch iTunes on your Mac computer.

2. Use your USB cable to connect your new iPhone to your Mac computer.

3. A window will pop-up on your Mac and iPhone asking if you would like to trust the two devices to share information with each other. Click Trust on your iPhone, and Continue on your Mac.

4. After you’ve appropriately connected to your new iPhone to your Mac, click on the icon for your iPhone on the top left of the window.

5. Under the Settings heading in the left windowpane, click on Music.

6. Click on Sync Music.

Entire music library

7. You’ll now have the option to either sync your entire music library or only playlists and artists that you select. Click on Entire music library if you wish to sync your entire music library. Otherwise, click on Selected Playlists, artists,,, in order to sync only certain music.

8. Click on Apply, in the lower right corner in order to begin the transfer process.

9. If the process doesn’t start, click on Sync in order to prompt the process to begin.

That’s all it takes. All you need to do now is sit back and relax, as your music gets transferred from your Mac to your new iPhone. Please be patient while this process carries out. Please don’t disconnect your iPhone from your Mac, while this process is being carried out. The process is usually quick, but depending on the size of your music library, it may take some time.

You may have heard that there’s a method to transfer music from your Mac to your new iPhone, using only Wi-Fi. Although this is true, the Wi-Fi method often has issues, and isn’t as safe and simple as the method described above, using your USB cable. The method above is full proof and will not leave you disappointed.