Your Kindle device is your baby, your pal, your special friend. It houses your favorite books without taking up space on your walls with bookshelves (though one would, arguably, see that as a positive).

However, Kindle devices eventually get old and beat up. When the time comes to say goodbye and hello to a new Kindle device, you’ll need to know how to transfer Kindle books between Kindle accounts (if you want to load) and Kindle devices.

What You Will Need…

  • Both Kindle devices.
  • Your Kindle account.
  • A network connection, preferably a safe and secure network connection considering you’ll be using sensitive information.
  • A computer with a network connection, again, safe and secure.

Transferring Kindle Books to Another Kindle

1. Gather both of your Kindle devices and log into your Amazon account. Fortunately, you don’t need two separate Amazon accounts; you only need one. Log into both Kindle devices with just your account.

2. Head over to your computer and launch your preferred web browser.

3. Go to Amazon’s website and log into Amazon with the same account your Kindle devices are currently logged into. If you’re already logged in, you can skip this step.

account and lists

4. At the top, to the left of the shopping cart, you’ll see your name. It will say, ‘Hello, (name).’ Click it to expand your account menu.

your content and devices

5. There’s a lot of account menu options to get lost in. Locate and click ‘Your Content and Devices.’ You will get redirected to a list of the books you own as well as any other content you own.

checkmark the book you want to transfer

6. Focus on the list of books you have. Next to the title of the book, there’s a small box. Clicking it will checkmark the box. Do this for every book you’d like to move to the other Kindle.

7. After you’ve chosen every book you want to move to another Kindle device, click ‘Deliver’ and it will start the transfer process. It’s the yellow button near the bottom of the list.

8. Amazon will present you with a list of all the books you want to move, every book you checked the box next to. Just under that is a drop down menu labeled ‘Devices Selected.’ Click it and select the Kindle device that you want to get the books you’ve chosen.

9. Click ‘Deliver’ again and the books will get sent to your Kindle device. The time it takes will vary due to your network connection strength, as well as how many books you’re transferring to your Kindle device.

Loaning a Kindle Book

You can loan a Kindle book for up to 14 days. However, there are strings attached. For starters, not every single book you own can get loaned out. You also can’t read the book while someone else has it.

1. Follow Steps 1 through 5.

Loan this title

2. Checkmark the book you want to loan and then click the three horizontal dots to the right of the box. It will produce a menu. Click ‘Loan this title.’ If you don’t see it, you can’t loan it.

3. Enter the person’s email and a personal message if you so choose.

In a world of convoluted ways of transferring paid-for files, it’s refreshing to see a system put in place that simplifies the distribution of files to multiple devices or from old to new. It makes owning and buying more books for your Kindle device much more approachable.