Tinder Spotify Top Artists Wrong? Try These Fixes

Tinder Spotify Not Working

The Tinder application offers a feature allowing users to connect their Spotify account and add a Top Spotify Artist.

However, when some users do this, the application may not choose their top artist correctly on Spotify, meaning that it’s inaccurate. If you are having these issues, read the following guide for related problems.

Why is Tinder Spotify Not Working?

1. There’s An Issue With Your Device

It is possible that there is an issue with your mobile device or tablet that is affecting your ability to connect your Spotify and Tinder accounts. If this is the case, use one (1) of the following two (2) fixes.

Fix – Force Restart Device

The first thing you can try is forcing your device to restart. This can be accomplished using the Power button; however, if this is not an option, you can also force restart the cellular device or tablet.

Below will be a guide to force restarting both iPhones and Android devices.

To force restart any iPhone X, Xs, Xr, 11, 12, or 13 with face ID, do the following:

1. Press and quickly let go of the volume up button.

2. Press and quickly let go of the volume down button.

3. Press and quickly let go of the side button.

4. When the Apple logo is displayed on the screen, release the button.

To force restart an Android device, do the following:

Simultaneously press and hold both the power and volume down keys in excess of seven (7) seconds.

Fix 2 – Update Device

The second option you have is to update your mobile device or tablet. The following guides will teach you how to update both iOS and Android devices. To update your iOS product wirelessly, use the following steps:

1. Plug your device into power.

2. Connect to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection.

3. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon.

4. Tap General.

5. Then tap Software Update.

6. If you see more than one software option update available, choose the one that you would prefer to install.

7. Tap Install Now.

8. If you see Download and Install instead, tap it to download the update, enter your password, and tap Install Now.

To schedule your iOS product to update overnight while charging, use the following steps automatically:

1. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon.

2. Tap General.

3. Then tap Software Update.

4. Tap Automatic Updates. Then toggle Download iOS Updates.

5. Toggle Install iOS Updates.

6. This will allow your device to automatically update to the latest version of iOS as it becomes available. Nonetheless, some updates might require manual installation.

To update an Android device, use the following steps.

1. Ensure your device has a Wi-Fi connection.

2. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon.

3. Tap About Phone.

4. Tap Check for Updates.

5. If updates are available, tap the Update button.

6. Tap Install Now.

Updating your device regularly is important for your personal security and to improve the overall performance of your device. It is recommended to take certain precautions before updating your phone, however.

2. There’s a Bug

It would be unnecessary to update applications if bugs were not issued regularly. If your issues connecting your Spotify and Tinder accounts lie within the realm of bugs, the following tips will help you.

Fix – Clear Tinder and Spotify App Cache

To work more efficiently, applications save some user information in the working memory.

As a result of this, your iOS or Android device may work more slowly after a certain amount of time. Deleting these files regularly is recommended to improve the general storage of your cellular device or tablet.

Your iPhone holds two major data caches: one for Safari itself and one for the remainder of the applications installed on your mobile device or tablet.

Clearing a browser cache can be helpful if you are experiencing performance issues in any capacity. Each of the files that are saved into the cache are small, but they add up over time and have a negative impact on your device’s functionality and speed.

You may be logged out of some websites and applications by clearing your iPhone’s cache, but you may also free up some extra storage space that you did not have access to prior to the cache cleanup.

Use the following steps to clear your browser’s cache on your iOS device:

1. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon.

2. Scroll until you see Safari, and then tap it.

3. Tap Clear History and Website Data.

4. You will then see a warning that if you clear your cache, history, and cookies, along with other browser data, will be removed. Tap Clear History and Data.

5. If this function does not improve the functionality of your device and you still think you may be having performance issues related to a bug, try the following steps to clear your application’s cache on any iOS device.

6. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon.

7. Tap General.

8. Tap iPhone Storage.

9. Scroll until you find the application’s cache you want to clear, and then tap it.

10. Tap Offload App.

11. You will see a message saying that the application will be deleted, but documents and data will remain. Tap Offload App.

If you have an Android device, the following steps will teach you how to clear your browser cache if you are using the Google Chrome browser.

1. Open the Google Chrome application on your Android phone or tablet.

2. At the top right, tap the three dots on top of one another, signaling ‘More’.

3. Tap History.

4. Tap Clear browsing data.

5. At the top of the application, choose a time range. To delete the entire cache, select All time.

6. Next to “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files,” check both boxes.

7. Tap Clear data.

This may resolve any issues that you have related to the cache on your phone; however, it is still possible that you need to clear the application’s cache if you have an Android device. If this is the case, use the following steps.

1. Tap the gear-shaped Settings icon.

2. Tap Apps, and you will see a list of recently opened applications.

3. Tap the See all option at the bottom to see a list of all applications installed on your Android device.

4. Tap the application name whose cache you would like to clear.

5. Tap Storage and cache.

6. From the newly opened Settings page, select Clear cache.

7. Tap Clear storage.

The exact names of the steps you need to follow to clear application cache data may vary based on which Android device you have, but most of them follow a similar process.

Fix 2 – Update Tinder and Spotify App

It is possible that updating both related applications can resolve the issues you are having in accurately connecting your Spotify and Tinder accounts.

Software developers regularly release updates that improve applications’ functionality and provide a better consumer experience.

Updating your applications looks similar but different for both iOS and Android devices.

If you are attempting to update your application on an iOS device, use the following steps:

1. Open the Apple App Store.

2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.

3. If you scroll, you will see pending updates and release notes.

4. You can tap Update next to an application to only update that application or you can tap Update All.’

If you need to update an Android application, use the following steps:

1. Open the Google Play Store.

2. Tap the profile icon in the top right.

3. Tap Manage apps & devices. Applications with an update available are labeled “Update available.”

4. Tap Update.

It is common for users to uninstall applications simply because they lose interest in the application. Releasing updates keeps the application in the notification bar and on the App Store so that users cannot forget an application.

This also helps to build a loyal user base. Many of the updates bring features that have been requested by application users, bug fixes, and improvements of the design and structure of the application in general.

It is possible that the application receives a design overhaul if the software developer discovers a better way of interacting with the application that brings forward increased engagement and makes the application easier to use.

Updating applications can also increase the security of the application as it relates to your device and provide a better user experience.

As the app store’s needs and functions change, it is important for that the application to change with it.

For example, if the Google Play Store changes policies so that the application no longer functions with the store policies, the developers have to release an application update so that the application still complies with necessary policies.

Fix 3 – Use Tinder.com On Pc or Browser on Your Phone to See If it Works There

In 2017, Tinder released a web version of the application called Tinder Online. This was created simply to develop a market for users who have limited storage on their mobile devices and tablets.

Additionally, those who work in offices can use the website to find potential local matches throughout their work day.

The primary difference between the application and the browser source lies with how users match with one another. Rather than swiping to match, the browser enables users to drag a card of a prospective match to the right or the left.

If you are having problems using the Tinder application on your mobile device or tablet, try using the browser version of Tinder and see if that works.

Fix 4 – Contact Tinder Support

Tinder does not have a customer support phone number or email account that enables you to get in touch with a representative as soon as you please.

Like many modern companies, Tinder uses other applications like Facebook and Twitter to help consumers with their issues. Additionally, Tinder has a website that attempts to assist users in their experiences by listing commonly asked questions along with their answers.

The website that was mentioned above can help you resolve common issues on the Tinder application.

The website has a search bar feature that allows you to look up specific questions that you might have or browse through many posts that answer user-generated questions.

The website dedicated to helping Tinder users has “A guide to Tinder,” which gives a complete overview of the application along with how it functions.

Examples of things that may be shared in this category include how to create a Tinder account, swipe using a Tinder promotional code, or undo a swipe after you have matched with someone.

A troubleshooting guide in the middle of the application covers the most common glitches and bugs that arise for Tinder users.

Some examples of the topics you will find explain what you can do if your messages are not sending if your application is regularly crashing or how you can cancel a premium subscription that you have made on Tinder.

Each guide listed within the troubleshooting category gives you instructions on how to fix issues that you might have.

If the solution is not listed in this category, there is the availability of further assistance for those who submit a request for help and click Get in touch at the bottom of the post.

Tinder allows you to reach representatives of the application on social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, as mentioned above.

To contact Tinder on Twitter, send them a direct message and go into detail with the issue(s) you are experiencing so that they can further assist you.

To contact Tinder on Facebook, the process functions similarly to how it does with Twitter. Send them a direct message using Facebook Messenger and explain the situation you are dealing with so that a Tinder representative can assist you with your troubles.

Fix 5 – Wait For Them To Come Out With A Fix

As mentioned previously, software developers regularly release updates for their applications so that they can fix underlying bug issues and increase the overall performance of their applications.

If you think that the application is having issues related to an underlying bug that has not been fixed, you may need to simply wait on the developers of the application to release a new fix for the issue.

3. Tinder or Spotify Is Down

It is possible that one of the applications you are trying to use to link your Spotify and Tinder accounts is down.

There are many reasons that an application may go down. For example, the application’s most recent version may have been inadequately tested before being released.

If this is the case, the functionality of the application may be limited until developers release another update.

Fix – Wait For Tinder To Go Back Up

If you are having trouble accessing an application due to the application not being live, you are not alone. This is an issue that many mobile users face with a variety of applications.

It is an unfortunate occurrence, but it is also one that is generally resolved quickly by developers with such a broad consumer database as Tinder and Spotify.

4. Poor Internet Connection

It is possible that you are struggling with a limited Internet (or Wi-Fi) connection. If this is the case, you may experience limited function of the applications you are trying to use or link. Use the following fixes to troubleshoot possible network issues.

Fix – Turn Your Wi-Fi Off Then On

It is possible that your network issues can be resolved by resetting your Wi-Fi.

If you are on a home connection, you can reset your Wi-Fi by unplugging your router from its power source, waiting approximately thirty seconds, and then plugging it back into the power source and waiting on the router system to reboot.

Fix 2 – If You’re Using Data, Get Into An Area With Better Signal

This is a simple solution. If you are accessing the application with cellular data rather than a Wi-Fi connection, increasing the function of the application to fit your needs may be as simple as moving to a location with a better signal.

Fix 3 – Turn Off VPN

Tinder only allows you to edit your location within account settings if you have a premium subscription. To get around these restrictions, however, many users have resorted to using VPNs so that they can change the location of their device.

VPNs allow you to change your IP address and make the device or application think that you are connecting from another part of the world. Not only do VPNs help you stay anonymous, they keep you safe online and help you get around geo-blocking.

If you are using a VPN, however, it is likely that you may have to turn it off if it is limiting the functions provided by the application.

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