Everybody has a spare room, closets, an attic or basement, or a garage that is storing things that you are never going to use again, and they are just sitting there collecting dust. You may have old baby clothes that your kids are too big for now.

Maybe you lost that weight you’ve been trying to lose, and you need to empty your closet space for your new, smaller sized wardrobe. Why not use that old wardrobe to pay for the new one? Or at least part of it. Letgo is a community based (local) app that lets you buy and sell things. It’s kind of like Craigslist.

So, you get Letgo and you take a picture of the bike hanging in your garage after you clean it up a bit. You post the picture and wait for someone to contact you. There are people buying bikes all the time and yet no body is trying to buy yours. It’s a nice bike and you priced it at a bargain of a price. Why is nobody contacting you? It should be selling since it’s a nice bike for a steal, right?

Someone out there wants your bike, so if it isn’t selling you must be doing something wrong. The issues you face are knowing what your item is worth and knowing how to make it appealing. Also known as marketing. Not everyone is a natural seller and you may need some help getting rid of your things on Letgo. Keep reading if you are having trouble selling your stuff on Letgo.

How to Attract Buyers on Letgo

The trick to selling anything on any site or app is the same. You need to learn how to attract buyers that are looking to spend money. As you have learned, it isn’t enough to just put a picture and a price and sit back and wait. Instead of doing this, you will need to really market your item and set up a nice listing for it to make it look appealing to everyone.

Make it Look Appealing

take good picture

This picture above shows a good picture of everything that is included in the sale, but it doesn’t show the condition of the item very well and the post doesn’t have any other photos to do so. You need to make your items look good.

The Letgo app makes it seem like you just take a quick picture of something and post it, then someone shows up almost immediately to buy it. That is not always the case. You have to take good pictures of your items. Make sure that the pictures are well lit and the items you are selling are easily seen. Also, make sure that you have all the angles.

Take a picture from every side of your items and make sure that the background of the picture doesn’t blend in with the item at all. If buyers can’t see all the detail of an item, they might think that you are trying to hide something that’s wrong with it.

Even if its just not that great of a picture, buyers are skeptical at best to start with of buying off of apps and sites and if they feel you are hiding or lying about anything they will just move on to the next listing. If there is any damage make sure you show it and like mentioned before, have good lighting that doesn’t hide anything.

Add Detail

add details

You also need to be very descriptive. As you can see in the screenshot above this post has no details on the item other than price. That isn’t going to sell an item. The Letgo app has a large description area and you should take full advantage of it.

Make sure to mention all details that matter such as color, size, damage, or anything else that has to do with the item you are selling. Pictures say a lot about an item, but you want to make sure that the buyer knows everything that they need or want to know and the best way to do that is by putting it into words. Buyers also tend to feel like the more details you include, the more honest you are being about the item you are trying to sell them.

Price Your Item According to the Market

A lot of sellers think that because they paid $200 for something that they can sell it for the same to someone else. The chances are that it isn’t worth as much as when you bought it new, unless it happens to be some rare item that only increases in worth.

That doesn’t mean you should under sell the item though. This is a very tricky part of selling. If you price it too low buyers will think that something is wrong with the item or that you are trying to scam them.

People always say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You should take time and see what similar items are selling for on other sites to get a good idea of where you should put your price.

Letgo Bump Feature

The Letgo app has a nice bump feature to help you out. For a fee of $1.99, Letgo will place your listing back at the top of the list. They don’t let you use this feature until your listing has been on the app for a while.

It won’t even appear as an option until a certain timeframe is met. This feature is not a way to guarantee your item will sell of course. If someone didn’t want to buy your item when you first posted it, they still might not want it even after you spend the money on the bump fee. That doesn’t mean that it will never sell though. Just don’t bump an item over and over and continue to lose money on it, that’s all.

Being Safe While Buying or Selling on Letgo

Letgo, just like any other app or site that people buy and sell things on, is susceptible to scammers. People can show up for an item and have no intention on paying for it. This is sad, but it is reality. Here are a few ways you can help protect your items.

1. You will need to meet in person. Some people might not feel comfortable with this, but it is the best way to protect your items and your money. If you mail an item before you are paid for it, you are trusting a complete stranger with an item they haven’t paid for yet. That can end very badly for you.

If you ask your buyer to send payment before they receive their item, they are less likely to be willing to buy it as well because they may think you are the scammer. Also, not good. The best way to sell or buy through Letgo is in person which is why it shows local listings.

2. Make sure you meet in a public place. Never give out your home address to strangers, especially on a selling app or site. It is best for your physical safety to meet in a place with a lot of people. Mall parking lots, superstores, and busy restaurants all make good places to meet someone.

3. Only accept cash payments. The only way to make sure you get your money is to only take cash for your items. Checks can bounce or be cancelled. So those are unreliable. Credit transactions can be disputed, and the money can be returned to the buyer. Cash can’t disappear from your hand.

Watch out for counterfeit bills though. Try not to take anything larger than a $20 bill. The larger the bill, the more likely it is a fake. If someone tries to pay with a big bill, you should ask them to break it if possible. You could even tell them before meeting to bring small bills if you wanted. If they really want the item they will understand and do what you ask, and if they don’t, then maybe they were trying to scam you after all.

4. Letgo allows you and other users to be verified. This assures you that the person is who they say they are. It is a very simple process which makes it seem fishy if someone won’t go through that small step to assure other users that they aren’t a scammer. When you are verified as a buyer or a seller it makes everyone in the deal feel much more comfortable and safe.

5. The next tip in this safety list is to not give out your personal information to anyone. This is similar to not giving out your address but is much broader. Leave details like where you work, your contact info, social media accounts, and other personal things out of the conversation.

The less you tell them about yourself the better. This might go without saying, but never ever give out your credit card info or bank info out to anyone. This is not necessary for any reason and is only going to lead to trouble in your future.

6. Stay vigilant in watching for scams. When someone wants to send checks for a larger amount than the asking price of the item, include a third party, or any other questionable actions like trusting strangers with money, you need to be very cautious.

These checks can be fraudulent and can actually get you put in jail and still not lead back to the person who wrote it. When you go to cash a fraudulent check, the bank will hold you accountable and you will face the consequences.

Sometimes these checks will clear at first to be cashed and then 10 days later it is found that they are fraud and now you have committed check fraud and didn’t even know it. These checks usually are written for more than the amount of the item and comes with a reason for the extra money like covering your costs in the deal or they are paying “extra” to hold the product. Don’t fall for it.