Toshiba laptops, like all laptops, have a battery pack and an AC power adapter that, together, provide power to the device. Unplug the AC power adapter when your laptop is charged enough and you can take it on the go. But what happens when your Toshiba laptop won’t charge?

Thankfully, there’s a few troubleshooting solutions that you can try before you even consider replacing it. Take a look at them below.

Inspecting the Laptop

Trying to pinpoint the problem from a bird’s eye view is practically impossible. Instead, troubleshooting the problem is going to take an approach known as ‘process of elimination.’ There’s a few troubleshooting solutions and methods that you can check off to slowly come to the conclusion, the problem your Toshiba laptop won’t charge.

Starting with the Battery

First and foremost, you start with the battery. In fact, it’s likely that the battery is the culprit. First, you need to remove the battery pack. Why? You need to figure out if the battery is bad. How you do that is by removing the battery pack and plugging in the AC power adapter. If the Toshiba laptop turns on, the battery is either bad or it has been discharged completely.

You can work with a discharged battery. That just means it has no juice left and you need to charge it again. You do this by popping the battery pack back in, plugging in the AC power adapter and letting it charge for the night.

Unfortunately, a bad battery pack can’t be saved. If you happen to have another Toshiba laptop that accepts that battery pack, swap its original battery pack out for the suspicious one. If the other laptop does not turn on, then the battery is dead. You need to dispose of it properly and replace it with a new one. But if the other laptop does turn on?

If the battery works on another laptop, then it’s likely that your Toshiba laptop did receive an update to the BIOS to recognize and read the OEM’s battery. This is going to require you to plug in the AC power adapter into the laptop without the battery and updating the BIOS. Once it has been updated, try using the battery again.

Now Check the AC Power Adapter

Next up on the chopping block is your Toshiba’s AC power adapter. This two-part cable can be a lifesaver if your battery goes bad because removing the battery pack and plugging in the AC power adapter can provide power without the battery. But if it too goes bad, well, then you obviously have a problem.

First, you need to check that the two cables are connected properly. One part of the cable is plugged into the big, bulky power brick. After that, examine the cord for damage of any kind. You should be looking for frayed ends, exposed wires or burns. In fact, if you find any signs of that, immediately stop using the AC power adapter and replace it. That’s a recipe for fires.

Lastly, you need to check voltage. Did you happen to switch power bricks? If so, the power brick might not be providing the right amount of voltage to power your Toshiba laptop. Replace it with the one that matches the original AC power adapter.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, if you tried all of the solutions above and your Toshiba laptop still won’t charge, then it may be a sign of hardware failure. Laptops are very fragile devices, mainly because of their portability. With that in mind, it’s time to take it to a professional for further inspection. Hopefully, you don’t have to and one of the troubleshooting solutions above worked for you.