Tinder Symbols Meaning 2022

Tinder Symbols Meaning

Before you start swiping away, it is important that you understand exactly how the application works. In the following paragraphs, you will learn all about Tinder, specifically what the icons, symbols, or buttons on the application represent.

This symbol is practically the “Like” button on the Tinder application. If you tap on it on your Discovery screen, you will like the profile that is currently on the screen. It does the exact same thing as if you were to swipe right on the individual’s profile.

You can also find this symbol in your Tinder feed. You cannot only reply to a feed update, but you can also send a “Like” reaction to it by tapping the Green Heart symbol.

This is definitely the most important feature that Tinder offers. If you see someone you like, you can press the green heart to like that person you’re looking at. From there, they will be notified that you like them if they have Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus.

Otherwise, they won’t be notified that you liked them unless they also like you and you “Match.”

Upon matching with someone on Tinder, that’s when two people can start messaging one another. The green heart is very important because it simplifies expressing your interest in another person.

There are no limits on how many people you can like. If there are enough people in your radius, you can swipe all day!

Purple Lightning Bolt

The purple lightning bolt symbol is the button you press when you’re looking to boost your Tinder profile. Activating this feature enables you to become one of the top profiles in your area for approximately 30 minutes.

A boost can help you increase the number of matches you receive in a certain amount of time. This is best used by those who are eager to gain momentum on the application.

When the boost is complete, you will see a purple icon beside the profiles that matched with you during the boost period.

This can allow you to see just how effective your boost was and enables a comparison between how many more matches you can get in a short amount of time just through using the boost feature.

Tinder Gold and Platinum subscribers both receive one free boost monthly, but additional boosts are available for purchase for all users within the application.

Tinder changes the cost of boosts dynamically, so there is no specific price for purchasing a Tinder Boost.

If you catch a promotional deal, it is possible that you can get up to ten boosts for less than $5 apiece. However, one Tinder boost is typically around $7.

You do get a discount when you buy several of these at once. It is also important to note that you don’t have to use a Tinder Boost right when you purchase it. You can hold onto it and use it at any time throughout your swiping experience.

Tinder Blue Star Symbol

This blue star represents a “Super Like” on Tinder. This is the premium feature that enables you to show someone that you like them without her or her matching with you first.

You can find this blue star icon in your Discovery screen, allowing you to “Super Like” someone from there by tapping this blue star icon. This has the same functionality as swiping up on someone’s profile.

If you receive a super like, you will see the blue star on the profile that super liked you. Tinder makes it fairly obvious that someone has super-liked you, so it is difficult to miss while you’re swiping.

If it is a match, you will also see the same blue star in your match list beside the name of the individual who matched with you.

Tinder Red X Symbol

This icon is the equivalent of swiping left on someone’s profile on Tinder. In other words, you can tap this icon when you don’t want to match with someone whose profile you see while swiping.

Tapping this icon is just like swiping left so that you can use the two functions interchangeably.

Most people rarely use this red X symbol while they’re swiping. There is something to be said about physically swiping left on someone if you’re on a mobile application.

Tinder Rewind Symbol

The Tinder Rewind symbol allows you to utilize Tinder’s Rewind feature, which allows you to take back your last swiping decision.

Perhaps you accidentally swiped right on someone you weren’t interested in – or perhaps you accidentally swiped left on someone that you realized was actually pretty cute immediately after.

Either way, this feature allows you to “rewind” your last decision and choose again.

It is important to note, however, that tapping this icon will not work if you match with someone immediately after liking his or her profile. In this case, you should simply go to the individual’s profile and unmatch with them.

It is highly likely that you will have time to unmatch with them before they see that you matched. If this is the case, they will never know about your little accident unless something happens and you decide to tell him or her.

Tinder Rewind only works if you have a subscription to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. You cannot use it for free. This function is only beneficial for premium subscribers to the Tinder application.

Gold Heart Symbol

The Gold Heart symbol represents who likes you on Tinder. This feature for Tinder is called Likes You and displays all of the individuals who have liked you before you have even swiped on them.

If you are subscribed to Tinder Gold, you can view these profiles, swipe right, and get an instant match with them.

In this case, the gold heart icon will appear next to their names and show that you were able to match with them thanks to this popular feature among subscribers.

Even if you don’t have a Tinder Gold subscription, it is still likely that you will see this symbol at some point throughout your swiping.

This symbol will be displayed in your match list in the upper left corner; you simply won’t be able to access it unless you subscribe to Tinder Gold.

Gold Diamond Symbol

The Gold Diamond symbol represents Tinder’s feature called Tinder Top Picks. This feature curates the top ten profiles every 24 hours.

Unfortunately, this is also a premium feature, so you will not be able to access this feature unless you are a paid subscriber to Tinder’s services.

You can see this Diamond upon having access to Tinder Gold. When you navigate to the Top Picks screen, you can tap someone’s profile. From there, you will see the Gold Diamond next to the individual’s name.

If you like that profile and he or she likes you back, you two will match. Upon matching, you will see the gold diamond displayed beside the name of the user you matched with. You will also see this gold diamond in your match list.

Blue Shield Symbol

The Blue Shield icon is displayed on your matches’ profiles. This icon allows you to choose to either report or unmatch with the individual. When you tap on it, you can shoes if you want to report someone or simply unmatch the individual.

Blue Check Mark Symbol

This blue checkmark is the icon that displays when a profile has been verified by Tinder.

Other platforms only enable celebrities or people of some specific distinguished nature to be verified on their platforms. Tinder, however, only requires you to take some selfies and reveal to Tinder that you are who you say you are.

This is a relatively new feature. You may not be able to verify your profile yet in your area so that you can receive the blue checkmark.

Once you are able to, this is a great way to set your profile aside from the sea of others that exists. This gives you a nice little social boost that all users can benefit from in some capacity.

Dice Symbol

This is a relatively new feature on Tinder, but the dice icon on Tinder comes beside some messages that you have with other users.

Next to this icon, you can see a randomly generated opening message that you can send to the other user. You can send this right away if you’d like.

The idea behind this involves stimulating more riveting conversations than just telling someone Hey and asking them how they’re doing until both of you get bored and never talk again.

Black Heart

The black heart symbol comes from a feature offered by Tinder Platinum. This feature enables you visibility of when someone has already liked your feature. This gives you an opportunity to match with the person instantly.

Premium members have access to a separate page that the majority of users never get to access.

This page displays a solid list of people who have already liked your profile. Click on one of these profiles, and a black heart with three small lines will appear next to his or her name.


In conclusion, there are a variety of symbols that accompany the Tinder application. Knowing what these symbols and icons represent is vital to a more active user experience. This can even enhance your chances of finding love rather than swiping aimlessly. Best of luck.

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